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Submarine scale model kits. From the Nautilus, TV and Movie subs, to the Nuclear submarines used in todays modern Navy.

Submarine Models are a great past time to build. Most of them can be simple, though the larger kits will need a lot of room to display.

These kits range from the TV submarine models like the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Seaview, or the Jules Verne Nautilus, to more conventional modern nuclear submarines of today.

But many other countries have submarines, so there are model kits of subs from China, Russia, and Germany in WWII.

All these kits are a bit different, but allow you to build a whole fleet of interesting submarine models for your collection.

Lately, deep sea exploration sub models have been produced, and these bring some educational value to model building. They also have colorful paint schemes for high visibility.


1/35 First Combat Submarine "Turtle"


1/35 German Torpedo Speedboat Sub


1/35 Welman W10 Sub


1/35 German Midget Submarine


1/35 Japanese Kaiten Submarine


hasegawa 6500 submersible shinkai model

1/48 Manned Research Submersible SHINKAI

Deep sea vessel, detailed interior of the pressure hull. The underwater projector and the light in the pressure hull are recreated with LEDs that can be switched on and off. Its two manipulators and the sample bucket joint are movable while the main propulsor can be swung from side to side.The ballast on the ship bottom is detachable.


aoshima triton submarine deep sea explorer  model

1/48 Deep Sea Explorer Series Submersible Triton


ark models uboat submarine Model Kits

1/48 German U Boat Submarine

Around 55 inches long when assembled.


1/48 U-Boat Type VIIC U-552 Submarine

with Cutaway Interior, Crew, Clear Starboard Hull
1100+ Parts - Photoetch. Around 55 inches long when assembled.


aoshima 6500 submarine deep sea explorer  model

1/72 Deep Sea Explorer SHINKAI Submersible 6500


1/72 Deep Sea Chinese Jiaolong Manned Submersible


The 1:350 subs average around 12 inches long, the 1:144 subs average around 24 inches long.

(sizes are dependent on the type of sub of course - a midget one man sub will be much smaller than a modern nuclear sub even if they are the same scale - but these are averages to give you an idea).

The larger scales such as 1:35, 1:72 and 1:48 are much larger.



1/72 German Submarine Type IX C U67 / U154


1/72 German Submarine UBoat U9


1/72 Krupp Forel Imperial Russian Navy Submarine


moebois models uss skipjack submarine Model Kits

1/72 Huge USS Skipjack Submarine Model

Measures 42 inches long when completed. Features accurate teardrop shaped hull. photo-etched metal main sea water suctions and discharges, includes hull numbers and ship names for all 6 skipjack class submarines. Highly detailed navigational and communications array, featuring antennae, periscope and snorkel.


trumpeter kilo class attack russian submarine Model Kits

1/72 IJN Kaiten I53 C3 Class Submarine

Over 50+ inches long when assembled !


1/72 China Type 039 Song Class Submarine


1/144 USS Gato SS212 Submarine


Revell 05177 German Submarine Type XXI 1:144 Scale Model Kit

1/144 UBoat Type XXI Submarine


1/144 USS Gato SS212 Submarine


1/144 USN Seawolf SSN21 Attack Submarine


usn permit class submarine model

1/144 SSN-594 Submarine Permit Class


micro mir holland british submarine Model Kits

1/144 Holland Class Submarine


1/144 British Submarines HMS Meteorite


aoshima 6500 submarine deep sea explorer  model

1/144 Resurgam British Submarine


1/144 Russian Submarine Delfin


1/144 Soviet Midget Submarine pr.865 'Piranha'


1/144 Submarine Soviet Class Shch V


1/144 Peral - First Electric Battery Powered Submarine


1/144 UBoat Type VIIC/41 Submarine


1/144 UBoat Type VIX C40 U190 Submarine


1/144 German U-Boat Submarine


1/144 German U-Boat Submarine


1/144 German UB1 U-Boat Submarine


revell type xxi u-2540 uboat submarine with interior Model Kits

1/144 U-Boat Type XXI U-2540 Visible Interior

Separate left outer hull wall giving a view into the interior; Detailed surface structures; Detailed torpedo compartment; Crew living quarters; Detailed control room; Conning tower with internal structures; Detailed diesel engines / electric motors.


1/144 German Submarine Type XVIIB Walter


1/200 Kilo Type 636 Attack Submarine


1/240 USS Gato Submarine


1/300 USS Nautilus Submarine


1/350 PLA Chinese Navy Wuhan Class Submarine


1/350 Soviet Submarine Project 628


1/350 Japanese Navy Submarine I


tamiya I400 submarine japanese model

1/350 Japanese Navy Submarine I-400

Hangar features realistic interior details. Includes Seiran aircraft. Hangar door can be posed in both opened and closed positions.


1/400 Polish ORP Orzel Submarine


pegasus nautilus submarine captain nemo model

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Captain Nemo Nautilus

Jules Verne's Nautilus Submarine! Includes a detalied base with Giant Squid, partial interior, and photoetch parts!


Yellow Submarine


39 Inches - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Seaview

(Click Here to see one built)


mobius seaview flying sub model

Voyage To the Bottom of the Sea Flying Sub


moebius fantastic voyage proteus submarine model kit

Proteus Submarine with Interior




UBoot U47 Type VIIB


monogram seaquest dolphin darwin model kit flipper

Seaquest Ensign Darwin Dolphin


Submarine Writing Pen



brass model ship pedestals

Model Ship Display Pedestals


brass model ship pedestals with screws

Model Ship Display Pedestals


brass model ship pedestals

Model Ship Display Pedestals


CLICK HERE for Various Wood Bases



Model Berth - Work Stand


clear display case model ships

Display Case for Submarine Models or Dioramas




gato class submarine in action books

Gato-Class Submarines

german u-boats submarine in action books

U-Boats in Action

submarine model kits

Simply Model Submarines

sub model kits

Model Submarine

u995 german type VII uboats


german uboat models


japanese sub models

Imperial Japanese Navy Submarines

us navy sub models

US Submarines


us navy submarines

U.S. Submarines


U.S. Navy Models


Royal Navy Models


PT Boat Models




new model kits for 2022 2023 coming soon !



A Day Without Model Building Hobbyist Physical Models Kit shirt

Model Building





New Puzzles !


car truck aircraft jigsaw puzzles !









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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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