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PT-Boats (Torpedo Boats) are some of the most popular subjects when it comes to boat models.

Made famous by Kennedy's PT109 service in WWII, these boats were high powered (3 Packard V12's !) and attacked shipping and protected our ships during the war. Other countries built similar boats, from the Italian MAS to the Germans Schnellboots.

The PT Torpedo Boats of WWII were a new idea at the time. The boats were built of plywood, so they could be manufactured quickly, and repaired even faster.

They used 3 Packard V12 engines for more than 3000+ horsepower. They were designed to to speed in on ships, fire their torpedoes and then high tail it out of harms way. All the while taking flak and gun fire while engaging with the targets.

There have been several scale models of the PT boats, the Elco type. But the one from Italeri is probably the most accurate to date.

The crew of the PT 109 had fastened a deck gun to the bow on their own, and it was not originally part of the boats armament. The Italeri PT 109 version accurately protrays this hasty "in the field" modification.

Other countries had similar fast attack boats during the war, but the the American PT series are probably the most famous and well known to the public.

Italeri makes several 1:35 scale attack boats. The German S100 kit itself is one of the largest scale plastic models ever made by a model company.

If you want to see a good movie with real PT Boats in action, check out the film They Were Expendable.


PT109 Toepedo Boat (Newer Tooling)


PT579 / PT588 Torpedo Boat


PT160 Torpedo Boat


PT109 Torpedo Boat


Elco PT596 Torpedo Boat


Elco Torpedo Boat


Merit International MRT64801 1:48 Merit US Navy Elco 80' Motor Patrol Torpedo Boat Late Type MODEL BUILDING KIT

Elco 80 Motor Patrol Model Kit U.S. Navy


PT109 Torpedo Boat


PT Torpedo Boat Wargames Flotilla


US Navy PT Boat


Vosper Boat with Crew


Italeri MAS 568 4a Serie with Crew 1:35 Scale

MAS 568 with Crew


Perkasa Vosper Fast Patrol Boat


RAF Rescue Launch


German WWII Schnellboot S38 Torpedo Boat


German WWII Schnellboot S100 Torpedo Boat


S100 Class Attack Boat


Aoshima Ironclad Steel Navies S-Boat 1/350 Kit - Plastic Model Building Kit

S100 Class Attack Boat


Soviet G5 Motor Torpedo Boat


Orp WZ25 Torpedo Boat


Orp Slazak Torpedo Boat


Torpedo Boat T23


German V106 Torpedo Boat


revell pt 579 boat model kit

US Navy PT109 Boat


PT212 Higgins Patrol Torpedo Boat


Long Dock


PT Boat Crew Figures


PT-Boat Crew Figures


Vosper Crew Figures


Schnellboot Crew


PT207 Boat


eduard 1/35 s100 schnellboot pjotoetch

S100 Schnellboot Photoetch

eduard 1/35 elco italeri pt596 photoetch

Elco PT596 Photoetch

Russian Navy OSA Class Missle Boat OSA1


Russian Navy OSA Class Missile Boat OSA2


rc pt boat model

PT Boat


Italeri 510000434 Acrylic Set for WWII M.T.B. and Ship

Paint Set for WWII M.T.B. and Ships


pt boats model kits

US Patrol Torpedo Boats

pt boats pt157 model kits


building the italeri pt-boat model kit

Converting the PT-596

building pt boats

Building the PT Boats

german s-boat schnellboote  model ships

German S-boats Schnellboote


building pt boats behind the scenes

PT Boats

elco 80 pt boat models in action

ELCO 80 PT Boat

american pt boat is wwii

American Pt Boats

pt boat models in action

PT Boats in Action


vosper pt boat models in action

Vosper MTBs in Action


They Were Expendable - PT Boat Movie


U.S. Navy Models


Sea Planes / Float Planes





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A Day Without Model Building Hobbyist Physical Models Kit shirt

Model Building





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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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