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The Model King


Limited Edition Model Car & Truck Kits


Contact Dave directly at:


Mr. David Burket

1032 Englemere Blvd.

Toms River, NJ 08757




The Model King (David Burket) has over the years released special limited edition model kits. They are often rare reissues of popular subjects, and they sell quickly. In other words, get them while you can when they are available !

Here are some of the kits he has released in the past, are out now, or will be out in the future.


model king moebius ford f100

Ford F100

model king moebius ford f100

Ford F100

model king melrose missile

Melrose Missile Plymouth

moebius model king 1953 tim flock hudson model car

Hudson Hornet

model king marshall teague 1953 hudson hornet

Hudson Hornet

model king amc imc johan rambler model kit

Rambler Wagon

32  ford sedan

Ford Deuce

model king austin gasser

Austin Gasser

Model King camper kits

Camper and Ramp Bed

tom mcewen mongoose

Tom Mcewen Mongoose

Model King Triumph GT

Triumph GT6+

1964 Model King belvedere

Plymouth Belvedere

la dart wheelstander

LA Dart Wheelstander

1956 crown vic

Ford Victoria Drag

1957 model king flipnose chevy

Chevy "Flipnose"

model kings Allison Thunderland

Ford Galaxie

model king Challenger Funny Car

Challenger Funny Car

monte carlog model king

Monte Carlo Stock Car

Model King 71 Cyclone

Cyclone Stock Car

1975 chevy laguna

Laguna Stock Car

model kings Allison Thunderland

Allison "Thunderland"

Model King 1970 Camaro

Chevy Camaro

Camaro Funny Cars

Camaro Funnycar

Model King GTO Funnycar

GTO Funny Car

oldsmobile model cars

Oldsmobile Prostock

Model King buick wildcat cars

Buick Wildcat

Model King 1964 Ford Galaxie

Ford Galaxie

Model King Torino Stock Car

Ford Torino

1959 Model King Imperial

Chrysler Imperial

Model King 1971 Ford Thunderbird

Ford Thunderbird

Model King Firebird Prostock Kit

Firebird Prostock

Model King Boss Nova Wagon Kit

Boss Nova Wagon

Model King 1972 Blazer

Chevy Blazer

Model King Bronco

Ford Bronco &
Mercury Cougar w/Trailer

Model King 1979 Ford F150

Ford Pickup

Model King 1965 Ford Falcon

Ford Falcon

Model King GTO stock car

Pontiac GTO Stock Car

Model King Pontiac Bonneville

Bonneville w/Ski Boat

Model King cougar funny car

Mercury Cougar

Model King chevy II funycar

Chevy II Funny Car

Model King Ford Thunderbolt Car

Ford Thunderbolt

Model King mustang funny car

Ford Mustang Funny Car

Model King falcon drag car

Ford Falcon

Multi Maverick

Multi Maverick

Model King Dirt Track Race Car

Richie Evans Dirt Car

Model King Chevy Gasser

Chevy Gasser

Model King Mustang Dirt Car

Ford Mustang Dirt Car

Model King vintage dirt modifieds

(2) Vintage Dirt Cars

Model King Two Much dragster car

Two Much Dragster

Model King Henry J car

Henry J Drag Car

Model King 1964 Mercury Car

Mercury Comet

Model King Ford Fairlane car

Ford Fairlane

model king ford 1940 kit

Ford Modified

Model King 1935 Chevy car

Chevy Modified

Model King Willys Gasser Car

Willys Gasser

Model King Pinto Car

Maynard Troyer Pinto

Model King Pontiac cars

Pontiac Tempest Drag Car

Model King Gremlin cars

Gremlin Dirt Car

Model King 1936 Chevy cars

Chevy Dirt Car

Model King Stock Car

Malibu Stock Car

Model King Ford Mustang  Cars

Bronco SOHC Mustang

Model King Pinto race cars

Ridge Runner Ford Pinto

Model King Ford Torino cars

Torino Stock Car

Model King Anglia cars

Anglia Drag Car

Model King Chevy Chevelle cars

Chevelle Modified

Model King 66 Chevy Kit

Chevy Stock Car

Model King Pontiac car

Pontiac Tempest

Model King Chrysler Imperial  cars

Chrysler Imperial

Model King 63 chevy impala

Chevy Impala

Model King 1965 ford falcom kits

Ford Falcon FX

Model King 1934 ford  cars

Ford Dirt Car

Model King mercury comet car

Mercury Comet AWB

Model King ford falcon car

Wild Child Ford Falcon

Model King Mack DM600 Model Truck

Mack DM600 Truck

Model King blue max funny car

Blue Max Mustang

model king sprint modified

Sprint Car / Super Modified

Model King Rat Trap Vega

Rat Trap Chevy Vega

Model King Hurst Hemi Cuda

Hurst Baracuda


Model King 1964 Belvedere Kit

Plymouth Belvedere