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Model kits make great gifts - no matter if you are young or old !






Misc. Built Models Scifi, Planes and Others - 2


These are pictures of older built up models I have done, going back to the 1980s. Models I've assembled over the years, before I really took a lot of pictures like I do today.

Some of the images are less than perfect, some are even from Poloroids, so bare with me here.

They're old but not forgotton!



williams brothers pitcairn autogyro model

A 1/48 Williams Brothers Pitcairn Autogyro. Built straight from the box, except for a small mod I made to keep the upper blades in position.

I think I substituted the thin fishing line with a stiffer wire. It's painted Testors enamel Blue and Testors Yellow. This was a very good kit, and an interesting subject.


monogram babylon 5 starfury model

monogram babylon 5 fighter model

A Monogram Babylon 5 Starfury ship. This is an interesting kit, but the seams are massive - and have to be filleed and fixed.

But I would build another one (or two) if it was reissued. I heavily weathered this one. It's painted with a Testors enamel light grey color. The decal sheet includes several choices for squadrons.


monogram b17 bomber model

A Monogram B17. Built straight from the box with some mild weathering. The paint is a Testors enamel military green color.

This kit is fairly large. The plane has a full interior, though it's hard to see once the plane is assembled.

monogram miami vice cigarette boat model

A Monogram Cigarette boat model. I used Fred Cady Budweiser decals. I also converted the engines over to Ford (502) bigblocks. The paint is Testors enamel Red.


amt hemi hydro boat model

An AMT Hemi Hydro boat kit. The model includes the trailer. I swapped out the Mopar engine for a Ford Boss 429. The

Budweiser decals are from Fred Cady, and a few are from spare decal sheets I had. The front upper deck has a large seam that has to be filled and smoothed, but overall, a fun kit to build.


amt star trek bridge model

AMT Star Trek Bridge model. Built straight from the box. The center area doesn't include a floor, so I used a piece of fine sandpaper and painted it black.


f14 tomcat jet aircraft model

A 1/144 diorama with an F14 Tomcat. The kit is small, but included the deck and all the other parts shown. It's built straight out of the box, with a lot of detail painting.

I don't remember who made the kit.


airplane model kits

A drone plane, painted with Testors enamel Orange and then Dullcote. These planes were remotely flown and used as target practice and for testing.

This build was influenced by a photo cover of Fine Scale Modeling.


monogram star trek deep space nine ds9 shuttle model

ds9 star trek shuttle model monogram revell

Monogram Star Trek Deep Space Nine shuttle. I believe I reversed the upper pod as I thought it looked better that way.

It's stock out of the box, with a lot of detail painting. The big drawback to the kit is it has no full interior unfortunately.


williams brothers ford flivver model


A Williams Brothers Ford Flivver airplane model, built straight from the box. I used Testors enamel Blue and Silver. It's a small simple kit, but an interesting subject.


battlestar galactica monogram viper model kit

Monogram Battlestar Galactica Viper model. Built straight from the box with some weathering added.


amt klingon d7 movie version model ktinga

This is an AMT Klingon ship model. The later movie version of the D7. I like the raised panels on this kit, and painting them made the model more interesting. It as some mild weatherig as well.


amt klingon bird of prey model

I'm guessing this is an AMT kit, it's small, about 3 inches wide. But I don't really remember where it came from or who made it.

I painted it a medium green color, and weathered it some.


An AMT Klingon Bird of Prey. I think this version had the option of posing the "wings". But it's not the later version that included newly tooled landing gear.

I painted it green and used chalks to weather it some.


An AMT Klingon Battlecruiser kit. Built straight from the box. It's painted green with some weathering using chalks.


travel air mystery oil race plane model testors

testors mystery plane model

I think this was a Testors kit. A Travel Air Mystery Oil race plane, built sraight from the box. Painted with Testors enamel Gloss Red and Black.

I probably painted the black stripes by hand, I don't remember any decals to replicate those. I think it was 1/48 scale.


monogram revell uss enterprise 1701-d star trek model

Monogram Revell Star Trek USS Enterprise-D. Built straight from the box, with a lot of detail painting.

This kit is made to allow you to separate the saucer section from the secondary hull. It's painted an overall color of flat white.


hasegawa p-51 mustang model


A Hasegawa 1/32 P-51 Mustang model. Built straight from the box. This kit includes an engine (though it lack details and is much simplified) and a removable cowl.

It's painted Testors enamel Blue with a silver color (unknown) paint. I liked this kit so well I later bought and built another one.


monogram seaquest submarine model kit

A Monogram Seaquest submarine kit. It's built straight from the box, with a flat Testors grey color.

The spots I painted by cutting a template out of a sheet of cardboard (and using a hole puncher) and then shooting a lighter shade of grey through that.


mpc space 1999 eagle model kit

The old MPC 1/96 Space 1999 Eagle kit.

Built stock out of the box.


tamiya tank models

A Tamiya German Tank model. I don't remember what kind. Built straight from the box with mild weathering. Painted with various tan colors. Excellent fit with this model.

I dislike treads / tracks so it's very rare I have ever built a tank or any other kit with them.


glencoe ufo model kit

A UFO model kit. This has been reissued by several model companies, this is probably a Glencoe one. The alien pilot figure glows in the dark.

I painted this with a bright neon green color, but I don't remember what kind of paint. I thought the crop circle decal was humorous.





new model kits for 2022 2023 coming soon !



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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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