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Modelers can now print their own decals at home with supplies for their computer printers.

Using an Inkjet or Laser printer, waterslide decals can make a model look unique and authentic.

Decal paper normally is available in white and clear sheets. The popular size being the A4 ( @ 8 x 10) size.

Be sure and select the paper used with your printer - ink jet or laser printer.

The papers will work with black ink printers as well as color printers.

Dress up you scale model car, boat, plane, spaceship etc. with your own custom graphics and logos.



These are supplies for printing your own decals at home.

Using your InkJet or Laser printer.


Decal Fix

Decal Medium

Micro Set

Micro Sol

Liquid Decal Film

Decal Adhesive

Mr. Mark Softer

Mr Mark Setter

Mark Fit

Decal Soft

Decal Adaptor Solution

Decal Solution



Decal Scissors


Decal Box


Decal Tray


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Clear Decal Paper for Inkjet Printers


Clear Decal Paper for LASER Printers


WHITE Decal Paper for LASER Printers


Wrintable Vinyl Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printer


Transparency Film for Laser Jet Printer


Cricut Vinyl Cutter Machine Bundle


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  • Decal Tips:
  • Decal solvents and softening solutions vary from brand to brand. Some are mild, some can be very strong. Always test the solution on an extra decal you don't need before using on your finished model.
  • Some modelers like to shoot a layer of clear, whether it's matte, gloss, or satin, onto their models to cover the decals. Again, always test this first. Different overcoat chemicals can react differently to decals.
  • Decal paper is normally available in clear and white. Traditonal printers won't print the color white, so you need to use paper with a white background already on it to make decals that are opaque. Especially if the decals will end up on dark color paint or plastic. When making your graphics for the decals, always keep in mind any white spaces or areas in the design. Be sure and use the proper paper. Inkjet printers will bleed on the wrong paper when printed, so be sure the paper you use is compatible out of the box.
  • Use Injket paper for inkjets, and Laserjet paper for laser printers.
  • Inkjet printers use ink to put the color to the paper. Laser printers use a powder. Many modellers who print their own decals prefer the inkjets since it's actual ink and can have a smoother surface - depending on the printer.
  • On most all decal sheets, once printed, you need to seal the decal ink (or powder) to the paper. This is normally done with a coat of clear over the decals / sheets. Sometimes you need a thick coat, and multiple passes, depending on the printer, type ink, and the decal paper. If you don't do this step the color ink (or powder) can actually wash off when you put the decal in water.
  • Decal Tips: Spray your image with several thin coats of an acrylic , enamal, or lacquer based clear spray to avoid having this problem. ALWAYS TEST FIRST BEFORE USING ON YOUR FINAL PRODUCT SINCE CHEMICALS CAN REACT DIFFERENT WAYS TO DIFFERENT INKS AND PAPERS.
  • Preparing Artwork:
  • Almost any graphics program can make your graphics (artwork). The important thing is DPI. (Dots Per Inch). Or, PPI (Pixels Per Inch). The higher the number, the better printing results. DPI is more for printing - PPI is more for web based graphics.
  • For instance, a printer I have is a Brother 2370. The printer can print up to 600 to 2400 dpi (according to Brother). You should make sure the artwork you have has the proper dpi to at least match your printer's capabilities.
  • More popular graphic programs, like Photoshop, allow you to change the DPI on your artwork for printing. The normal standard (minimum) is at least 300dpi for printing. Sometimes going over that doesn't get you an appreciable upgrade in the final results so you can get away with the 300dpi as a good minimum.
  • As a note - most images on the internet are 72DPIi or 72PPI (an internet standard). Way below what you need to print a great image for your decals. That is why many of the images print grainy. It's almost impossible to make a poor internet images (graphics / photos) into a great - better image. So always start with the highest quality image you can. Or - create your own high quality image in a graphics progrem.
  • Note that many images you might work with or save get saved as a .JPG images (aka .JPEG). That is an RGB web based image / graphic. A .JPG is a lossy compressed file made to work with monitors / TVs and such. Think digital displays.
  • For printing you want to use CMYK files for true colors if you can (if your graphic program has the capability), and saving - exporting as a high end TIFF, EPS, or other non-lossless / compressed file. You can get more accurate colors that way and a better - if not the best - image quality when you print your decals.


Clear Coat

Clear Coat





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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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