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Model kits make great gifts - no matter if you are young or old !








Motorcycle model kits.

All your favorites, Honda, Kawasaki, Ducati, and much more.

Motorcycle model kits are very popular. Just about every country in the world uses motorcyces of some kind. So most people are familiar with them in one way or another.

Luckily the model companies make plenty of these kits. Most of them have settled into the most popular scale - 1/12 - for their model productss and accessories.

Companies such as Aoshima, Revell, Hasegawa, Tamiya, and many others.

The bikes range from small CC engines to the full out race bikes. Some with 1100, 1200, 1300cc and more.

(Think of it this way. A 1200cc engine is a 1.2 Litre four cylinder. Not much smaler than a 4-cylinder engine in your car!).

But don't be fooled. These models have numerous parts and are highly detailed. To represent some of the fastest motorcycles to ever rip up the roads.

There ae kits of Hondas, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Ducati, Harley Davidsons, just to name a few. So the choices are pretty good that there's a bike that will catch your eye and be a great project to build.





1/12 motorcycle No.45 Kawasaki Z1-r custom parts

Kawasaki Z1R


Tamiya 14131 1/12 Kawasaki Ninja H2R Plastic Model Plastic Model Kit

Kawasaki Ninja H2R


TAMIYA 300014136 Kawasaki 1/12 Scale Plastic Model Assembly kit

Kawasaki Ninja H2r Carbon


Tamiya 14133 1/12 Yamaha YZF-R1M Motorcycle Plastic Model Kit

Yamaha YZFR1M Motorcycle


TAMIYA 14112 1/12 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 Special Color Edition

Kawasaki Ninja ZX14 Special Color Edition


aoshima gpz900r ninja motorcycle model

Kawasaki GPZ900R Ninja


1 / 12 Motorcycle No.08 Kawasaki gpz900r Ninja A6 export aoshima

Kawasaki GPZ900R A6 Ninja


tamiya kawasaki ninja  motorcycle model

Kawasaki Ninja ZX12R


TAMIYA Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa Street 98 Model Motorcycle, 300014090, 1:12 Scale

Suzuki GSX1300R


Tamiya 14070 - 1:12 Honda Cbr110xx Super Blackbird

Honda CBR 1100XX


TAMIYA 1/12 Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP TAM 14138

Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade


TAMIYA 14129 1:12 Ducati 1199 Panigale S Model

Ducati 1199 Panigale S


TAMIYA America, Inc 1 12 Ducati 1199 Panigale S Tricolore, TAM 14132

Ducati 1199 Panigale S Tricolor


Tamiya 14068 14068 Ducati 916

Ducati 916


Tamiya Ducati Desmosedici

Ducati Desmosedici


Tamiya 300014070 - 1:12 Honda Cbr110xx Super Blackbird

Honda CBR110XX Super Blackbird


Fujimi 1/12 BIKE Honda CB1300 SUPER BOLD'OR

Honda CB1300 Super


tamiya kantana gsx motorcycle model

Suzuki GSX1100S Katana


Tamiya 300014065 1:12 Suzuki GSX1100 Katana Custom Tuned

Suzuki GSX1100S Katana


1/12 Bimota Tesi 1D

Bimota Tesi 1D


Honda CB1300P Police Motorcycle by Fujimi

Honda CB1300 Police


Tamiya America, Inc 1/12 Suzuki GSX750S, 14034

Suzuki GSX750S


revell yamaha dt1  motorcycle model

Yamaha XJR 400S with Custom Parts


1/12 plastic model custom Yamaha Vmax motorcycle aoshima

Yamaha VMax


TAMIYA 14057 1: 12 Honda VFR 750R 1987 Motorcycle

Honda VFR750R


Aoshima 1/12 Scale Gpz900r Plastic Model  Kit 10921

Kawasake GPZ900R A7


Hasegawa HA21743 1:12 TZR250 (2AW) 'New Yamaha Black' Model Kit

Yamaha TZR250


Hasegawa HA21725 1:12 Suzuki GSX-R750-H

Suzuki GSX R750 H


Hasegawa 1/12 Scale Suzuki GSX-R750R - Plastic Model Building Motorbike Kit 21730

