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Model kits make great gifts - no matter if you are young or old !







Ford Car and Truck Models.

From early 1900s to some of the latest performance vehicles.

Build some of the most popular and exciting Ford model kits produced. Models are a great hobby to have, assembling and creating your own small scale examples of the cars and trucks you loved as a kid, or love to drive as an adult.

Here on the Ford model page, you'll find kits of Ford cars and trucks. Plastic kits from all kinds of years and eras, allowing you to build small size examples of history's transportation icons. Kits produced and made by famous model companies such as Revell, MPC, AMT, Aoshima, Fujimi, MENG, Moebius, ICM, Monogram, and many others.

There are also some higher end kits that may turn up from Model Factory Hiro, Similr, Belkits and more. Depending on availability.

Chances are there's a model kit for you to enjoy from our large scope of choices and brands.

Remember the muscle cars of the 1960s, with the Ford Torinos and Fairlanes. Step up to the plate with kits of Carroll Shelby's stable of Cobras.

You can relive the 1950's with the Ford Crown Victoria, or the 1950 Ford Business Coupe, and the every popular custom, the 1949 Mercury two door. There's never been a better time to pick up a model kit and build your favorite subject.

Whether it's a Ford 427 engine, Ford Falcon, or the various styles of pickup trucks, from the F150 to the F350, even the older F1's, there's no shortage of trucks. Not to mention the heavy trucks like the Ford LN8000s and C600s.

The Moebius F100 trucks are extremely popular right now. The first kit has a 390 V8. A few, released by the Model King, have a straight six in them. Newer kits can have a more common 302 V8. These kits have exceptional features and detail, more than just about any pickup truck that's new on the market.

Revell's 1957 Ford started out as a two door, with stock form, racing, and police versions. So you can really build this kit just about anyway you want to. They then came out with a station wagon for 1957, and that kit has been very popular too.

What's next? Rumors are that Revell will make a '57 Ranchero version (Not to be confused with their older Ranchero kit, the multi-piece body one with the chopped roof. This next version, if it's ever released, will be all new, and based on the latest 57 platform kit.

Look for some reissues from Round2. With the hundreds (thousands?) of kits they have in their warehouse, anything could pop up for the future. I'm sure a lot of those are Ford kits.

Most are probably racing kits, meaning, drag racing kits that we've been wanting to see again for decades.

Ford funny cars, maybe some Ford powered dragsters, who knows?



AMT - 1978 Ford Bronco "Wild Hoss"

Ford C900 Refuse Garbage Truck


TAMIYA 24346 1/24 Ford GT Plastic Model Kit

Ford GT


Revell 85-4418 Ford GT Le Mans Model Car Kit 1:24 Scale Plastic Model Building Kit

Ford GT Le Mans


Revell 07824 2017 Ford GT Easy Click 1:24 Model Kit

Ford GT


Revell 85-1235 2017 Ford GT Model Car Kit 1:24 Scale  Easy-Click Model

Ford GT


Revell  Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Model Kit

Ford SVT Raptor Pickup Truck


Polar Lights Gulf 2006 Ford GT (Snap)  1:25 Scale Model Kit

Ford Gulf GT


Testors Ford gt concept

Ford GT


Tamiya 1/24 Sports Car Series Ford Focus RS WRC 02

Ford Focus RS WRC


Tamiya 24217-1800 Ford Focus WRC

Ford Focus


Belkits 1/24 Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta S2000 2010 Rally Monte Carlo Winner

