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These are pictures of the two 1970s trucks that I've owned in the past.

The blue one is a 1978 Ford F150 2WD. This was an early model, with the round headlights. I rebuilt most of the truck over the years before I sold it. It had a 302 V8. It was a very dependable truck. Easy to maintain and own. The wheels are off a 1990s Ford truck, as are the more modern mirrors.

The second picture is a 1971 Ford F250 Camper Special. Dayton dual calipers up front, Dana 60 rear end. It had a 360 V8, it was an automatic transmission. It was a tank. Built from steel with no real frills to speak of.







moebius ford f100 4x4 pickup

Ford F100 4X4


amt ford firestone 1979 pickup truck model kit

Ford 4x4 Pickup

Ford F150

moebius ford f100 service truck model kit

F100 & Service Box


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