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Scale Model Life Magazine


Welcome to Scale Model Life Magazine. Each issue covers building model kits, from new ones fresh from the latest molds, to the classic kits of the 60's and 70's.

Each issue is a little different, and covers the wide aspects of the modeling hobby. Whether you're an old pro, or just getting started, each magazine has modeling tips, reviews, insights to building model kits, scratch building, and covers various model materials, from plastic, to resin, to vinyl.

Each issue is full color, with no advertisements (so far).

The kit subjects range from cars, trucks, Scifi, spaceships, to figures and diecast. No model kit medium is off limits. If you like to model, if it's your passion and hobby, this is the magazine is for you!




Got some feedback?


If you have some of these issues, I would be interested in your feedback and opinions.

Got a question about the building process on a particular issue or model? Send me an email.

There's only so much room in a magazine, so I would be happy to help answer any questions about an issue.

Thanks for your support !




Scale Model Life Magazine is a print-on demand product.

This saves on printing costs longterm, and it's a more green way to sell magazines. There's no need to cut down precious trees and stock pile a bunch of paper books and magazines, sitting around in a warehouse waiting to be sold.

When you order a magazine it's specifically printed for you (by Amazon) so you get a fresh copy right off the printer. The Magazines are printed right here in the U.S.A.

And - Back issues are essentially always available at any time, since the magazine does not go "out of print".




Scale Model Life is published by Bruce K. Basically, it's a one man operation at this point. I build the models, take the photos, layout the magazine, write the articles, put it all together, and submit it for print (physically printing the magazine is about the only thing I don't do - thank goodness).

I've often thought of adding outside contributors now and then, but no one I talk to seems interested. So for the time being, it's a one pony show.

I've been a model builder since around 1970. I'll build a model kit of any subject if it interests me, in any model scale, and any material - plastic, vinyl, resin - sometimes even wood.

Cars and trucks are probably the most common kits I build, as they're less costly than other types of models, and are generaly easy to assemble. But I like Scifi kits a lot too.

While it's a labor of love to print my own magazine, I hope you enjoy the issues as much as I do publishing them.

Keep on building !




Do you have an idea for a model book, magazine article, or a publication that's model related?

I'm always interested in new ideas. Drop me a note.






scale model life magazine volume 10

Scale Model Life
Volume 10

scale model life magazine volume 11

Scale Model Life
Volume 11

scale model life magazine volume 12

Scale Model Life
Volume 12

  • Monogram Bronco
  • Revell Ford Bronco
  • Monogram Pontiac GTO
  • Roach Koach Van
  • Ford 4x4 Pickup F150
  • Revell Chevy Nova
  • 3D Printed Mustang
  • 3d Pro Mod Maverick
  • Foose Ford Pickup
  • Speed Racer Mach V
  • Pepper Shaker 1957 Chevy
  • Ford Talladega
  • Shelby GT500 Mustang
  • Nissan GT-R
  • 1937 Ford Street Rod

scale model life magazine volume 7

Scale Model Life
Volume 7

  • Plymouth Volare'
  • Ford Pinto Wagon
  • Racing Go Kart
  • Dodge Charger Ghost Rider
  • Ford Gran Torino
  • Dodge 330
  • Charger State Trooper
  • Subaru Sambar Truck


scale model life magazine volume 7

Scale Model Life
Volume 8

  • 1/12 Red Baron
  • Terrain Cruiser
  • TJ Hooker Police Monaco
  • State Trooper Charger
  • Bathtub Buggy
  • Depth Charger Aqua Rod

scale model life magazine

Scale Model Life
Volume 9

  • Moebius Mercury Comet
  • Revell Ford F350 Duallie
  • Galaxie Unlimited Trailer
  • Revell Shelby 350GTR
  • Dodge Charger SRT8
  • Tom Daniel Vandal
  • Wedge Dragster
  • Ford GT40 LeMans


scale model life magazine volume 4

Scale Model Life
Volume 4

  • 1932 Ford Street Rod
  • 1950s Batmobile
  • Ford P-series Van
  • Ford Ranch Wagon
  • Pontiac Trans-Am
  • Ford Mustang Mach I
  • Dodge Charger
  • Dodge Power Wagon


scale model life magazine volume 5

Scale Model Life
Volume 5

  • Ford F150 Flareside
  • Ford F150 Sheriff
  • 1955 Ford F1 Pickup
  • Chevy Custom Pickup
  • 2003 Ford F150
  • Dodge Deora
  • Ford F150 Lighting


scale model life magazine volume 6

Scale Model Life
Volume 6

  • Colonial Viper
  • Yamato Analyzer
  • Klingon D7 Cruiser
  • Custom Mars Rover
  • Space 1999 Eagle
  • Imperial Guard Valkyrie
  • Vinyl Star Lord
  • Star Wars X-Wing
  • Aurora Orbital Interceptor


building scale ferrari model cars

Scale Model Life
Volume 1

  • 1/8 Revell '32 Ford
  • Moebius Figure
  • Toyota Twin Turbo GT
  • 1/16 Revell '34 Ford
  • Mazda RX-7
  • Tumbler Batmobile
  • Premiere Issue!


scale model life scifi model book

Scale Model Life -
Volume 2

  • Star Wars X-Wing
  • Vinyl Star Trek Scotty
  • Ironman
  • Zombie Apocalypse Diorama
  • Cylon Raider with LEDs
  • Special FX Space Pod
  • 1966 Batmobile
  • UFO Mystery Ship


scale model life figures magazine

Scale Model Life -
Volume 3

  • Ironman Igor Suit
  • Vinyl Dr. Who
  • Resin Too Much Goon
  • Captain Kirk Diorama
  • Titan A.E
  • Superman
  • Vinyl Ymir
  • Vinyl Star Trek Worf
  • Vinyl T-2 Terminator
  • Terminator T-1000
  • Red Baron Richthofen


Other Modeling Books Available by this Author...


building jeep scale models

Building Scale
Jeep Models

  • JK Rubicon Jeep
  • YJ Jeep Hardtop
  • Willys "Slat" Grille Jeep
  • Jeep CJ-Series
  • Military Jeep
  • Offroad Swamp Rat Jeep


building scale ferrari model cars

Building Scale
Ferrari Models

  • 250 Testa Rossa
  • 599 GTO
  • Enzo Ferrari
  • Miami Vice Testarossa


building hot rod model car kits book

Building Hot Rod
Model Cars

  • Boyd Smoothster
  • Munsters Koach
  • '32 Ford Coupe
  • Model T Rod
  • '29 Ford Pickup Truck


fun with scale modeling

Fun With Scale

  • Resin 1980s Batmobile
  • Mclaren MK8D
  • Mercury Comet Street Machine
  • Munsters Dragula


creating scale plastic buildings

Scale Plastic Buildings

  • Mel's Drive In
  • Bates Mansion
  • Dr. Who Street Scene
  • Roadside Diner
  • Mid-Mod House


building revells 1/12 ford mustang shelby gt500 model

Building the
Revell GT500

  • Blue Mustang GT500
  • Green Mustang GT500
  • Yellow Mustang GT500






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