Ford S2000


Revell 85-4499  Ford SVT Lightning Model Kit 1:25 Scale

Ford F150 SVT Lightning


Revell RV67045 Set 1:25-1997 Ford F-150 XLT Plastic Model kit

Ford F150 Pickup Truck


Revell Inc. 851228 1/25 Ford Expedition Police SSV, 851228

Ford Expedition


AMT 1994 Ford F-150 Lightning Pickup 2T 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Ford F150 Lightning Pickup Truck


amt ford gt90 model kit

Ford GT90


Tamiya 1/24 Sports Car Series No.329 Zaku Speed Ford Capri Gr.5 Würth 24329

Ford Zackspeed Turbo Capri


Revell 7492 1992 Thunderbird SC Coupe - Plastic Model Kit - 1:25 Scale

Ford SC Thunderbird


AMT 6247 1989 Ford Probe IMSA 2-Door Coupe 1:25 Scale Plastic Model Kit

Ford IMSA Probe


italeri ford wrecker   truck model kit ltl9000

Ford LTL 9000 Wrecker Truck


AMT Ford LTL 9000 Semi Tractor 1:24 Scale Model Kit

Ford LTL 9000


Revell 85-4360 Ford Ranger Pickup Model Truck Kit 1:24 Scale Building Kit

Ford F150 Flareside


Italeri 510003657 1:24 Ford Transit UK Police

Ford Transit Van


figures for car models


Ford Bronco 4 X 4


amt firestone f150 ford model kit

Firestone Ford Pickup Longbed 4 X 4


AMT 1978 Ford Courier Minivan 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Ford Courier Pickup / Mini Van


revell Bronco Half Cab with Dune Buggy and Trailer

Ford Bronco with Sandrail and Trailer


Revell 85-4320 Ford Bronco Truck Kit 1:25 Scale  Plastic Model Building Kit

Ford Bronco 4x4


Revell 85-4436 Ford Baja Bronco Model Truck Kit 1:25 Scale  Plastic Model Building Kit

Bill Stroppe Ford Baja Bronco with Fender Flares


AMT 1977 Ford Cruising Van 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Ford Custom Disco Van


Model Kit 1977 Ford Econoline Surfer Van  Two Surfboards 2-in-1 Kit 1/25 Scale  AMT

Ford Custom Surfer Van with Surfboards


AMT 1173 1977 Van Vending Machine Coce Cola 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Ford Delivery Van with Coke Machine


AMT 1977 Ford Pinto USPS 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Ford Pinto


AMT Popper 1977 Ford Pinto Coke Machine Coca-Cola Model Kit Replica AMT 1166M

Ford Pinto - Includes Pintera Parts & Coke Machine


AMT 1/25 1977 Ford Pinto, Model Kit, AMT1129M

Ford Pinto


Revell USA, LLC 76 Gran Ford Torino

Ford Gran Torino


AMT Ford LNT-8000 Snow Plow 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Ford LNT8000 Snow Plow Dump Truck


fujimi ford pantera model kit

Ford De Tomaso Pantera GTS


Moebius 1972 Ford Sport Custom Pick-Up Model (MMK1220)

Ford F150


Moebius model 1:25 Scale 1971 Ford Ranger Pickup Truck Model Kit Vehicle

V8 Ford F150 XLT


AMT 1:25 Scale 1971 Ford Thunderbird Bird of Paradise Model Kit

Ford Thunderbird


1970 Ford F-100 Custom Cab 4x4 1:25 Scale Model Kit

V8 Ford F150 4X4


amt ford hostess truck model kit c600

Ford C600 Box Truck with Hostess Decals


AMT Ford Galaxie Taxi 1970 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Ford Galaxie Taxi


AMT  1970 Ford Galaxie Police Car 1:25 Plastic Model Kit 788

V8 Ford Galaxie Interceptor Police


AMT 1970 Ford Galaxie Police Car (James Bond) 1:25 Scale Model Kit

V8 Ford Galaxie Interceptor Police


AMT Ford LN 8000 Race Car Hauler 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Ford LN8000 Race Hauler