Suzuki GSX-R750R


Hasegawa HA21741 1:12 Suzuki GSX-R750(G) (Gr71G) Model Kit

Suzuki GSX-R750G


Hasegawa 1/12 Scale Suzuki RG400 Late Version Plastic Model Building Motorbike Kit 21728

Suzuki RG400 Late Version


Hasegawa HBK9 Model, Building Kit suzuki

Suzuki RG400


Hasegawa - 1:12 Suzuki RG400 Late Version Under Cowl

Suzuki RG400I


Hasegawa - 1:12 Yamaha TZR250 (1Kt) - Faraway Blue

Yamaha TRZ250 Faraway Blue


Hasegawa 1/12 Scale TZR250 (1KT) 1985  Plastic Model  Motorbike  21511

Yamaha TZR250


Aoshima 1/12 Bike No.43 Kawasaki GPZ900R Ninja A2 Model Kit  Japan

Kawasaki Ninja GPZ900 A2


AOSHIMA 1/12 Motorcycle Model Building Kits No.25 Kawasaki GPZ900R Ninja TSUKIGI Racing Japanese

Kawasaki Ninja GPZ900R


tamiya katana gsx1100s  motorcycle model

Suzuki GSX1100 Katana Custom Tuned


Aoshima 1/12 Scale NSR250R Motorbike Plastic Model g Kit  06178

Honda NSR250R


Aoshima 1/12 Bike No.14 Honda CBX400F? Model Kit  japan

Honda CBX400F II


aoshima cbx400f motorcycle model

Honda CBX 400F


Aoshima 1/12 Scale  Vt250f  Plastic Model Kit  06323

Honda VT250F


Hasegawa - 1:12 Kawasaki KR250 (KR250A)

Kawasaki KR250


Hasegawa HA21740 1:12 Kawasaki KR250 (KR250A) Black Model Kit

Kawasaki KR250


Aoshima 1/12 Motorcycle Series No.36 Kawasaki GPz 400F

Kawasaki GPZ400F


Aoshima 1/12 Scale Rg250

Suzuki RG250


Tamiya 1:12 1983 Suzuki RG250 (Gamma) '80s Motorcycle Model Kit

Suzuki RG250


14058 Tamiya 1:12 1989 Yamaha FZR750R Motorcycle Model Kit

Yamaha FZR750R Motorcycle


14053 Tamiya 1:12 Suzuki RG250 Walter Wolf Special Version Motorcycle Model

Suzuki RG250 Walter Wolf Special


Tamiya 1/12 Honda Mvx250f Kit 14023 - Plastic Model Kit

Honda MVX240F


Tamiya 1/12 Yamaha YZF R1 TAM 14073

Yamaha YZF R1


Tamiya 14001 1/12 Yamaha YZR500 GP Racer Kit

Yamaha YZR500 GP Racer


Aoshima 1/12 Scale The Bike Series No. 57 KZ400M Z400GP 1982 with Custom Parts  Plastic Model  Kit  6267

Kawasaki Z400GP


Aoshima 1/12 Bike No.41 Suzuki GSX400FS Impulse Model Kit Japan

Suzuki GSX400FS


Aoshima 54291 Bike 46 KAWASAKI Z400FX E4 1/12 scale kit

Kawasaki Z400FX E4


AOSHIMA 1/12 Motorcycle Model Kits No.27 Kawasaki Z400GP  Japanese

Kawasaki Z400GP


Aoshima 1/12 Motorcycle Series No.34 Honda CB 750F Bold 2 Option Specification

Honda CB750F Bold


Aoshima 1/12 Scale Nc07 Cbx400f  Plastic Model Building Kit  06342

Honda CBX400F


revell cbx400f motorcycle model

Honda CBX 400F


Honda Steed VLS 1998 (Plastic model  Aoshima

Honda Steed VLS


TAMIYA America, Inc 1/12 Yamaha Virago XV1000 14044

Yamaha XV1000 Virago


?oshima ?unka Κyozai 1/12 ?ike ?eries Νo.54 Κawasaki ΚZ1000 ?olice ?lastic

CHP Kawasaki KZ1000 Police Bike


tamiya katana gsx1100s  motorcycle model

Honda CB750F Custom Tuned


AOSHIMA 1/12 Motorcycle Model Kits No.71 HONDA Super Hawk III R 1981  Japanese

Honda Super Hawk II R


AOSHIMA 1/12 Motorcycle | Model Building Kits | No.09 Honda CB400SF Black Japanese

