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If you're a gearhead, then you know most car-related movies are probably not that great. The major reason because idiot hollywood producers or directors don't know the first thing about cars.

On the plus side, especially on the low budget films, there will probably be some crashing, accidents, street racing, and who knows what else to forward the action. The spaces in between the action can be a bit slow.

But car films cater to a certain segment of the population.

Newer movies are getting better as far as accuracy. The Fast and Furious movies for instance. Recently, comments made on screen about Robbie's Dodge Charger in Agents of Shield got the facts correct. (Yes, it IS a BDS supercharger).

Most often the car is merely an actor in the film, but makes an impression. That leads to many films being a "cult classic". The Ford Mustang in Bullit for instance, or the Pontiac Transam in Smokey and the Bandit.

In some movies, it'as all about the car. Such as Christine, or Knight Rider, or the Dodge Turbo Interceptor in Wraith.

Sometimes old cars ca be a fascinating backdrop to the movie. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World is full of older cars. So is the TV series Crime Story (which opens with two '58 Fords battling it out on a highway - action packed!).

Sometimes a car or vehicle is just a cameo in a film, but that's enough to give it cred as a movie or TV car (the 'Cuda for instance in The Phantasm, or Custom 1950 Mercury in Stallone's Cobra).

A lot of older car movies, especially from the 1970s wre just for fun. Such as Cannonball Run, or Gumball Rally. But they are still great to watch even today.




If you build model cars and trucks of movies and TV subjects, here's a great DVD list to help you with reference.

They're also good for getting you in the mood for some late night building. If the car or vehicle was a main character in the movie in some way, then it's probably listed here.

hot rod movie with robert culp

Hot Rod

wacky wheels

Wacky Wheelies

snake & mongoose funny car movie

Snake & Mongoose

the blonde comet movie

The Blonde Comet

to please a lady movie

To Please a Lady

hot rod girl

Jalopy Showdown & Drag

fast furious

The Fast & the Furious

hot rods rat rods

Hot Rods, Rat Rods:
Back from Dead

thunder road

Thunder Road

muscle car drags

Muscle Drags

24 hour war

24 Hour War

enzo ferrari

Enzo Ferrari

muscle car drags

The Man of Le Mans

hitting the apex

Hitting the Apex

hogslayer harley davidson


can am thunder

Cab-Am Thunder

hitting the apex

Gene Winfield

deuce movie hot rods


ed roth rat fink

Tales of the Rat Fink



hot rod girl

Hot Rod Girl

slingshot drag racing dvd movie


car wash

Car Wash

hell on wheels movie

Hell on Wheels

the last chase lee majors

The Last Chase

two lane blacktop

Two Lane Blacktop

california kid

California Kid

death race 2000

Death Race 2000

hot rods to hell

Hot Rods to Hell

hot rod girls save the world

Hot Rod Girls
Save The World

the wraith car

The Wraith

stock cars of the 50s and 60s dvd

Stock Cars of
the 50's & 60's

black dog

Black Dog

gone in sixty seconds

Gone in 60 Seconds

the car movie

The Car

duel movie


fireball 500 movie

Fireball 500 /
Thunder Alley

lemans steve mcqueen movie


thunder in carlina movie

Thunder in Carolina

worlds fastest indian movie

World's Fastest Indian

winning movie


winning movie

White Line Fever

elvis viva las vegas

Viva Las Vegas

wacky races cartoons

Wacky Races

velocity movie


used cars movie

Used Cars

vanishing point movie

Vanishing Point

vanishing point movie

Vanishing Point (Remake)