Walthers Cornerstone Wayne Bros. Ford Train

Ford Dealership


Hawk Washington Mint Ultra Metal Series 1970 Ford Torino GT Yellow

Ford Torino


Washington Mint 1970 Ford Torino GT Die Cast Scale Model

Ford Torino


AMT Ford C600 Stake Bed Coca-Cola Machine 1/25 Scale Model Kit

Coca-Cola Ford Stake Truck with Two Coke Machines


revell ford torino talladega model kit

Ford Torino Talladega


Moebius 1969 Ford F-100 Custom Cab Short Bed Plastic Model Truck Kit

Ford F100 with Straight Six Engine


amt 1969 ford torino cobra model kit

Ford Torino Cobra Fastback


AMT 1969 Ford Talladega 6889 Plastic Model Kit

Ford Torino Talladega


italeri ford escort model kit

Ford Escort RS1800


italeri ford escort model kit

Ford Escort Mk II


Italeri -3664 Ford Escort Zakspeed Gr.2, Scale 1:24, Model Kit

Ford Escort Zakspeed


Fujimi Model 1/24 Real Sports car Series No.97 Ford GT40 '68 Le Mans Victory

Ford GT40


Revell  07696 Ford GT 40 Le Mans 1968 Limited Edition Model Kit 1:24 Scale

Ford GT40


moebius ford f100 service truck model kit

Ford F100 Service Truck Pickup V8


Moebius 1967 Ford F-350 Ramp Truck 1/25 Scale Model Kit

Ford F350 Ramp Truck


Round 2 AMT Ford C900 Hostess Truck Trailer 1:25 Scale Model Kit AMT1221

Ford C900 Tilt Cab and Trailer


hasegawa 1966 ford thunderbird model kit

Ford Thunderbird


Hasegawa 1/24 Scale Kit SP441 1966 American Coupe Type T Blonde Girls Figure

Ford Thunderbird with Figure


1/24 Real Sports Car Series No.32 Ford GT40 Mk-II'66 Le Mans

Ford GT40


1/24 Real Sports Car Series No.51 Ford GT40 '66 Le Mans

Ford GT40


MNGCS004 1:24 Meng Ford GT40 Mk.II 1966 Model Building KIT

Ford GT40


airfix models ford gt3 race car

Ford GT3


AMT 1966 Ford Fairlane 427 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Ford 427 Fairlane


moebius 1966 ford 4x4 pickup truck model kit

Ford F100 4x4 Pickup V8


moebius 65 flareside model kit

Ford F100 Flareside Pickup Truck


moebiuse ford short bed f150 model kit

Ford Styleside Short Bed Pickup Truck


moebius service truck model kit

Ford Service Truck with Bin Box


moebius f150 pickup truck kit

V8 Ford F150 Custom Styleside Long Bed


AMT 1965 Ford Galaxie Jolly Green Gasser 1:25 Scale Model Kit AMT1192

Ford Galaxie


Ford AMT 1965 Fairlane Modified Stocker 1/25th Scale Model Kit

Ford Fairlane Modified Stocker


AMT Ford Galaxie 1964"Craftsman Plus Series 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Ford Galaxie 500 XL


Revell 64 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt Street Machine

Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt


1/24 Shelby Cobra 427SC (Model Car) Fujimi Real Sports Car| RS-5

Ford Shelby SC Cobra 427


Fujimi 1/24 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C Racing Version - 1965 USRRC Laguna

Ford Shelby SC Cobra 427


AMT Cal Drag Combo 1964 Galaxie, AWB Falcon Trailer 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Drag Combo Ford Galaxie, AWB Falcon & Trailer


AMT 1963 Ford Galaxie 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Ford Galaxie


