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Misc. Built Model Cars & Trucks - 1


These are pictures of older built up models I have done, going back to the 1980s. Cars and trucks I've assembled over the years, before I really took a lot of pictures like I do today.

Some of the images are less than perfect, some are even from Poloroids, so bare with me here.

They're old but not forgotton.



revell 1937 ford pickup truck model

A Revell 1937 Ford pickup truck. I added a custom blower setup, a chrome rear suspension from an AMT Parts Pack. Also a clear truck bed, and a third brake light on the back of the roof.

I used Miller Beer decals on the doors. This was a well designed kit from Revell, even if you built it stock. I painted it with Testors enamel Gloss White and French Blue.


amt 1940 ford model car kits

Take an AMT 1940 Ford, leave off the fenders and glass, add some steelies for rims and a front tow bar, and you've got a Saturday night racer. Painted with Testors black and red enamels.


amt 1949 mercury model

This is an AMT 1949 Mercury. I swapped out the rims and tires, the rear fender skirts are included with the kit.

I flipped the front bumper and painted the car with a purple hardware store paint.


An AMT 1949 / 1950 Ford. I used Fred Cady decals to make it a Florida State Trooper car.

I believe I made the siren and added the red light on top. The paint is Testors enamel Ivory (a cream color) and gloss black.


monogram 1955 ford pickup truck model

A Monogram Ford pickup truck. It's painted with Testors enamel Ivory. The decals are probably a Fred Cady design, but I'm not sure.

This is built stock using only the kit's parts. This is a good kit, I especially like the wheels. (Revell has surpassed this kit with their all new FOOSE Ford truck, which is totally different than this kit).


Messing around on the model bench one day I noticed this '55 Chevy body (probably AMT) fit over a prostock chassis I had previously built for something else.

With new exhaust cutouts and a few minor fit issues corrected, it fit perfectly. It's painted with Testors enamel Transparent Blue.


monogram 1956 ford thunderbird model

A Monogram 1956 Thunderbird. This kit includes a porthole hardtop and the rear continental kit. It also has a well designed 312 V8.

I think this was painted with a light green, probably Hardware Store paint. The white walls are plastic inserts for the tires, so that's a big plus. They are easy to paint separately and look perfect. This is one of Monogram's best kits.


amt 1957 chevy custom 409 model

This AMT 1957 Chevy custom was given to me half assembled, so I took it apart and tried to use most of the parts that were left to in the box. This version of the AMT kit has a custom body (it can't be built stock).

There's no side trim for it and the front and rear body parts are custom shaped. It includes an odd 409 V8 engine with unusual carbs and intake. I believe I added the custom wheels. I can't say it was a great model, but it was different.


amt 1957 ford fairlane

The AMT 1957 Ford Fairlane. One of their best (older tooled) kits they ever made. I added new style front seats to the interior, some engine mods, and newer style wheels.

The hood and doors open on this kit. It was painted a Testors enamel metallic purple / grape color. It was way better than this old picture shows, but this is the only image I have.


revell amt 1958 chevy model

A 1958 Chevy. AMT version. It's probably built right out of the box, with a light purple Hardware store paint color.

The NEBA bottle is from a local car hangout that went out of business in the 1980s.


revell 1959 ford skyline fairlane model

The Revell 1959 Ford Skyline. The top actually folds into the trunk on the kit. The mechanisms are fiddly, but it makes for an interesting model.

The kit also includes two figures for the front seat, a sitting man and a woman, and the wide whitewalls. Painted with Testors enamel Gloss Red and Black.


johan richard petty plymouth model

A Johan Richard Petty stock car model.


amt 1965 1966 mercury model


An AMT 1965 Mercury. I recieved this kit from a friend already built. But I disassembled it and redid the car.

It's painted Testors enamel Red. This model has a "Twist-O-Wrist" steering wheel, making it very unusual.


amt blueprinter afx mustang street freak kit


This is an AMT Blueprinter AFX "Street Freak" Mustang kit. I believe the TASCA FORD decals are from Fred Cady.

It's painted a Testors enamel Metallic Blue. Other than that, I think it's built right out of the box. It's was a simplified and sometimes fiddly kit.


amt 1967 ford mustang model

An AMT 1967 Ford Mustang, built stock out of the box. I think the paint is an automotive metallic blue color. The kit allows you to cut open the trunk lid, which I did.

This is a good kit except that the front end sits high - an issue I've never been able to correct, even though I've built several of these kits. The AMT 1968 Mustang kit has the same issue.


amt ford torino model

An AMT Ford Torino built straight from the box. The paint I think was a Testors enamel Metallic Blue.


mpc amt ford mustang model mach I

A 1970s Ford Mustang. Painted Testors enamel Metallic Blue. I'm pretty sure this was built straight out of the box. It's probably an MPC or AMT kit.


amt mpc ford mustang mack i model


Another 1970s Ford Mustang. An AMT or MPC kit built straight from the box. This one is painted Testors enamel Red.



This is a Johan Ford Torino stock car. I believe the decals were from Fred Cady. Painted with Testors enamel White with French Blue wheels and interior (I think).


testors imsa racer ford mustang II model


Testors (Fujimi?) Ford Mustang II road racer. This is a curbside kit. Getting the decals over the front hood louvers was nearly impossible. But an interesting kit subject to build.


mpc ford mustang model


An MPC Ford Mustang. This is built stock out of the box,

and uses a BSR Nascar paint color


revell ford mustang cobra model


A Revell Ford Mustang kit. This is also built straigt from the box, with either a Testors enamel Metallic Blue, or an automotive paint metallic blue color. Great kit.


monogram ford boss 429 mustang model


A Monogram Boss 429 Ford Mustang built straight from the box. The paint is a BSR Nascar color from when they were in business.


amf richard petty ford torino model


An AMT Ford Torino kit done as a Richard Petty stock car. The decals are probably from Fred Cady.

The paint is probably a Walmart Blue which was a popular choice for petty models back when I was building these (1990s?).


revell boss 302 ford mustang model


A Revell Boss 302 Ford Mustang built straight from the box. I'm not sure about the color - maybe a Testors enamel Blue of some kind.

The nose of these kits is made wrong, a common complaint. But Revell has fixed the issue with their 2018 reissue. I believe this kit includes a special Trans-Am cross-boss intake for the engine as an option. This was a hurricane build. Meaning without power for about 10 days I had plenty of free time to build several models.


monogram porsche 911 model

A Monogram Porsche 911. This is a great kit to build. I cut open the sunroof which really shows off the interior. The paint is probably Testors enamel Metallic Blue.


revell ford thunderbird sc model car


A Revell Ford Thunderbird S/C. These kits are great. There are a couple different versions, including a Mercury Cougar XR7.

I cut the top off this one making it a convertible, and making the rear trunk / deck plate behind the rear seat. The front windshield includes sun visors, so they work out on the convertible look.

I added the rear wing. The rest is out of the box, and painted Testors enamel Metallic Blue.


monogram 1958 ford thunderbird model custom


A Monogram 1958 Ford Thunderbird. I used two kits, cutting the rear deck off one and adding it to this body to make it a two seater roadster type custom.

I grafted in the front and rear bumpers and smoothed down the car as much as I could. The color is Testors enamel Light Blue.




amt ford louisville truck model kit

This was an AMT Louisville Ford truck with a dump bed from a 1/24 Japanese truck kit. I had it a few years and then one day it fell off of a high shelf and that was the end of that kit. But it was a fun project when built.

Painted Tesors enamel red.





new model kits for 2022 2023 coming soon !



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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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