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Building Scifi Science Fiction spaceship models and technical gear is a hobby all it's own.

From Star Wars and Star Trek, to Mechs, to Steampunk, to Cyber models. There's a genre for every kind of builder. You're only limited by your imagination.

These books and publications can help you build fantastic imaginary spaceships, or detail out your favorite movie and TV ships from the small screen and big screeen.

Movie stills, blueprints, special effects (FX), all these different specialties of the Scifi model hobby can be explored and built on. With new skills, new ideas, and new talents from these books pages.

Now you can build space machines and ships much like your favorite FX builders, such as Mat Irvine, Douglas Trumball, Phil Tippet, John Dykstra, and many others.


Books and publications to help you build great Scifi and Space models.

From blueprints, to magazines, or recnt or older issues.


scale model life scifi model book

Scifi Models

scale model life figures magazine

Figure Models

scale model life magazine volume 6

Scifi Models

klingon fleet models

Klingon Fleet

martin bower models

Martin Bower

Fantasy Worlds

scale model life scifi model book

Out of this World

star trek lost photographs

Lost Photographs

foamsmith2 making foam cosplay weapons

Foamsmith Weapons

Star Trek Enterprise

Star Trek Voyager

Star Trek Enterprise

building detailing star wars model kits books

Star Wars Models

haynes xwing star wars model kits books

XWing Starfighter

professional model making dvd

Modelling the Eagle

smithsonian restoration star trek uss enterprise

Smithsonian Trek

star trek tos pictures book

Photos from TOS

millenium falcon models star wars

Millennium Falcon

building scifi model kits books

Model Spacecraft

matt irvine scale spacecraft modelling book

Scale Spacecraft

buidling detailing sar trek model kits books

Star Trek Models

ak interactive gravity books


alien blueprints props book

Alien Blueprints

in combat 5 books

In Combat II

professional model making dvd

Model Making

famous spaceship models of fact and fantasy

Model Spaceships

famous spaceship models

Model Spaceships 2

modelers resource magazine books

Kitbuilders Magazine

star fleet models

Star Fleet

modelers resource magazine books

Modelers Resource

build your own r2d2 star wars

Build an R2D2

model graphix magazine 2014

Model Graphix

hobby japan star wars

Star Wars Models

japanese yamato 2199 mechanics magazine

Yamato 2199

japanese yamato 2199 magazine

Yamato 2199

space navy yard magazine

Space Navy Yard

movie fx dvd vol 3 dvd

FX Video Vol 3

star wars official blueprints

Star Wars Blueprints

cult tv man building scifi model kits

Modeling Models

modelling the 21st century

21st Century Vol1

gerry anderson modelling the 21st century books

21st Century Vol 2

the making of space 1999

21stCentury Vol 3

scale model rocket projects

Steampunk Models

sculpting the galaxy star wars models portfolio

StarWars Models

cosplay props scifi projects

Props & Armor

star trek art books

The Artof the Film

how to scratchbuild models and dioramas


how to build better dioramas

Better Dioramas

special effects movie magic

Special Effects

real space modeler vol 1 book, nasa lem

Real Space Models

mat irvines model museum

Mat Irvine Models

star trek uss enterprise haynes repair manual

USS Enterprise Owners Manual

haynes thunderbirds manual book

Thunderbirds Owners Manual

star trek klingon bird of prey haynes repair manual

Klingon Bird of Prey Owners Manual

haynes star wars death star manual books

Death Star Owner's Manual

haynes dan dare manual books

Dan Dare Operations

haynes star wars millenium falcom manual books

Millennium Falcon Owner's Manual

captain scarlett manuals

Captain Scarlett

yt 1300 star wars books


tie fighter tech book

TIE Fighter

perfect modelling 1 books

Perfect Modeling

ilm special fx light and magic

ILM Models

haynes ufo manual books

UFO Manual

paint creatures dvd

Painting Creatures

2001 odyssey book

Making of 2001

star trek to boldly go

Photos from TOS

the making of space 1999

Making Space 1999

battlestar galactica encyclopedia

Battlestar Galactica

star trek enterprise modelmaker

Enterprise NCC1701

special effects movies books

Special Effects

modelling 2199 yamato

Modelling Yamato

star wars models

Star Wars

strange new world model book

Strange Worlds 12

strange new world model book

Strange Worlds 13

strange new world model book

Strange Worlds 14

bbc special effects fx


star trek technical manual

Technical Manual

the star trek art models and props book

The Art of Star Trek


star trek tos franx joseph enterprise blueprint set

NCC1701 TOS Enterprise Blueprints

star trek ds9 technical manual deep space nine

DS9 Technical

star trek ncc1701-d enterprise blueprint set

Enterprise Blueprints

star trek starfleet technical manuals

Technical Manual

nasa and spacecraft cutaways digrams books

Cutaway Spacecraft

star trek starships

Starship Spotter

lost in space blueprints

LOS Blueprints

superman blueprints

Superman Blueprint