2044 Monogram Ultimates 289 Cobra 1/43 Scale Plastic Model Kit

Shelby 289 Cobra


2044 Monogram Ultimates 289 Cobra 1/43 Scale Plastic Model Kit

Shelby 289 Cobra


revell 289 shelby cobra model car kit

Shelby 289 Cobra


marsh Models 289 Cobra Sports Car Resin Metal Model Kit

Shelby 289 Cobra


Round 2 1962 Ford Thunderbird AMT682

Ford Thunderbird


AMT AMT652 1/25 '61 Ford Styline AMTS0652

Ford Galaxie


AMT 1961 Ford Ranchero 1/32 Scale Stars Kit

Ford Ranchero


AMT 31171 Masterpiece 1960 Ford Starliner 1/25 Scale Plastic Model

Ford Starliner


amt ford falcon ranchero coke model kit

Ford Ranchero with Coke Accessories


1960 Ford Thunderbird Hardtop - Highly Detailed 1:32 Scale AMT Plastic Kit

Ford Thunderbird


TAMIYA 1/35 US M151A2 Tow Missile Launcher

Ford M151 Military Utility Tactical Truck


TAMIYA 35334 – 1: 35 US M151 A1 Vietnam Transport Vehicle

Ford M151 Military Utility Tactical Truck


Tamiya 35332 1:35 US M151A2 Transporter Grenada 1983

Ford M151 Military Utility Tactical Truck


Monogram Model Kit 2759 - '58 Ford T-Bird Convertible

Ford Thunderbird Convertible


1/25 scale AMT/Ertl 1958 Edsel Pacer Model Kit by AMT Ertl

Edesl Pacer


amt 57 fantasy parts model

Custom Competition Fantasy Parts


amt 1957 ford model kit

Ford Hardtop


Revell 1957 Ford Custom 2-in-1 Plastic Model Kit

Ford Custom


Revell S4193 854193 1/25 57 Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon 2n1

Ford Ranch Wagon


AMT 1956 Ford Victoria Hardtop 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Ford Victoria


Revell 1/25 AMerican Dreams 1956 Thunderbird

Ford Thunderbird


Revell 85-4518 1956 Ford Thunderbird Model Car Kit 1:24 Scale  Plastic Model Building Kit

Ford Thunderbird


revell foose ford pickup model kit

FOOSE Ford Pickup Truck


Revell Ed Roth 1956 Ford F-100 Pickup

Ed Roth Ford Pickup Truck


Monogram 2772 1955 Ford Panel Truck 1:24 Scale Plastic Model Kit  bootlegger

Ford Panel Truck


Revell 1:24 55 Ford F-100 Street Rod

Ford Custom Pickup Truck


AMT - 1978 Ford Bronco "Wild Hoss"

Ford Pickup truck and Race Trailer


Ford Fairlane Sunliner


72321 Lindberg 53 Ford Convertible Indy Pace Car 1/25 Scale Plastic Model Kit

Ford Victoria Pace Car


Lindberg 53 Ford Victoria

Ford Victoria


AMT 1953 Ford Victoria Hardtop Coca-Cola Machine 1:25 Scale Model Kit (AMT1146M)

Ford Victoria


amt 1953 custom truck model kit

Ford Custom Show Pickup Truck


AMT 1953 Ford Pickup (Coca-Cola) 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Ford Pickup Truck


AMT 1949 Ford Coupe The 49'er 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Ford Custom


amt 1950 ford convertible model kit

Ford Convertible Custom


revell 1950 ford f1 pickup truck model kit

Ford F1 Pickup


Revell 1:25 '48 Ford Convertible

Ford Convertible


ACE Plastic Model US Army Staff CAR Model 1942 1/72 72298

Ford Staff Car


Tamiya 1/35 Ford Gpa Amphibian 1/4 Ton 4x4 Truck 35336

Ford GPA Amphibian 1/4 Ton 4x4 Truck


ICM Models V3000S German Army Truck Building Kit

1940s German / French Ford Truck


Revell GmbH 03282 1:35 W.O.T. 6 Plastic Model Kit

British Ford WOT6 Truck


AMT 1:25 Scale 1941 Ford Woody Street Rod Model Kit

Ford Woody


Dnepro Model - 1941 Ford Tractor Truck 4x4 Marmon – Herrington DM35106, 1/35 Scale Model kit

Ford Truck 4x4 Marmon – Herrington


monogram 1940 ford model

Ford Standard Coupe


AMT 1940 Ford Coupe Coca-Cola 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Ford Coupe


Lindberg 1:25 '40 Ford Coupe Stock  Custom Parts Plastic Model Kit 72159

Ford Coupe


amt 1940 coke sedan delivery model kit

Ford Sedan Delivery Coca-Cola


AMT AMT769 1:25 Gene Winfields 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery

