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These are models kits that normally have moving parts and features. Either through manually apply the energy, or through rubberbands or windings. They not only make spectacular models to look at, but they are fascinating to watch engage with their many moving parts.

These are very popular as gifts. Perhaps people just like mechanical things that move, but with wood being the easiest to work with, they're easier for most folks to build with little or no model experience.

NOTE: There are some that do not have moving parts, and are considered more of a static model. They are still made of wood though and can still be fun to assemble and display.

Click here for balsa wood aircraft models if you are looking for those.



Mechanical Building Chocolate Factory

Chocolate Factory


wood hot rod model

Grand Prix Car


wood f1 car model

Grand Prix Car


wood tricksteam train model

Locomotive with Tender

Optional: Railway Platform with Locomotive


ugears steam train model

V-Express Steam Train with Tender


Rat Rod / Mad Max Style


Rat Rod / Mad Max Style


Retro Clock Radio


Waterwheel Marble Coaster


Marble Skatepark


Marble Run


Dutch Windmill


Farm Tractor



Convertible Car



Ferris Wheel


Traditional Clock


Crane Set


Stake Truck


Stage Coach


Fokker DR1 Tri-Plane


Formula One Car


Retro Camera Clock


Hot Rod




UGEARS Pickup Lumberjack 3D Puzzle - Classic 1950s Pickup Truck

Pickup Truck


3D Wooden Puzzle for Adults - Mechanical Car Model Kits

Semi Truck and Trailer


V-Twin Motorcycle


Spare Junk Robot


Spare Junk Robot


1825 Locomotive


Snow Plow Truck


Pickup Truck




Mars Rover


Owl Clock


Calypso Explorer Ship


Ocean Liner


Steampunk Clock


Big Rig Truck


Big Rig Truck


Big Rig Truck


Big Rig Trailer


Amber Treasure Box


Treasure Box




Tanker Truck


Alice Theatre Box


Dino Roller Coaster


Dump Truck


Dump Truck


Rally Race Truck


Farm Combine


Monster Truck


Ladder Fire Truck


Express Locomotive Train


Speedster Car


V-Twin Chopper





Motorcycle with Sidecar




Steampunk Clock


Mystery Treasure Box


Safe / Vault Box


Research Ship


Atlantic Express Train


Locomotive Train


Mayan Calender


Mechanical Safe


Oil Derrick


Victorian Lantern


ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzles for Adults Marble Run Model Building Kit( Marble Night City

Nights Marble Run


Counterweight Trebuchet Medieval Siege Model


P51 Mustang Airplane


Robot Set


Box Truck


Paddle Boat


Hindenburg Zeppelin


Korean Turtle Warship


Trimaran Merihobus Sailboat


Santa's Factory


Cable Car Trolley


Rocket Locomotive


Is it possible to paint the model ?

Yes, you can paint it. Ugears recommends using watercolor, gouache or mordant types of paint. You can use acrylic paints as well, however, the density may prevent gears from moving freely.

If you just want to add some color for a child's build, colorful Sharpie Pens (or a magic marker) will work.

How can I make the parts move easier ?

If the connecting of certain moving parts appears difficult, Ugears says to try using a household wax candle to lubricate the parts. (Guessing here - but rubbing the candle / wax onto the parts will give it a coating for better action. It's not neccessary to light the candle or use a flame).


Normally glue is not needed on most of these kits.

But just in case you want to strengthen
some non-moving joints - Here are some glues to help.


Wood Glue


Wood Glue



Wood Aircraft Models


Wood Ship Models




new model kits for 2022 2023 coming soon !




Vintage Cafe Racer Distressed Brown Biker Leather Jacket



Cafe Racer Real sheepskin Leather Distressed Motorcycle Jacket



Men's Jacket Casual Windproof Bomber Jackets Full Zip Windbreaker



B3 Bomber Jacket Aviator Real Shearling B3 Bomber Jacket Winter



Men's Winter Military Cargo Jacket Fleece Lined



Men's Winter Thick Fleece Lined Warm Plaid Flannel



Japanese Dragon Tiger Clothing Men'S Bomber Jacket Street Windbreaker



Waterproof Versatile Tactical Jackets




New Puzzles !


car truck aircraft jigsaw puzzles !













Model kits make great gifts - no matter if you are young or old !


pill organizer


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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