battlestar galactica blueprints

Battlestar Blueprints

star trek on board the enterprise books

Board the Enterprise

star trek federaton book


star trek dictionary books

Star Trek Dictionary

star trek collectibles

Trek Collectibles

space 1999 hawk blueprints

Hawk Blueprints

21st centuy modelling # 2 book

21st Century Modeler

supermarionation models props book


classic thunderbird gerry anderson


sylvia anderson fab book

My Fab Years

gerry anderson ufo technical manual

UFO Tech Manual

mike trim model art the future was fab

Future Was FAB

thunderbirds are go cross sections secret files


star wars blueprints

Star Wars Blueprints

epic scale scifi modelling book

SciFi Modelling

the spaceship models handbook

Spaceship Handbook

space 1999 eagle blueprints

Eagle Blueprints

avp movie creature effects

Alien vs. Predator

spacecraft of 2001 book

2001 Blueprints

century 21 models and props

Century 21 FX

supermarionation cross sections book


gerry anderson ufo technical manual books

The Complete UFO

the making of thunderbirds movie

Thunderbirds Movie

tardis technical manual

TARDIS Handbook

ray harryhausen animated life book

Ray Harryhausen

aliens colonial marines technical manual

Alien Tech Manual

the star wars chronicals

Star Wars

creating building spaceship model kits

Creating Space

star trek ds9 technical manual deep space nine

DS9 Tech Manual

industrial light magic book


star wars cross sections books

Cross Sections

fx models from sketch to screen, sici fi and fantasy movies

Science fiction and fantasy models

star trek vault book

40 Years Archives

star trek ships of the line 3d book

Ships of the Line

the alien models props films art book

The Book of Alien

special fx models by derek meddings

Special Effects

dr who visual dictionary books

Doctor Who

starlog aliens book

Starlog Aliens

starlog robots book

Starlog Robots

starlog spaceships models book

Starlog Spaceships

starlog special effects books models

Special Effects 1

starlog special effects books

Special Effects 2

starlog special effects magazines

Special Effects 3

special effects starlog photo guidebook

Special Effects 4

starlog special effects starships and spaceships

Special Effects 5

fantastic worlds scifi starlog books

Fantastic Worlds

star wars technical journals

Star Wars Tech

the flying saucer models and props

The Saucer Fleet

star blazers technical manual and warship guide

Star Blazers Tech

aliens colonial marines technical manual book

Aliens Technical

movie fx dvd vol 3 dvd

FX Video Vol 5

lost in space designs no place to hide books

LOS Design

the making of lost in space books

Making of LOSSpace

lost in space encyclopedia

LOS Encyclopedia

lost in space jupiter 2 specifications books

Jupiter Two Specs

steampunk gadgets

Steampunk Gadgets

irwin allen movie models fantasy worlds

Worlds Irwin Allen

haynes zombie manual books

Props for Cosplay

build a lost in space b9 robots prop model

Build the LOS Robot

scifi universe magazine

SciFi Universe

stan winston models abd special effects

The Winston Effect

bob burns basement tv and movie Monster Toys Models

From Bobs Basement

real space modeler vol 1 book, nasa lem

Steampunk Model

gerry anderson thunderbirds guide

Gerry Anderson

joe johnston star wars sketch book

StarWars Sketchbook

art of district 9

Art of District 9

star wars art visions

Star Wars Art

star wars cutaway diagrams

Star Wars Vehicles

star wars galactic ships of the fleet book

Galactic Empire

star trek deep space nine sketch books

Star Trek Sketches

movie special effects books

MovieSpecial Effects

next generation star trek technical journal manuals

Technical Journal

scifi science fiction toys and model collectibles books

SciFi Toys & Models

steampunk  books

Steampunk Guide

star wars archive manuals

Star Wars Archive

star wars technical books

Star Wars Tech

sstar trek  books

Star Trek


build robots

Build Robots

gravity 1.0 scifi books

SciFi Models

spacesuit book


2001 files

2001 Files

fish sub 01 books

Fish Sub

moonbase tech book

Moonbase Tech

x-wing models


Foam Armor

Movie Magic FX

kaiju suits

Kaiju Suits

star wars blueprints collection

Star Wars Blueprint

dr who special effects - mat irvine

Doctor Who Effects

haynes zombie manual books

Girls of Star Wars

eiji tsuburaya ultraman godzilla monsters

Master of Monsters

jackills star fleet 1 reference manual

Ships of the Fleet, Volume 1

jackills star fleet 2 reference manual

Ships of the Fleet Volume 2

art of terminator movie fx


seaview voyage to the bottom of the sea


2010 space odyssey movie models

2010 Studio Models

lost in space jupiter 2 reference manual

Manual LOS

ssrn seaview technical manual

Seaview Bueprints

space 1999 models eagle hawk

Space 1999

star wars imperial forces technical manuals

Star Wars Tech

star wars technical rebel forces manuals

Star Wars Tech

star wars technical tatooine manuals

Star Wars Tech

The Expanse

1701A Blueprints

Star Trek

C57D Blueprints


scifi and fantasy magazine books

Scifi & Fantasy Modeller




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