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Model kits make great gifts - no matter if you are young or old !








These are figure kits of military and civillian subjects. Most of them are around 1/16 scale.

A majority of them are plastic kits, but some are resin to give you even more choices on the figure subject you like best.

Revell and ICM still produce new plastic model kits of figures and they have become quite popular.

So check them out and see what might look good in your figure model collection.


These are Figure Model kits from various companies.

These are1/16 scale, with a wide varity of subjects. Most are plastic, some are resin.

Kits referenced as around 120mm is just another way to say they a 1/16.


ICM 16212 The Game 0, Scale Plastic Model kit

The Game 0


MiniArt Historical Figures Series: Gladiator (Model: 16029

Roman Gladiator


ICM 16302 - Roman Centurion (I Century) - 1/16 Scale PASTIC Model Figure KIT for Assembly

Roman Centurian


Mini Art Plastics Roman Legionary . II Century A.D

Roman Legionary


MiniArt 1/16 Scale Athenian Hoplite. V century B.C. - Historical Figures Series Plastic Model Kit 16014

Athenian Hoplite


ICM ICM16006 1:16-Yeoman Warder Beefeater



MiniArt 1/16 Scale Samurai - Historical Figures Series Plastic Model Kit 16028

Japanese Samurai


Mini Art Plastics French Dragoon. Napoleonic Wars

French Dragoon with Horse


Mini Art Plastics French Cuirassier - Napoleonic Wars

French Cuirassier with Horse


MiniArt 1/16 Scale Imperial Dutch Grenadier. Napoleonic Wars - Historical Figures Series Plastic Model Kit 16018

Dutch Grenadier


ICM 1/16 Scale Italian Carabineer - World's Guards Plastic Model Building Kit 16003

Italian Carabineer


ICM ICM16001 1:16-British Grenadiers Queen's Guard

British Grenadiers Queen's Guard


ICM 16011 - 1/16 - British Policeman Scale Plastic Model kit

British Police


ICM 1/16 Scale S.W.A.T. Team Leader - Plastic Model Building Kit  16101



Tamiya 300036308 - 1:16 Figure US Infantry Soldier Desert Uniform

U.S. Army Infantry


Plastic Model Building Figure US Marines Sergeant 1/16 ICM 16005

U.S. Marine


TAMIYA 36316 1/16 JGSDF Tank Crew Set, 36316

JGSDF Tank Crew


ICM 1/16 British Marine - Plastic Model Building Kit  16012

Royal Marine Officer


German Machine Gun Ammo-belt Loader Model Kit

German Machine Gun Ammo Loader


Click image to open expanded view
1:16 WWII German Luftwaffe Ace Pilot Model

German Ace Pilot


Tamiya 1:16 WWII Wehrmacht Tank Crewman Africa Corps

WWII Wehrmacht Tank Crewman Africa Corps


TAMIYA 36305 – 1:16 WWII Figure Field Marching Rommel Africa

Feldmarschall Rommel Africa


Tamiya Models Wehrmacht Tank Crewman

Wehrmacht Tank Crewman


1/16 scale plastic model kit of a German WW II machine gunner

German Machine Gunner


TAMIYA - 1:16 World War II German Elite Infantry

German Elite Infantry


Dragon Models 1/16 SS Tank Crew 1944 1945 Dragon Model Kits

German Tank Ace


Dragon Models 1/16 SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Otto Skorzeny Dragon Model Kits

Otto Skorzeny


MiniArt 1/16 Scale Red Baron. Manfred von Richthofen.WW1 Flying Ace - Historical Figures Series Plastic Model Kit 16032

Red Baron with Dog


MiniArt 1/16 Scale Ernst Udet WW1 Flying Ace - Plastic Model Building Kit 16030

German Ace


Dragon - German Wehrmacht Cavalry

German Wehrmacht Cavalry with Horse


Verlinden VER0548 120mm Figure - CBR Dress Desert Shield US Army Model Building KIT

Modern Bio Hazzard Soldier


Verlinden VER0659 120mm Figure - US Tanker Desert Storm Model Building KIT

U.S. Tanker Soldier


1/16 American Soldier Resin Model

Modern Soldier


1/16 Modern Man Stand with Base Resin Figure Model

Modern Soldier


1/16 Tank Commando Female Soldier Model Resin Soldier Model

Modern Soldier


Scale 1/16 120Mm Modern Unteroffizier Girl 120Mm Soldier



1/16 120Mm Modern Us Special Battalion Operator Resin Figure

Modern Soldier


1/16 120Mm Future Soldier Officer 120Mm Historical

Modern Soldier


1/16 American Infantry Resin Soldier Model Kit Miniature

Modern Soldier


1/16 Girl Sitting Posture Resin Figure Construction Kit

Woman Sitting


1/16 WWII Female Soldier Resin Soldier Model

Woman Sitting


1/16 Resin Figure Soldier Model, Normandy war Paratrooper

Normandy Paratrooper


1/16 120Mm Ancient Man Stand in Winter 1945

Soldier 1945


1/16 Resin Figure Model Kits patton

General WWII


1/16 120Mm Scouts with 2 Heads Officer with Base Resin Model Miniature Figure

Army Scout


1/16 Modern Man Stand with Smile (with Base) Resin Figure Model Kits



1/16 Resin Figure Soldier Model, WWII Commander

Sub Commander


1/16 Ancient Officer Sit and Rest



1/16 Ancient Officer Crew Include Resin Figure Model Kits



1/16 Russia Female Infantry, No Tank, Resin Model Soldier

Russian Soldier


1/16 Resin Character Model Russian Female Soldier Resin Model

Russian Soldier


1/16 WWII Resin Soldier Model Soviet Female Soldier Resin Model

Russian Soldier


Scale 1/16 120Mm Ancient Stand Tank Girl 120Mm

Russian Soldier


1/16 120Mm Tank Girl  Resin Model Miniature Kit

Russian Soldier


1/16 Resin Soldier Figure WWII Armored Soldier Model

Sitting Man


1/16 Ancient Officer Stand in Winter Base Resin Figure Model Kits

German Machine Gunner


1/16 Ancient American Actress Resin Model Kit

Famous Actress


1/16 Resin Model Ancient Female Singer preparing to Travel Model kit

Famous Singer


1/16 Zombie-Stand Fantasy Man Resin Figure



Verlinden VER1611 120mm Figure - Medieval Headsman Model Building KIT

Medieval Executioner


Verlinden VER1253 120mm Figure - A Game Gone Wrong Model Building KIT

Gambling Gunslinger


Verlinden VER1919 150mm Figure - Ghost of The Viking Model Building KIT

Ghost Viking


VER1444 120mm Verlinden Figure - The Devil Incarnate MODEL BUILDING KIT

Blackbeard Pirate


Verlinden VER1075 120mm Figure - Space Woman Model Building KIT

Space Woman


1/16 125Mm Ancient Warrior with Animal Stand Resin Figure Model Kit

Warrior Riding Lion


Miniart 16039-1/16 Bases for Figures 6 pc plastik Model kit

Bases For Figures


1/12 Figure Models


U.S. Military Models






new model kits for 2022 2023 coming soon !



A Day Without Model Building Hobbyist Physical Models Kit shirt

Model Building





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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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