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Whatever your hobby is, chances are you have an area you can get away from everything, and enjoy your craft in peace. For modelers, it's probably a garage or a basement, or maybe even a special room in the house, or a shed just outside the house.

These are just some images of some modeling areas I've had over the years.


1970s model building kits


This is the late 1970s, I was still a teenager. I had already been building models for nearly 8+ years. Since I was home, around this time, I occasionally built models on the kitchen table, rather than in my room.

The model here is a Monogarm Ford F150 I believe.


model building work bench


I lived in apartments once out of high school. But did still build models at this time, usually cars and a few aircraft. In this image, I had moved into a duplex, which is like a small house. It had one bedroom. But I somehow ended up with an old desk, and converted that into a work space for just modeling. It was small, in the corner of the living room, but worked well.

Note the glass top I worked on. I prefer glass as it's easy to clean, and glue won't stick to it. Although in recent years I have switched to a polished piece of marble tile.

I modified the right side to house my bottles of paints, and the left side had a swinging panel where I used thumbtacks on cork to hold up my paper model directions. (by tacking them up vertically, I didn't have to lay them down on the bench top, which was a very small work area to begin with).

My goal was to keep all my model stuff on this one bench, since it was in the corner of the apartments living room. It was a crowded bench, but I made it work.

This was around the late 1980's.


hobby workbench



workbench area


Later on when I bought a house, I had model desks of several kinds inside. But these were used furniture, and didn't hold up or work out well. I still had to go elsewhere to paint or do sanding, and I was constantly going in and out of the house. It wasn't very conveniant.

For a time I worked out of a small garage area on the side of my house that was used for storage primarily, but had plenty of room. And I could make a mess.

Later I moved out into my 2 car garage, which was much better. In the image below, my desk was made from an old house interior door and was quite large. I like large workspaces because I tend to work on more than one model project at a time.

The bench was a mix match of the door top, a smaller wood top, and plastic shelves from Lowes.


model workbench near window


Over a period of years, my workbench changed, got moved around, and morphed into something else. At this point I had moved it under a window in the garage. Note the right side area for taking photos. And storage shelving on the left for paints and some kits.


wood workbench


hobby work benches


To expand the workbench, I added some cinder blocks and wood shelves for more supplies. I always liked the natural light from the window when modeling, especialy with paints.

The tackle box was handy, as it held most of the tools I had all in one place. I had it for many years, but I would soon outgrow it as I began getting more and more tools to make it easier and faster to model.

My Lindberg Attack Godzilla protects the bench. LOL


work area with shelves and bench


The desk has moved back to other side of the garage against the wall. But, I now had a very nice rack with bins, and it was on wheels. I loaded this up with all my model tools and paints. All kinds of supplies. It helped get them all in a small space, and being on wheels, I moved it around occasionally, depending on my mood.

The shelves to the left of it have some model parts. The edge of the table to the right in the foreground is a steel workbench a friend gave to me. I used it as a paint staging area, for parts ready for paint, and parts that had already been painted.

I had thrown out the large cumbersome door bench, and now had a smaller work area. So that was a step back, but I was already thinking of a way to make or buy a larger modeling desk.





One day while visiting a friend's shop, a nearby company had put out two big long white benches next to their dumpster. Good thing I drive a pickup, I took them both home.

They were light, well built, and had a formica covering. I used one for modelling, and the other one for something else.


4 x 8 workbench


I had always wanted a large workbench in my garage. Not just for models, but for house projects and repairs as well.

Thus begin this 4 x 8 "aircraft carrier" size workbench.

I made it out of wood, and added large caster wheels to it, so I could move it around as needed, or push it out in the driveway if I had a big wood working project.

When not being used for house duties, I use it for model building subassemblies and such.


large work bench from wood


The bench is almost done. I painted the top with some red boat paint to seal it (from Lowes). I added some other bits here and there, as well as a long outlet strip for power.


building model work benches


I liked the new formica desk, a lot. But there was quite a bit of wasted space on the wall behind it. Rather than drill holes in my garage wall, (which I had recently patched up and given a new coat of paint), I bolted on a sheet of plywood to the bench, and added sides and shelving to it.


final workbench for hobby


And this is how it looks today (2017). I'll probably have this desk for many more years, but you never know.

Usually when I'm modeling, it's fairly quite. Sometimes I have a radio on, but no TV or computer. I like to just focus on model building. I'm "in the zone".


building scale model gas station


Sometimes a project is too big for the workbench, and I need to spread out some. I use a folding 8-foot table to work on in cases like that. Here I'm building a 1/24 scale garage.


hobby model room setups and areas


The model desk setup expands (as of 2019).

To the left I've added some shelves to hold model magazines and books, plus some reference volumes. As well as some odds and ends models and supplies.

In the forground is a lighting setup I use to take pictures of models with. This is on the corner of my large 4x8 floating work bench.

I also have a bench behind me that is for my airbrush stuff - compressor and painting booth.

(two photos below - as of late 2022).


model kit display case


 model desk



Airbrush Supplies


Airbrush Paint Stencils


Hobby Workbenches




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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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