Ford Sedan Delivery


ICM 1/35 Scale G917T (1939 Production), German Army Truck - Plastic Model Building Kit  35413

1930s Ford "Barrel Grille" Cargo Truck


Roden RN817 - 1/35 Ford V8-G81A Special 1938 Scale Plastic Model kit

1930s Ford V8 G81A


1930s Ford V8 G81A Funkkraftwagen


revell 1937 ford panel van model kit

Ford Panel Delivery


Revell 85-4516 1937 Ford Pickup Truck  Surf Board Model Car Kit 1:25 Scale  Plastic

Ford Pickup Truck with Surfboard


Revell Monogram '37 Ford Pickup 1:25

Ford Pickup Truck


lindberg 1934 ford model pickup truck

Ford Pickup Truck with Optional Parts


amt ford pickup model

Ford Pickup Truck


AMT 1934 Ford Pickup Sunoco 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Ford Pickup Truck


Ford AMT  1932 Scale Stars 1:32 Scale Model Kit

Ford Coupe


Ford Woody with Bicycle


AMT 1929 Ford Woody Pickup Coke 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Ford Woody with Coke Cases


amt ford police car model kit

Ford Police Car


AMT 1925 Ford T Chopped 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Ford Model T 2-N-1


AMT 1923 Ford T Depot Hack 1:25 Scale Model Kit

Ford Depot Hack Truck


Ford AMT - Coca Cola 1923 Model T Delivery 1:25 AMT1024

Ford Truck Delivery Van


AMT 1923 Model T Delivery Van by AMT bell system phones

Ford Model T Bell


icm fire truck ford model kit

Ford Firetruck with Driver Figures


icm ford roadster model kit

Ford Roadster


Revell 07661 1:24 Ford T Roadster (1913) Plastic Model Kit

Ford Roadster


ICM ICM24016 1:24-Model T 1912 Commercial Roadster, US Car

Ford Model T Commercial Roadster


ICM Models Model T 1911 Touring American Passenger Car Model Kit

Ford Model T Touring


icm gas delivery ford model kit

Ford Gas Delivery Truck with Figures



Ford Delivery Truck


icm ford figure set

Ford Figures Set


ICM ICM35665 1:35-Model T 1917 Ambulance, WWI AAFS Car

Model T 1917 Ambulance


scale model life magazines

Diecast Rebuilds

Why accept a die-cast car as it comes in the box?

Now you can strip it, modify it, add details, and repaint it to match your style!

From pre-painted model cars, to modifications on pre-assembled ones, you can mix and match, swap wheels, repaint them, and make the model car just the way you always wanted.


new ford bronco

New Ford Bronco


new ford bronco 4x4

New Ford Bronco


1978 Bronco Ranger XLT with Spare Tire  Legends Series 1/24 Motormax 79371

1970s Ford Bronco


1974 Maverick  1/24 Diecast Model Car  Motormax 73326

Ford Maverick

ford f150 pickup truck

Ford Pickup Truck


ford police interceptor

Ford Police Interceptor


ford escort mki

Ford Escort Mk I


ford f350 4x4 bigfoot

Original Ford F350 Bigfoot 4x4


lego ford raptor

Ford F150 Raptor


Off-Road Pickup F-15O MOC Building Blocks

1/14 Scale Ford F150


 duplicolor old ford blue

Old Ford Engine Blue


 ford corporate blue paint

Ford Engine Corporate Blue

Scale Model Life Paperback

Scale Model Life


 haynes ford ac cobra book

AC / Shelby Cobra

 haynes ford gt40 book

Ford GT40

 scale model life magazine volume 7

Scale Model Life


Ford Mustang Models


Mercury Models




new model kits for 2022 2023 coming soon !



A Day Without Model Building Hobbyist Physical Models Kit shirt

Model Building





New Puzzles !


car truck aircraft jigsaw puzzles !









Ford Trucks












pill organizer


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