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Books and publications to help you build great Scifi and Space models.

From blueprints, to magazines, or recent or older book re-issues.

Building Scifi Science Fiction spaceship models and technical gear is a hobby all it's own.

From Star Wars and Star Trek, to Mechs, to Steampunk, to Cyber models.

There's a genre for every kind of science fiction model builder. You're only limited by your imagination.

These books and publications can help you build fantastic imaginary spaceships, or detail out your favorite movie and TV ships from the small screen and big screeen.

Movie stills, blueprints, special effects (FX), all these different specialties of the Scifi model hobby can be explored and built on. With new skills, new ideas, and new talents from these books pages.

Now you can build space machines and ships much like your favorite FX builders, such as Mat Irvine, Douglas Trumball, Phil Tippet, John Dykstra, and many others.



Scale Model Life: Building Scale Model Kits Magazine (Volume 2)

Scale Model Life Scifi Models


Scale Model Life Figure Models


Scale Model Life: Science Fiction Model Magazine Paperback

Scale Model Life Scifi Models


Martin Bower's World of Models


Out of this World Modeling


Scale Spacecraft Modelling Paperback

Mat Irvine: Spacecraft Models


Vallejo 75018 Book: Mechanic Realms

Mechanic Realms


AK Interactive Doomsday Chariots Modeling Post-Apocalyptic Vehicles Book

Doomsday Chariots Models


Zombie Hunter Apocalyptic Models


Fantasy Worlds Beyond: The Irwin Allen Art of Ron Gross Paperback

Fantasy Worlds


x-wing fighter star wars model book

Fantasy Worlds


Damaged Magazine AK-Interactive 4 "Creeping Death, Lady Liberty Down, Crime Scene

Damaged - Speeder


Scratch Built Robots and Mecha


Gravity Scifi Models


Spaceships at the Final Frontier: Building Star Trek Models

Star Trek Models


21st Century Vol1


Modelling the 21st Century: v. 1 Paperback

21st Century Vol 2


21st Century Vol 3


21st Century Modeller


Filmed in Supermarionation


Century 21 FX


steampunk Modeller Paperback

Steampunk Modeller


Steampunk Modeller II Paperback

Steampunk Modeller II


It Came From From Bobs Basement


Imagination Scratchbuilding Models


2010: A Scrapbook Odyssey Paperback

2010 Studio Models


Building Better Dioramas


Epic Scale SciFi Modelling


Mat Irvine: Creating Space


From sketch to screen: Science fiction and fantasy models of television and film and how they are created

Science Fiction and Fantasy Models


japanese space navy yard book

Space Navy Yard Models


Famous Spaceships of Fact and Fantasy: And How to Model Them Paperback

Famous Model Spaceships Vol 1


Famous Spaceships of Fact and Fantasy

Famous Spaceships Vol 2


How to Build Sci-Fi Model Spacecraft Paperback

How to Build Model Spacecraft


A Galaxy Far Away star wars models

Star Wars Models


CultTVman's Ultimate Modeling Guide to Classic Sci-Fi Movies Paperback

CultTVman Modeling Guide


Rick Baker : Metamorphosis: Vol 1: 1950–1989, Vol 2: 1990–2019

Rick Baker : Metamorphosis


BBC VFX: The Story of the BBC Visual Effects Department



Making Movie Magic: A Lifetime Creating Special Effects for James Bond, Harry Potter, Superman and More

Making Movie Magic FX


The Winston Effect: The Art & History of Stan Winston Studio

The Stan Winston Effect


Doctor Who Special Effects

Mat Irvine: Doctor Who FX


Derek Meddings Special Effects


Eiji Tsuburaya Master of Monsters


Behind the Kaiju Curtain: A Journey Onto Japan's Biggest Film Sets

Behind the Kaiju Curtain


Starlog Special Effects 1


Starlog Special Effects 2


Starlog Special Effects 3


Starlog Special Effects 4


Starlog Special Effects 5


Starlog Fantastic Worlds


Starlog Spaceships


Starlog Robots


Science fiction aliens (A Starlog photo guidebook)

Starlog Aliens


S.S.R.N. Seaview Technical Manual Paperback

Seaview Blueprints Technical Manual


Alien Blueprints


2001: A Space Odyssey 40th. Anniversary Blueprints
Starbase 79

2001 Blueprints


Space 1999 Eagle Blueprints

Space 1999 Eagle Blueprints


Space 1999 Hawk Blueprints
Starbase 79

Space 1999 Hawk Blueprints


Battlestar Galactica Blueprints


Forbidden Planet Cruiser C-57D Blueprint Set

C57D Saucer Blueprints


Gerry Anderson's UFO: Technical Manual

UFO Technical Manual


Make: Props and Costume Armor: Create Realistic Science Fiction  Fantasy Weapons, Armor, and Accessories

Making Props and Armor


Foamsmith 2: How to Forge Foam Weapons

Forging Foamsmith Weapons




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Model Building





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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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