Honda CB400 Super Four


Tamiya - Honda Cb750f Kit - Cf406

Honda CB750F


aoshima 900 super motorcycle model

Kawasaki 900 Super 4


Aoshima 1/12 Bike No.16 Kawasaki Zephyr X custom parts Model Kit(Japan

Kawasaki Zephyr X


AOSHIMA 1/12 Motorcycle Model Building Kits No.22 Kawasaki ZEPHYR Super Street [Japanese

Kawasaki Zephyr Super Street


Aoshima 1/12 Kawasaki Z750FX Full-Tune

Kawasaki Z750FX Full Tune


tamiya roadster  motorcycle model

Yamaha XV1600 Roadster Custom


Hasegawa HBK6 1:12 Kawasaki KH400-A7

Kawasaki KH400 A7


Aoshima 1/12 Scale CB400N Hawk-III 1978 Plastic Model Kit 06305

Honda Hawk II CB400N


Aoshima 1/12 Scale Cb400t Hawk-ii 1978  Plastic Model Kit 06304

Honda Hawk II CB400T


1 / 12 motorcycle series No.17 Yamaha SR400/500 1996 model

Yamaha SR400 / 500


oshima Aoshima Model Sr400 96 January / 12 Bike No.43 Yamaha

Yamaha SR400


Hasegawa 1/12 Scale Kawasaki KH250-B2 - Plastic Model Building Motorbike Kit 21729

Kawasaki KH250 B2


Aoshima 1/12 Bike No.38 Hawk CB400T Model Kit Japan   Plastic 53324

Honda Hawk II CB400T


hasegawa kh400 motorcycle model

Kawasaki KH400-A3/A4


?asegawa 1/12 ?uzuki ?T380 ?

Suzuki GT380B


Hasegawa 1/12 Scale 500-SS/MACH III (H1 '70 Late Version) (1970) - Plastic Model  Motorbike  21731

Kawasaki 500-SS / Mach III


Hasegawa HBK10 1:12 Kawasaki 500-SS Mach III H1

Kawasaki 500-SS / Mach III


1/12 Kawasaki 750RS ZII Super Custom

Kawasaki 750RS ZII Super Custom


aoshima cb400 four motorcycle model

Honda CB400 Four


AOSHIMA 1/12  motorbike No.63 Kawasaki 900 SUPER4 Z1 1973 models

Kawasaki 900 SUPER4 Z1


Honda DREAM 50 Custom Model  Aoshima  Bike

Honda DREAM 50 Custom


Honda Super Cub 1958 First Model Model Car Fujimi BIKE

Honda Super Cub


Fujimi Honda Monkey Mini Bike 1:12 Scale Model Kit

Honda Monkey


aoshima nsr 250r motorcycle model

Honda NSR500


TAMIYA Honda RC166 GP Racer

Honda RC166


Hasegawa HA21727 1:12 1988 Yamaha YZR500-Tech21

Yamaha YZR500 Tech21


Hasegawa HA21703 Model, Building Kit

Honda Shell Advance NSR250


Fujimi 1/12 Scale Yamaha FZR750  Plastic Model Kit  141428

Yamaha FRZ750


Fujimi 1/12 Scale YZF750 Lucky Strike Roberts - Plastic Model  Kit 141367

Yamaha YZF75o Lucky Strike


Fujimi 1/12 GSX-R750 TT-FI Racing Bike

Suzuki GSX R750


Hasegawa 21708 - 1/12 Yamaha YZR 500 (0WA8) Tech 21 1989

Yamaha YZR500


tamiya suzuki walter wolf  motorcycle model

Yamaha YZR M1


Hasegawa HA21722 Plastic Model kit

Yamaha YZR500


Hasegawa 021718 Model Kit

Yamaha YZR500


Hasegawa HA21724 Model, Building Kit

Yamaha YZR500


tamiya suzuki walter wolf  motorcycle model

Honda NSR500 Factory


tamiya suzuki rgvi  motorcycle model



Hasegawa 1:12 Scale Scot Racing Team Honda RS250RW Model Kit

Honda RS250RW Scot Racing


1/12 Yamaha YZR500 (0WA8) "Marlboro Yamaha 1989"

