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It's hard to say when the Show Car genre came around. It's more of an offshoot of the Hot Rod and Custom car craze. But TV had a lot to do with it, as many of the most famous Show Cars were built for the small screen and Hollywood.

Others began as projects and exhibits for the Oakland Roadster Show in California, as well as for other venues.

Car customizers like Ed Roth Big Daddy "Rat Fink" started making one off cars that resembled nothing else at the time. His new medium was fiberglass, and boy, he really worked some magic on those early show cars.

Revell picked up on the popularity and began making model kits of his famous cars, including the Outlaw and the Beatnik Bandit, among others.

Other customizers made their mark in the model world, such as Carl Casper, George Barris, Dean Jeffries, Chuck Miller, Daryl Starbird, and Steve Scott.

There are some other builders who specialized in more Kustom car work, or just Hot Rods. But you get the idea.

One Show Car builder is best know for his design work for Revell and Monogram. That name is Tom Daniel. While he did have his own custom Corvette (and a model of it too - kool!), most of his designs were not real cars at the beginning, but they made for some of the most popular models kits ever produced for builders and Revell.

Later some car builders built actual full size cars as a homage to his designs. A little known fact? Tom Daniel designed the 1966 George Barris Batmobile (though Barris built the actual car).

AMT and MPC also came out with a lot of Show car designs, from the Depth Charger to the Lil Gasser. All of them have unique designs, and are just pure fun to build and tinker with.

Iv'e met modelers who love to build Show car models, it's a real joy to them. And I've also met modelers that hate everything about them. Personally, and I've built several, they are just fun projects. Build them stock? What's that?

Show cars and other unusal car models. These kits are great for kids and adults alike! Fun to build, they have wacky funny themes and are far out !

Many have been designed by great custom car builders such as George Barris, Dean Jeffries, Tom Daniels, Carl Casper, Bill Cushenberry and many more.



Groovy Grader


Undertaker Dragster


Unreal Roller


Troublemaker II Funny Car


Barris Rickshaw


Olds Toronado Californian Custom


atlantis lil t'rantula tom daniels

Gypsy Wagon


Jail Breaker


Reading Railroad


Monopoly Paddy Wagon


Tiki Trike


Tiki Trike


Torque Trike


Milk Trike


mpc-mailboax-chopper model

Ed Roth Mailbox Chopper


mpc taco trike model

Taco Trike


atlantis king chopper model

1/8 Tom Daniel King Chopper


atlantis lil t'rantula tom daniels

Tom Daniel Lil T'Rantula




atlantis ed roth mr gasser model

Ed Roth Mr Gasser


Angel Fink


atlantis lil t'rantula tom daniels

Tom Daniel Lil Red Baron


atlantis leap hog model

Tom Daniel Roar'n Peace and Leap Hog


mpc tiger shark show car model

Tiger Shark Show Car Custom


mpc stroker mcgurk car model

Stroker McGurk Ghost of America


Meyers Manx Dune Buggy


Sandkat Dune Buggy


Sandrail and Trailer


amt teevee dune buggy car model

Teevee Dune Buggy


Beach Buggy


VW Beach Buggy


Lil Van Dune Buggy


George Barris T Buggy


amt surf woody model

George Barris Surf Woody


mpc ice cream truck car model

George Barris Ice Cream Truck


Raiders Coach


amt lil hot dogger model

Lil Hot Dogger


Mummy Machine


Wacky Races Mean Machine


Wacky Races Penelope Pitstop


Wacky Races Creepy Coupe


Wacky Races Turbo Terrific


amt flameout model

Flameout Show Rod


monogram jinx express model

Jinx Express




amt deora model

Alexander Brothers Deora


amt royal rail model

Royal Rail


monogram stinger dragster model

Tom Daniel Stinger Dragster


mpc the aliens model

The Alien with Figure


Mummy Rod


Digger Dragster


Vending Machine


Ice Cycle


Dark Shadows-Vampire Van mpc

Barnabas Vampire Van


Ala Kart




Street Fighter Chevy


Boot Hill Express


Dragula and Munster Koach


amt graveyard duo munsters model

Tom Daniel Rommels Rod


Hippie Hemi




Revell Ed 'Big Daddy Roth Scuz Fink and Dingbat Plastic Model Kit

Ed 'Big Daddy Roth Scuz Fink and Dingbat


Tom Daniel Ice-T


Baja Humbug






Ed "Big Daddy" Roth ROAD AGENT 1:25 Scale Model revell

Road Agent


Paddy Wagon




Monogram Garbage Truck Plastic Model Kit

Garbage Truck


Beatnik Bandit


The Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book: One of the Greatest Custom Car Builders of all time

Gene Winfield Coloring Book


M4A1 Sherman


Super Drag Zinger


Road Runner Rail Rider with Figure


Eye Gone Wild


Stoned Hoods & Crooks Willys


Ohio George Willys Gasser


Stone Woods Cook Willys Gasser


The Official Barris Kustom coloring Book!

George Barris Coloring Book


America's Wildest Show Rods

Wildest Show Rods


Meyers Manx Dune Buggy


T3 Jet Exhibition Team


mpc super trailer model

Clear Display Trailer


Snoopy and his Classic Race Car Motorized Snap Model Kit

Snoopy's Race Car




Drag Hag




Leaky Boat Louie


Hueys Hut Rod


Endsville Eddie


Freddy Flameout


Sling Rave


Godzillas Go Cart


Mummys Chariot


Draculas Dragster


Frankenstein Flivver


King Kong Thronester


Yellow Submarine


amt stoker mcgurk boat surf model

Hot Rod Stroker McGurk Surf Rod


Snoopy's Sopwith Camel Plane


The Red Baron and His Fokker Triplane


Sopwith Camel & Brownie Figure


Fokker Dr.I & Red Baron Figure


EggJapan Airline with Sara Figure


Hasegawa SP382 Egg Girls Collection No.3 Amy Mcdonnell w/P-40 Warhawk 1/20 Scale kit

Egg P40 with Amy Figure


Egg T4 with Sara Mayuki Figure


Hasegawa SP405 Egg Girls Coll. No. 9 Claire Frost with Mikoyan 15 Model Kit

Egg MIG Plane with Amy Figure


Hasegawa SP423 Model Kit lucy

Egg Helicopter with Lucy Figure


Hasegawa SP386 Egg Girls Collection No. 05 1/20 Claire Frost Hughes 500 Scale kit

Egg Helicopter with Claire Figure


Hasegawa SP422 Model Kit

Egg Helicopter with Claire Figure


Egg Helicopter with Amy Figure


Hasegawa egg collection No.02 1 / 20 Haku Ignis egg plane-big j-15 resin figures PLA model SP373

Egg J15 with Haku Figure


Hasegawa 1/20 Egg Girls Collection No.01 “Rei Hazumi” F-2 Limited Edition 52172

Egg F2 with Rei Figure


Hasegawa SP397 Assorted Model Kit

Rei Hazuma Figure


scale model life magazine volume 7

Scale Model Life

building hot rod model car kits book

Building Hot Rod Model Cars

building scale ferrari model cars

Scale Model Life


Drag Racing Models


Hot Rod Models





new model kits for 2022 2023 coming soon !



A Day Without Model Building Hobbyist Physical Models Kit shirt

Model Building





New Puzzles !


car truck aircraft jigsaw puzzles !







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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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