Round2 22-inch MPC Space 1999 Eagle
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Round2 MPC Space 1999 Eagle


round2 1/48 space 1999 eagle model kit


I'm old enough to remember seeing Space 1999 when it was first shown on TV. I watched the Anderson's UFO series as well before that, so following Space 1999 was a natural for me.

Like many others, the Eagle spaceships, and other models in the series, caught my eye. In the 1970s when the MPC 12-inch Eagles were issued, I built plenty of those over the years. Even as late as the 1990s, and recently the new version with the resin parts to create the laboratory pod and upper booster set.

This newest kit by Round2 is 22-inches long (half the size of the original series models, which were 44-inches in length). It's also exceptionally accurate to the TV series models.


eagle sections clamped and glued

The two sub-assemblies for the body were assembled. Though they look complex, Round2 has made all the joins easy to follow and glue together. It's all well thought out as far as the way the kit was developed.

The front one nearly fell together, and it went quickly. The rear one, for reasons I couldnt figure out, needed some muscle from some clamps to hold it square while the glue dried.


model eagle spine and cockpit


The spine went together well. I glued the two main parts end to end, and let those driy for a few days. I then came back and added all the extra crossmembers.

Just make sure the entire spine is square when you build yours. Look down the spine from one end with your eye, so that the two sides have the same angle, and the upper portion is square in the middle.

Once dry, it seems to be quite strong.

The nose cone is detachable to show the pilots. I painted that piece with the two figures. The space suits would be orange, so I first painted them yellow, as the lightest color, since darker colors (orange) will cover yellow easily, rather than the other way around.

The nose cone is primarly two parts, halves as it were. The seam was minimal, I only had to use my finger to smooth on a little putty in a few places at the joints. It was then shot with primer and white paint.


some assembly for the space 1999 eagle


The landing gear pods have been assembled. Again, the joins were minor, so only a few spots needed any putty to fill them. I've assembled the halves for the tanks for the rear engines, I still need to work on those seams.

For the main middle cargo pod, I plan on making it orange like the VIP version. Though only the faces will be orange. To do that, I've primered them white, with a coat of white for the doors. I then masked them off to shoot on the overal orange color.

While not 100% correct (the entire pod should be orange I believe?), I think it will look good, I've seen other pods painted this way online.

I'm only adding some orange because the Eagles are pretty much only one solid color overall, and I wanted to add some interest with some color.


orange tinted glass for nose cone on eagle model

I don't have plans to light this kit up (the few lights there are on the actual Eagles). But maybe on the next one I build. I'll see how the entire kit build goes first.

I doubt you could see the pilots in the dark nose cone. So rather than leave the windows clear, I painted them orange. Not that anyone will notice, but if the outside light hits the nose just right, it might look good. I used Tamiya Clear Orange on the backside of the windows.

The nose cone blackout areas are Round2's decals. A couple of them broke while adding them to the part, so if I build an Eagle kit again, I'll probably paint them on instead of using decals.


nose cone and side panel for vip bo, and pilots

One of the two orange painted side panels for the main cargo pod. The door's center still has to be masked off and painted orange. The figures have been painted the colors as the show used. I took liberties with the back panel with my own color choices.

Round2 gives you decals for the chest plates on the figures, and numbers (1 -9) for the door. You can choose the number you want to use, I chose "7".

Note that the orange paint on the pod has been given a coat of Dullcote to make it have a consistant matte finish.


eagle cargo pod vip paint


Starting to assemble the cargo module. The parts are thick and sturdy.


space 1999 eagle parts painted and primed



Various parts being primed and painted. There were some small seams and sharp edges that needed some putty and sanding on the pods, but overall, they fit together well. Round2 used a creative way to make them fit the Eagle model, yet make them very sturdy to support the ship.


rear engine assembly for thr eagle model



The beginning of the nightmare on the tubes and pods for the rear engines.

Note the landing gear assembled in the background.


mock up of parts for the eagle kit



It's getting there slowly but surely.

The engine bells were painted a chrome color on the outside.



paint mask for engine bells space 1999



I made a paint mask so I could paint the inside of the engine bells black. It's a piece of cardboard with a hole cut into it. I then covered it with masking tape, and recut the hole, so the tape will seal the edges.

I slip the bell into the hole then painted. And reused the mask for the other 3.


space 1999 eagle model kit partially assembled


I added most of the decals. The engine cluster at the end is a test in patience.

The paper instructions could have been better (drawn) and with more views. In the end, I had to fudge on a few things, but only a diehard Eagle expert would know by looking at it. 99% of the people who will see the model won't know or care. Besides, on the real TV show, they were destroying Eagles, taking them apart for spare parts, crashing them etc, so I doubt any two of them were exactly the same.

The landing gear struts use springs that Round2 provides. One of the springs fell into one of the assembled pods, and I couldn't get it out, so I didn't use the springs. Though, I have no intention of actually 'playing' with the model anyway, so it's not a big deal. They seem to be ok without the springs.


eagle model engine assembly


Engine bells are on.



clamping the spine to the eagle box parts


The spine, though it seems sturdy, supports everything else on the model. So I wanted a good solid bond with the glue. I used a clamp to hold it in place, and let it dry overnight to be sure.


space 1999 eagle glue dry clamps


Using the clamp to mount the rear parts for the glue to dry.


space 1999 eagle foward view


Pretty much finished.

I made the base from a prepainted black shelf from Lowes (about $ 13.00). I used a plastic for-sale sign for the red platform, which I randomly painted. I then used two Plastuck crater sheets on each end.

I used velcro to attach the Eagle to the base, just so it doesn't fall off. (velcro from Lowes).


space 1999 eagle rear view engines


space 1999 eagle side view



finished eagle model 2017


Overall, this is a pretty good kit. Round2 did the ship justice, and made a kit that can be built by any modest builder with few kits under their belt. The only hard part of the kit is the rear jungle of pipes for the engines (and I blame that on the printed directions more than anything else). Everything else went together with no real problems.

The size is impressive. And there are plenty of areas where the kit can be detailed even more, especially with the cargo pod. It's worth every penny of the price.




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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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