thunder and lightning movie

Thunder & Lightning

tucker movie


trucks movie


disney love bug movie

The Love Bug

thunder and dixie movie

Speed Lovers /
Thunder & Dixie

born to be wild movie

Born To Be Wild

elvis viva las vegas


fall guy dvd

Fall Guy

elvis speedway


convoy collection movie

Convoy Collection 3-Pack

the transporter movie

The Transporter

the wild one movie

The Wild One

the great race movie

The Great Race

the last american hero movie

Last American Hero

the junkman movie

The Junkman

the big wheel movie

The Big Wheel

taxi movie


imax super speedway movie

IMAX Super Speedway

smokey and the bandit movie

Smokey & the Bandit

white- lightning movie

White Lightning

stroker ace movie

Stroker Ace

six pack movie

Six Pack

starsky and hutch tv

Starsky & Hutch

speed racer movie

Speed Racer

ride with the wind movie

Ride With the Wind

road racer movie

Road Racers

gt race cars

GT Racer

pit stop movie

Pit Stop

ferrari rendezvous movie

C'etait un Rendezvous

redline movie


mother jugs and speed movie

Mother, Jugs & Speed

on any sunday movie

On Any Sunday

maximum overdrive movie

Maximum Overdrive

hooper movie


mad max movie

Mad Max

knight rider tv

Knight Rider

hi-riders movie


hollywood knights movie

The Hollywood Knights

hometown usa movie

Hometown USA

the gumball rally movie

The Gumball Rally

heart like a wheel movie

Heart Like a Wheel

great smokey roadblock movie

The Great Smokey

boys of bonneville movie

Boys of Bonneville

finish line movie

Finish Line

drag racer movie

Drag Racer - The Movie

muscle drags movie

Muscle Drags USA

1929 speedway movie


rush movie


moonrunners movie


cannonball movie


rush movie

Big Rig

funny car summer dvd

Funny Car Summer
Vintage 1974

grand theft auto movie

Grand Theft Auto

grand prix movie

Grand Prix

evel knievel movie

Evel Knievel

fast company movie

Fast Company

eat my dust movie

Eat My Dust

the driver movie

The Driver

driven movie


easy rider movie

Easy Rider

deathproof movie

Death Proof

dirty mary crazy larry movie

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry

deathsport movie


deadline autotheft movie

Deadline Auto Theft

dc-cab movie

DC Cab

days of thunder movie

Days of Thunder

corvette summer movie

Corvette Summer

damnation alley movie

Damnation Alley

crime-story movie

Crime Story

cobra movie


cobra tv series


christine movies


cars movie


chitty chitty bang bang movie

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

car 54 tv series show

Car 54 Where Are You?

bullitt movie


cannonball run movie

The Cannonball Run

cannonball run II movie

Cannonball Run II

breaker breaker truck movie

Breaker Breaker

batman movie


american grafitti movie

American Graffiti

triple xxx movie

Triple XXX

aloha bobby and rose movie

Aloha Bobby & Rose

the fast and furious movie

The Fast & the Furious

high gear movie

High Gear

death race movie

Death Race

the crowd roars movie

The Crowd Roars

hot rod movie

Hot Rod

danger on wheels movie

Danger On Wheels

moonfire movie


dukes of hazzard

The Dukes of Hazzard

pit stop movie

Pit Stop

mad mad mad world movie

Mad, Mad, Mad World

fast lane movie

Fast Lane

collier and companye hot pursuit

Collier & Company
Hot Pursuit

born 2 race movie

Born 2 Race

redline movie


redline movie


fast track no limits movie

Fast Track: No Limits

elvis speedway movie


can-am racing movie

Can-Am Racing

speed racer movie

Speed Racer

back to the future deloran movie dvd

Back to the Future

rat rod rockers movie dvd

Rat Rod Rockers!

grease movie dvd


wacky wheels

Prostreet Shootout

lyons dragstrip

Lions the Greatest
Drag Strip

nitrous outlaws

Nitrous Outlaws

the racers movie

The Racers

reyurn to macon county movie

Return to Macon County

redline 7000 movie

Redline 7000


High Ballin'

high ballin movie

Flatbed Annie and Sweetie Pie: Lady Truckers

steel cowboy truck movie

Steel Cowboy




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batmobile book

Barris Movie TV Cars


george barris book batmobile

King of the Kustomizers:
George Barris



Fast Furious Cars

The Cars of the Fast and the Furious: The Making of the Hottest Cars on Screen



cars of the fast and furious movies

The Fast and The Furious: The Official Car Guide: All the Cars, All the Movies



cars of the fast and furious movies

How To Build the Cars of The Fast and the Furious



james bond cars

James Bond Cars



tv movie hollywood cars

TV Cars


tv movie cars

Hollywood Cars


tv movie cars

Ecto 1


tv movie cars

TV & Movie Cars


james bond cars

James Bond Cars



mad movie cars

Mad Movie Cars



dean jeffries cars

Dean Jeffries




george baris stars cars

Stars Cars





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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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