Yamaha YZR500 Marlboro


Hasegawa 1/12 Scale Scale Scale YZR500 (0W98) 1988 All Japan Road Race Championship GP500 UCC  Plastic Model 21734

Yamaha YZR500 GP500


Hasegawa Corp. 21716 1/12 Yamaha YZR500 (0WA8) Team Roberts 1989

Yamaha YZR500 Team Roberts


Hasegawa HBK3 1:12 Scale Yamaha YZR500 1988 World Champion Eddie Lawson Model Kit

Yamaha YZR500


1/12 Ducati 888 Racer TAMiya 14063

Ducati 888


HASEGAWA 21702 1/12 Scot Racing Team Honda RS250RW 2007 LTD

Scot Racing Team Honda RS250RW


Tamiya Bike Kit 1:12 14074 Yamaha Yzf-r1 Taira Racing

Yamaha YZFR1 Taira Racing


tamiya repsol motorcycle model

Repsol Honda RC213V


Hasegawa HA21717 1:12 Scale Honda Nsr500 1989 All Japan GP500 Model Kit

Honda NSR500 Japan


TAMIYA 300014093 –1:12 Yoshimura Hayabusa X-1 Street Tuned

Yoshimura Hayabusa X1 Street Tuned


Tamiya 14121  1:12 Honda NSR500 '84

Honda NSR500


TAMIYA - Honda NSR500 '84 - 126 - 1:12 14126

Honda NSR500 with Clear Body


Model Motorbike Series1/12 No. 127 HONDA RC166 GP Racer 14127 Bike

HONDA RC166 GP Racer Clear Edition


Tamiya 14125 1: 12 Honda NS500 '84

HONDA NS500 Racer


1/12 Yamaha FZR750 '85 Tech 21, Shiseido Racing by Fujimi

Yamaha FZR Tech 21


hasegaw nsr500  motorcycle model

Honda NSR500 GP500 Race


Hasegawa - 1:12 Yamaha YZR500 (0WA8) - 1989 All Japan Road Race Championship GP500 Champion

Yamaha YZR500 GP500 Race


1/12 1989 Honda NSR250R SP

Honda NSR250R SP


Hasegawa HSP338 0.05 Scale Honda NSR500 Gun Boy Bari Bari Legend Plastic Model

Honda NSR500 Gun Boy


1/12 Motorcycle Series No.11 Honda CR250R motocross 14011

Honda CR250R Motocross


Tamiya 1/12 Motorcycle Series No.18 Honda CR450R motocross rider with 14018

Honda CR450R with Motocross Rider


tamiya start rider model

Racing Straight Run Rider Figure


aoshima majesty scooter model

Yamaha Majesty Scooter


tamiya street rider figure model

Street Rider


hasegawa paddock girl 1/12

Paddock Girl


Hasegawa 1/12 Scale 12 Real Figure Collection 04 Blond Girl Vol.2 - Plastic Model  Figure 52275

Blonde Girl


Hasegawa SP462 1/12 Real Figure Collection No. 02, Blonde Girl Model

Blonde Girl


Hasegawa 1/12 Scale Real Figure Collection No.08 'Blond Girl Vol.5' - Plastic Model  Kit  52300

