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Building great looking models depends on a lot of different tools. Some tools can make a job so much easier.

The basic hobby tools you need starts with the knife. Normally these all use what is called a #11 blade. A tapered blade with a very fine edge and fine point. The hobby knife is used to cut model parts, shape them, trim them, open holes, make holes, make slicing cuts, and dozens of other uses. It would be hard to build a model without at least one. Try and choose one with a soft grip that can be more comfortable.

Bare Metal Foil is popular with model car builders, especially those that build older 50's and 60's cars which had a lot of chrome. But Bare Metal Foil is also made in gold, which is good for Lowrider cars, or NASA kits, such as an Apollo LEM, or anywhere you think a gold finish is needed. Black chrome is popular when doing black trim on a car for that modern, all blacked out look, like Special Ops or something.

Hobby Mat cutting boards are an essential tool as well. They are great for when you use a hobby knife, because they offer a soft backing, so you can get a more consstant cut. The cutting mats are self healing, meaning, your cut marks nearly disappear from the surface, and you can get smooth clean cuts over and over for many years. The mats come in a variety of sizes, from 8 x 10 to as large as 4 or 5 feet.

Photoetch tools come in handy when bending photo-etch, which is primarily produced on flat frets. It's up to you to bend the small parts. Brass photoetch is a softer metal, and can be bent and minipulated by hand, but some are stainless steel, and require more force to bend. A tool to bend photoetch is the only way to get a nice EVEN bend, especially on large straight parts. Some modelers don't use photo-etch much, but once you have the tools to get photo etch to bend to your will, you'll find you will use it more and more on your model projects.

Files are a handy tool to have. They can make short work of a model seam on a project, and can get into many places your fingers can't. I usualy use them before using the rougher sandpaper because I feel they are faster, and on a primed model, help me tackle a seam better. Files come as an assortment: some are flat, some are rounded, even triangle beveled, so they can be uses in some unusual places where sandpaper will not work. Hobby files are also great for cleaning up model parts. A good set of files is a must have tool.

Good lighting is essential for building model kits. Especially for those of us that are getting older. The better you can see what you're doing, the better your model will look. Some desk lamps provide much sronger light, and some use a magnifying lense to work on very small, detailed model parts. I recommend you get the brightest lamp you can use, or one that will fit in your model area. (I use two myself to help prevent "shadows" on my project).

There are many ways to keep a lot of stuff on your work area, but small trays and bins can help store a lot of needed things in a small space. Small trays keep model parts separated, and within arms reach. But more important, they keep you from accidently loosing the tiny parts from falling on the floor, never to be seen again. Or getting crushed or damaged on the work bench while building. Trays can also hold tools, like glue, paint, tweezers, hobby knives, and other tools you to keep from moving all around on your workspace.


Like any craft or hobby, it's the tools that get the job done. Start out small with the basics, and add a tool now and then as you can afford. You will find that learning how to use more and different tools will help make your models better and better, and more enjoyable to build.


Hobby Modeling Supplies



Foil Adhesive

Rubber Tipped Locking Tweezers


Steel Curved Tip Tweezers


Extra Long Tweezers Set


Professional Tweezers Set


Slide Lock Tweezers Set


Tweezers Stand Model Parts Holder


Non-Marring Tipped Tweezers


Rivet Maker Tool


Zimmerit Tool Set


Zimmerit Spatula Set


Rivet Tool


Scale Model Ruler, Aluminum

Helps determine scale on model parts or when

you're fabricating pieces.


Scale Model Ruler, Aluminum

Helps determine scale on model parts or

when you're fabricating pieces.


Mini Vise Clamp


Dusting Brush

(Good for quickly cleaning off your hobby desk of shaved

plastic parts and sanding residue!)


Magnifier Headset


Safety Glasses


Professional Binocular Stereo Microscope

Modeling Magnifier

(perfect if you paint fine details, and small

models such as miniatures figures)



3d printer machnes and supplies

Browse 3D Printers


Helping Hands with Magnifyer


Magnifier Lamp


Desk LED Magnifier Lamp


Mini Hobby Vise


Hobby Swivel Vise


Helping Hands


Hobby Tool Set


Model Trays - Separate Kit Parts, Protect Workbench


No Scratch Pliers


Model Nudging Sticks - Photoetch, Small Bits


Tank Tread Tool


Military Track Building Jig


Ship Building Jig


Scale Airplane Building Jig


Auto Work Jig


Workbench Modelling Magnifier


Mini Heat Gun


Mini Screwdrivers


laser engraving machines

Browse Laser Engraving Machines


Right Angle Gluing Clamp


Multi Helping Hands


Contour Duplication Gauge


Modeling Clamps Assortment

Great for holding model parts together

while the glue dries.


Excel Blades 3 Inch Plastic Bar Adjustable Clamps for Diorama, Modeling Clamps, Hobby Tools for Model Building, Miniature Plastic Clamp, Made in USA

Excel Modeling Clamps


Large Model Quick Clamps

Click here to see in action !


The magnets below, used with a metal pan, can help you line

up parts to be glued as a jig. The magnets will hold them in

place while the glue dries, and make sure the parts are



Magnet Set

irwin bar clamps

Metal Pan Base for Magnets


Magnetic Gluing Jig


Paragrafix Hold & Place Tool


Micor Liner Fine Pens


Safety Glasses


Panel Line Pens - Door / Body Panels, Gundam, Aircraft


Modelling Visor Magnifier


Sticky Model Parts Picker


Long Cotton Swabs


Alignment Guide


Drill Press Stand for Rotary Tools


Multi Vise


Click here for Airbrush Supplies



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A Day Without Model Building Hobbyist Physical Models Kit shirt

Model Building





New Puzzles !


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led lights for scale models




pill organizer


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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