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Model kits make great gifts - no matter if you are young or old !


Over 2200+ scale resin model cars and trucks

are in the research information database.


The resin database is for information purposes only.

The resin products are NOT sold through this website.


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If it is known, I tell you who makes the resin product

on the individual product search results.

If the manufacturer is still in business and has a website,

It will be also be listed on this page - CLICK HERE

Please contact them directly to purchase or

if you have questions about their products.


Support small business' and resin casters!


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Tired of spending countless hours trying to find a resin kit online? Want

to know if anyone ever made a resin kit of a 1959 Custom El Camino?

Now you can quickly with this searchable database! Here are 1000's of examples

of resin bodies and kits that have been available in the past or now in the present.


Right at your fingertips!

Search by year, search by model, search by make,

or just throw the dice.

One word searches are best. For instance: utility


Why an online Resin Database?


Many of the resin products you will see in the database are no longer in production.

The companies are out of business or have discontinued the models.

If not for the database here, there wouldn't be any record of those great products

and the craftsmanship done by skilled modelers and mold makers.

This is the largest colllection of resin cars and truck models online,

for research, modelers, and fans of resin vehicles.


(some favorite search terms below:)

  • 1955
  • teardrop
  • flintstone
  • AFX
  • wagon
  • truck
  • peterbilt
  • hot rod
  • coupe
  • jeep
  • trailer
  • ramp
  • custom
  • bronco
  • caprice


NOTE: This database is for INFORMATION purposes only.



1/25 - 1/24 Scale Resin models have been around a long time. They can be cars and trucks, but also figures, space ships, boats, and aircraft. Just about any kind of model project can be made out of resin.

In the early years, when resin casting was in it's infancy as far as model kits, like we see today, the resins could be brittle, full of air bubbles, and not really that great to work with. Today, resin model cars and trucks are made out of space age resins, materials that didn't even exist 20 years ago. Modern resin casters, even the smaller companies, are using vacuum tanks to make sure their products are bubble free. The resin model cars of today rival plastic kits in their quality and you almost can't tell the difference.

Today, in the resin model car market, kits can include everything. They may not even need a donor plastic kit to finish them. The industry has allowed resin car casters to improve on their products, offering complete kits of cars never offered in any kit form before.

Sadly, over the years, many resin companies have gone out of business, or the persons involved have literally passed away. These craftsman will be missed. But the database contains examples of their work, so that others can see their talents and great models they strived to bring to modelers everywhere.



resin dodge se resin heavy truck models resin chevy chevelle models
resin shasta trailer resin ford pickup trucks resin mercury car models


This searchable database is to find resin Cars and Trucks produced in 1:25, 1:24, 1:20, 1:16, 1:12, and 1:8 scales.

The search will grab just about any term, such as make, year, and model, type, style, and whatever text may be in the descriptions. (simpler is better, such as using one word, will give you best results, and more to explore.

Over 2000+ Resin and Multimedia models included so far!

Each example will have at least one picture, and description information on the model product, and if known, who made the model.

These products are not sold through this site !
This is for information purposes only.


Even though a kit may not be available anymore, or the manufacturer is out of business, you can still sometimes find them at models shows /events, through model clubs and especially ebay. On new and recent resin offerings, see our Model Car Links.

I hope you will start here to find out if a kit has ever been made, as this will save you time and give you an idea of where to find your next project.


Some companies are long out of business, but as an archive, those products will be included in the database. In cases like that, the contributor (Such as you !) will be credited. Please share your pictures to support the works of past resin casters who may have passed away, or gone out of business. We support their work and craftsmanship.



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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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