Blonde Girl


Hasegawa SP408 1/12 Egg, Amy McDonnel, Biker Girl Model

Amy McDonnell


hasegawa road signs

Road Equipment


BIG Scale Motorcycle Kits


TAMIYA 1/6 Motorcycle Series No.25 Suzuki GSX 1100S Katana Japan

1/6 Suzuki GSX 1100S


Tamiya 300016020, 1: 6 Honda, CB750F, 1979

1/6 Honda CB750F


Tamiya 16035 1/6 Honda CX500 Turbo

1/6 Honda CX500


MPC Honda Super Hawk Motorcycle 1:16 Scale Model Kit

1/16 Honda Super Hawk


MPC MPC856 1: 8 Dick Mann Honda 750 Road Racer Model Kit

1/8 Honda Road Racer


TAMIYA 1/6 Honda Cb750 Racing

1/6 Honda CB750 Racing Type


MENG MNGMT-001 Plastic Model kit

1/9 Kawasaku Ninja


Meng 1/9 Scale Ninja H2 Bike, Pre-Colored Edition - Plastic Model Building Kit MT-002s

1/9 Kawasaku Ninja


Italeri - Norton Manx 4602

1/9 Norton Manx


ITALERI 7402 – 1: 9 Triumph Motorcycle

1/9 Triumph 3HW


Harley-Davidson FLH Classic (Model Car) Tamiya 1/6 Big Scale Motorcycle

1/6 Harley Davidson FLH Classic


Tamiya 300016038 – 1: 6 Harley-Davidson Police Bike

1/6 Harley Davidson Police


1/6 Harley Davidson FXE 1200 Super Glide


Italeri Harley Davidson WLA 750 WWII Military Motorcycle 1:9 Scale - Plastic Model Kit 7401

1/9 Harley Davidson WLA 750 WWII


hasegawa yamaha 250  dt1 motorcycle model kit dirt bike

1/10 Yamaha 250 Enduro DT1


Tamiya 16036 1/6 Yamaha Motocrosser YZ250

1/6 Yamaha Motocross YZ250


taleri IT4642 Yamaha TENERE 660 CC 1986 KIT 1:9

1/6 Yamaha TENERE 660 CC


TAMIYA 1/6 Motorcycle Series No.42 Honda CRF 1000 L Africa Twin

1/6 Honda CRF 1000 L Africa Twin


Italeri 4643S 3653S – 1:9 Cagiva Elephant 850 Winner 1987

1/9 Cagiva Elephant 850


Meng Model MNGMT-003 Plastic Model kit,

1/9 BMW R nine T


Revell RV07940 1:8 - BMW R75/5 Police Plastic Model kit, Multicolour, 1/8

1/8 BMW R75 Police Bike


Hasegawa SP374 1/10 BWM R75/5 Plastic Model Railway Accessories, Hobby, Model Building

1/10 BMW R75


Italeri 7403S 1/9 BMW R75 German Military Mtrcycle w/Sidecar

1/9 BMW R75 with Sidecar


Italeri 7406 1/9 Scale, German Zundapp KS750 with Sidecar

1/9 BMW Zundapp KS750 with Sidecar


TAMIYA 16030 - 1:6 Honda Monkey 2000 Anniversary

1/6 Honda Monkey


Tamiya 16032 Honda MONKEY 40th ANNIVERSARY  Japanese

1/6 Honda Monkey SE


tamiya honda gorilla motorcycle model kit 16031

1/6 Honda Gorilla


Tamiya 1/6 Honda Dax Export 70 Motorcycle Model Kit 16002

1/6 Honda DAX


Racing Motorcycle Building Blocks for BMW RR S1000, 1:6 Motobike Building Kit

1/6 Motorcycle


1/5 Motorcycle


1/6 Cyber Motorcycle


Cyberpunk Motorcycle 1:5 Motorcycle

1/5 Cyber Motorcycle


technik Motorcycle Building Blocks Set 3 Wheels

Technik Motorcycle


Minicraft Models Honda 750 Engine 1/3 Scale

1/3 Honda 750 Engine


BMW R/90-S Flat Twin Engine Model Kit with Collector's Manual

BMW R90S Motorcycle Boxermotor



Moto GP and GP500 Racers Model Reference


BIG Scale Models


1/12 Figure Models






new model kits for 2022 2023 coming soon !



A Day Without Model Building Hobbyist Physical Models Kit shirt

Model Building





New Puzzles !


car truck aircraft jigsaw puzzles !










pill organizer


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