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Airbrush Stencils can be big time savers. Rather than measure out and draw out a design by hand, you can quickly use a stencil to mark out a shape or pattern.

This also insures that if you pln on painting multiple shapes or designs of the same kind, they will all look the same.

Whether you're building a spaceship with Greeblies, a weathered mechanical device, a Warhammer terrain from scratch, or even flames on a car model, stencils can speed things up considerably. And give you a model that is one of a kind.

These should work just as well with can spray paint, though paint from a can is traditionally thicker (and more comes out of the nozzle at one time) than paint from an airbrush.



Stencils are especially helpful for complex shapes and patterns.

Customize your model project whether it's a custom car, unique spaceshop, or special figure.

Make the paint work stand out with your imagination.



painting and finishing scale aircraft models

Modeler's Guide to Realistic Painting & Finishing

US Military Markings


Aircraft Prop Stencils


US Military Markings


pirate 1/35 1/48 1/72 scale model Military Gundam Model airbrush stencil  camouflage AJ0040

Pirates Stencil


Hexagon / Camo Stencil


Bullet Holes Stencil


Stains / Camo Stencils


Weathering / Camo Stencil


Distressed / Camo Stencils


scifi pattern stencils

Scifi Pattern Airbrush Stencil

scifi pattern tech stencils

Scifi Pattern Airbrush Stencil

scifi circular pattern stencils

Scifi Pattern Airbrush Stencil

alien skin stencil

Alien Skin / Dinosaur Stencils

animal skin pattern stencils

Animal Pattern Stencils

fish scales stencil

Fish Scales Stencils

animal skin pattern stencils

Snakeskin Stencils

diamond plate stencil

Diamond Plate Stencils

flames stencil

Flames Stencils 1

flames stencil

Flames Stencils 2

skull stencil

Skull Stencils

carbon fiber stencil

Carbon Fiber / Squares

stars stencil

Stars Stencil

design stencil

Design Stencils

nuclear stencil

Nuclear Defcon Stencils

diamond pattern stencil

Diamond Pattern

flames stencil

Flames Stencil

black widow pattern stencil

Black Widow

steampunk stencil

Steampunk Gears Stencil

digital camo pattern stencil

Digital Camo Stencil

flames stencil

Flames Stencil

brick pattern stencil

Brick Pattern Stencil

flames stencil

Flames Stencil

bio hazzard stencil

Biohazzard Stencil

hexagon stencil

Hexagon Patterns Stencil

zombies stencil

Zombies Stencil

flames pattern stencil

Flames Stencil

meltdown stencil

Nuclear Meltdown Stencil

motorhead stencil

Motorhead Stencil

mesh pattern stencil

Mesh Pattern Stencil

diamond plate stencil

Diamond Plate Stencils

fire skulls stencil

Wood Grain Stencil

skulls stencil

Skulls Stencil

speedway pattern stencil

Speedway Stencil

flaming dice stencil

Flaming Dice Stencil

firehearts stencil

Firehearts Stencil

crackle stencil

Crackle Pattern Stencil

evil clowns stencil

Evil Clowns Stencil

chainlink stencil

Chainlink Pattern Stencil

blast damage stencil

Blast Damage Stencil

circuit board stencil

Circuit Boards Stencil

fire skulls stencil

Fire Skulls Stencil

el diablo stencil

El Diablo Stencil


Stencils / Masks

Stencils / Masks

Gundam Engrave / Stencils / Masks

Gundam Engrave / Stencils / Masks

Circle (wheel / tire) Stencils


Tiki Stencil


Skulls Stencil


Medusa Stencil

Hexagon Stencil

Japan Stencil

German Insignia Stencils


Grunge Stencils


Boneyard Stencils


Hexagon Stencils


Skulls Stencils


Flames Stencils


Hexagon Stencils


Patriot Stencils


Masks / Stencils


Masks / Stencils


Stencil Material to Make Your Own



Stencil Mask Material


Airbrush Supplies


Scratch Building Supplies




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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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