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Revell Plymouth 'Cuda Buildup


Revell 71 Plymouth Cuda model kit box

I hadn't done a project car for a long time, or a group build off. So this one seemed like a car I could tackle on the limited time I had.

Just about anything goes.

Now, while I like Mopars, I don't know a whole lot about them when it comes to 'Cuda's, so the choice of a specific kit wasn't too hard.

A quick trip to the local hobby store, and I ended up with a kit that is not a convertible. It also included centerline type wheels (and a pair of rear slapper bars if anyone is interested in those for a project -bnow you know where to find them).




Now I had the kit. But what direction to go? First, I wanted it to be a daily driver. No drag racer or custom. (I hate body work, so that kind of modification was definitely not going to happen). For the most part, I wanted it to be an easy, low stress project.

I wanted the car to be able to handle. After all, if you drive it around everyday, and it's packing a Hemi, you still want the car to be able to take a curve. Like a street version of a TransAm racing car. Maybe a modern version of Pro Touring.

This would mean, the old torsion bar front end just wasn't going to cut it. There's not much there to work with, and not many ways to make that kind of suspension better. With some internet searching, I found a company online that actually makes a new front end (Tubular K-member) for real Cudas, Magnumforce Racing.

Pretty hot setup. It's a bit complex to replicate in 1:25 scale, but gave me a good baseline on what to do. With upper and lower control arms, and coil-over shocks, that gives you several ways to tune the front end. Just the idea I was looking for.

With this in mind, I cut off the torsion bars from the kit. I used a cross member with upper and lower control arms from a Testor's Boyd Hot Rod (there are 3 Testors Boyd kits, all have the same suspension, so anyone of them will do). I did have to cut the cross member to make it work. This cross member had the spindles molded in as well, one of the reasons I chose it. I also cut and used coil-over springs (from my parts box) between the control arms (too small to see, but they are there).

I used a rack and pinion off a Revell 2005 Mustang. The stock K member was retained, without the torsion bars, and I had to cut / modify the front sway bar. I made new connections for the outer tie rod ends on the rack.

The important thing here to remember is to get it all lined up. Try and get the spindles to be just where the stock ones would have been. Same distance apart (width) and same height. You want to make sure your wheels will fit (whichever you choose) and that the car sits right (hopefully level).

Here below I have primered some of the chassis.



Model Revell kits cuda mopar



I eventually painted the entire chassis with a coat of white primer. I then painted on the car / body color (Tamiya Orange). From this picture, you can see the final result of the front end with some detail painting done.

As mentioned, the exhaust system on this kit is molded into the chassis.

I don't always use primer, but there were many various parts made of different color plastics used, so to give it all a uniform color, I needed a uniform base. Orange is a light color, so I used white primer.



Plymouth Cuda front end



Ok, I sort of skipped around here. I actually did the rear suspension setup before painting the chassis. But now we can focus on just this portion of the build and move on.

I would have liked to gone with a coil-over rear suspension, or maybe just coil instead of leaf springs. but the molded in exhaust and gas tank location hampered those ideas.

I could have gotten down and ugly with the exhaust and dremeled it all off, but I just didn't feel that would look good enough, so the solid rear axle had to stay.

But that doesn't mean we can't improve the handling back there.

I started by adding staggered rear shocks and a radius rod / pan hard bar (all off of a Revell 2005 Mustang). I then found a sway bar I could alter from my parts box, and installed that onto the rear as well.

Now we're ready to take on some corners !

The sway bars are painted red (similar to what Herb Adams used to do) and the shocks are KONI reds.

Eventually when I figure out the tire rim combination, all four corners with get photoetch disc brakes.


rear suspension plymouth cuda


cuda paint and chassis



Now that the chassis is primarily done except for maybe some more detail painting and odds and ends, let's talk about the body.

It's getting the same color, a Tamiya Orange (I already had this paint, and I thought it would look good, so what the heck).

The body on this kit is molded in white, so any color would work. I first shot the engine bay, so it would match the outside of the car. After that dried, I taped on the hood and front fascia and grille. I do this so I can get a nice even color all over the car. I don't want to paint them separately and come out with different shades of orange.

Note that I did not use any primer here. I usually don't with model paints, unless I need to use it as a base to cover colored plastic, or if I use automotive lacquer paints.

For the most part, the Timiya paint came out well. It's out of a can. I also paint models outside in the sun so I can se any imperfections. In this instance, I did get a tiny spec of dirt (probably from a slight breeze) on the rooftop, but I can live with it. I did not use any clear coat (yet). I will let it dry for a day or so and see how it looks. It may not need clear.



painting the plymouth cuda



At this point, I have done the interior. My orginal plan was to have a white interior. But I wasn't happy with the way the white paint job came out. I had also painted the carpet red, and that was even worse, so I went ahead and shot it all flat black.

I painted the dashboard orange (body color), I thought it looked good that way. The front bucket seats are from a 2005 Revell Ford Mustang kit.

The roll bar came with the kit, and is painted the body color.

I painted the chrome trim on the front and rear windows. The engine has also been put into the chassis.

The 4 rims and tires are from 2 Testor's Boyd car kits. The kits come with big and littles, but I did not want to use the smaller versions, so by having two kits (one built) I robbed the tire/rim combo from those so I can have some nice fat meaty tires all the way around on this project.

The front and rear lower valance / fascia panels have been painted body color.



cuda build



The rims and tires were actually trimmed a bit to make them a little bit thiner, so they would fit into the wheel wells. But they are still plenty wide. And now fit like a real car.



cuda model kits


barracuda model kit


plymouth barracuda



I am just about done here. Save for some details. I used the spoiler on the rear, I thought it looked good. The wheels and tires are on.


side view of plymuth cuda



Here is the underside of the model. Just some detail painting. You can see the new style front end with the rack and pinion.



Underside of cuda model kits


Here I have added some rear panel PLYMOUTH decals I had in my spare decals box. I have detail painted the door handles and such.


Plumouth cuda cars


plymouth touring cuda



All done!

I just did some detail painting on the engine, and attached the mirrors. Some dab detail painting here and there.


revell hemi cuda hard top



The front lower valance panel looks like it came loose a bit in the photo, I will have to go back and redo that. But overall, it came out well for a basic no frills build.




revell hemi cuda build


revell cuda kits


plymouth cuda parts





new model kits for 2022 2023 coming soon !



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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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