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This section is made possible by Dean, who has collected just about everything you can think of on the 1979 Ford F150 Pace Trucks. He is even restoring one of his own. In Dean's own words:

"I've got quite a bit of literature on these trucks including one of the original press packages, factory photos , a couple sets of never applied , original door decals and a couple of very original complete trucks. I drive one of them every day. I've also got a few photos of trucks I've found suffering in scrap yards over the years."

Ford F150 Pace Trucks


"..these two pics are of my daily driver Indy truck. It's a low milage 302 but it has been crashed hard on the drivers side and the previous owner did a bad job repairing it. He didn't put the decals back so only a purist would know this truck is the real deal. The pic of it on my 72 Chevy hauler was just a test fit to see how the hauler would handle a heavy load.

Both of my trucks have the unique interior, wheels etc ... Neither one of them still has the roll bar ( that's OK by me ) but my driver still has the original front push bar which is even more rare."


Ford Indy Pace Trucks


"..One very interesting thing about the decals. They were NOT applied at the factory. They were shipped in a cardboard box ( like the one in another pic ) and made the journey to the dealer simply laying in the seat of the pickups. The dealer then applied the decals IF the customer wanted them on the truck. Many customers had no such interest and many of these trucks were sold without door decals. The larger body side decals were applied on the assembly line.


With respect to the black and silver with red trim interior. ALL Indy F-150's had this interior but it WAS NOT unique to the Indy truck. This interior trim package was also found in the 77-79 " Free Wheelin" packages. The roll bar , push bar , black bumpers, black mirrors , steering wheel and 10 hole wheels were also shared with the Free Wheelin trucks. "


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Ford Indy Pace Truck


A special thanks to Dean for all this information !




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