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Model kits make great gifts - no matter if you are young or old !








These are figure kits of people, including some anime type subjects. Most of them are around 1/12 scale

Many of them are plastic kits, but some are resin to give you even more choices on the figures you like best.

Resin kits have some advantages over plastic: they have much better fine detail, there are far less seams to fill - if any - and they out number plastic figure kits with a much wider range of subjects.

Resin kits tend to be popular world wide, and can be difficult to find and get. Most are made by small companies and availability can be limited. The best opton is to get them as soon as you can.

So check them out and see what might look good in your figure model collection.


These are figure model kits from various companies.

These are 1/12 scale, with a wide varity of subjects. Some are traditional plastic kits, some may be resin.


tamiya street rider figure model

Street Rider


Hasegawa 1/12 Scale Real Figure Collection No.06 Blonde Girl Vol.3 - Plastic Model Building Kit 52284

Blonde Girl


Hasegawa 1/12 Scale Real Figure Collection No.08 'Blond Girl Vol.5' - Plastic Model Building Kit  52300

Blonde Girl


Hasegawa 1/12 Scale Real Figure Collection paddock girl- Plastic Model Building Kit

Paddock Girl


Hasegawa 1/12 Scale 12 Real Figure Collection 04 Blond Girl Vol.2 - Plastic Model Building Figure, Item  52275

Blonde Girl


Blonde Girl


Hasegawa HSP516 1 12 Real Figure Collection No.15 Soldier Model Kit



Hasegawa 1/12 Scale Real Figure Collection 08 Blond Girl Vol.4 - Plastic Model Building Kit  52294



Hasegawa 1/12 Scale 12 Real Figure Collection No.09 'Hostess' - Plastic Model Building Kit  52297



Hasegawa 1/12 Real Figure Collection No.05 Gravure Girl Unpainted Resin Kit SP480

Beach Girl


Hasegawa 1/12 Real Figure Collection No.07 Gravure Girl Vol. 2 Unpainted Resin Kit SP487

Beach Girl


Hasegawa HSP520 1:12 Real Figure Collection No.16 'GRAVURE Girl Vol.3' Model Kit,

Beach Girl


Hasegawa HSP521 1:20 Sculpture Beauty's No.03 'Sporty' Model Kit

Sculpture Beauty


Hasegawa SP380 Plastic Model kit

Girl in Blazer


1/12 JK Mate Series "Sailor Uniform Summer Unpainted Resin Figure

Girl with Phone


Hasegawa 1/12 Scale Kit 22381 SP438 JK Mate Series Hoodie

Girl with Hoodie


Hasegawa 1/12 Egg Girls Collection No.16 Lucy McDonnell (Cat Ears) Unpainted Resin Kit SP485

Lucy McDonnell Cat Ears


Hasegawa SP408 1/12 Egg, Amy McDonnel, Biker Girl Model Building

Amy McDonnell


Hasegawa SP401 Assorted Model Kit

Rei Hazumi


Hasegawa 1/12 Scale 12 Egg Girls Collection No.18 'Mikumo Shiranagi' (Bikini) - Plastic Model Building Kit 52296

Mikumo Shiranagi


Hasegawa 1/12 Scale Egg Girls Collection No.20 'Sasha Ilyushina' (Army) - Plastic Model Building Kit  52302

Sasha Ilyushina


Hasegawa 1/12 Egg Girls Collection No.15 Sasha Illyucina (Polis) Unpainted Resin Kit SP482

Sasha Illyucina


1/12 12 Tamago Girls Collection No.07 "Haku Rinpha" (Chinese Dress) Unpainted Resin Figure

Haku Rinpha


Hasegawa SP439 1/12 12 Egg Girls Collection No. 6 Amy Mcdonnell Plastic Model Kit

Amy McDonnell


Hasegawa HSP515 1 12 Egg Girls Collection No.25 Lucy Mcdonnell-Coveralls Model Kit,

Lucy McDonnell


Hasegawa 1/12 Egg Girls Collection No.14 Amy Mcdonnell (Bunny Girl) Unpainted Resin Kit SP481

Amy Mcdonnell Bunny Girl


Hasegawa SP469 1/12 Egg Girls Collection No.11 White Nagi Mickomo (Kunoich) Unpainted Resin Kit

Nagi Mickomo (Kunoich)


Hasegawa 1/12 Egg Girls Collection No. 13 Rio Asahizumi (Palm) Unpainted Resin Kit SP476

Rio Asahizumi


Hasegawa SP471 1/12 Egg Girls Collection No.12 Rei Hashi (High School Girls) Unpainted Resin Kit

Rei Hashi High School


Hasegawa SP463 Egg Girls Collection No. 10, Claire Frost Pilot Suit Model Building

Pilot Claire Frost


1/12 Tamago Girls Collection No.04 Sara Mayuki Resin Figure

Sara Mayuki


Kamakura Period Armored Warrior PLAMAX 1:12 Scale Model Kit

Kamakura Period Armored Japanese Warrior


Imai 1:12 Armored Knight Series Kaiser Maximilian II Plastic Figure Kit B1395

Armored Knight


Moebius The Mighty Kogar: Plastic Model Kit bob burns

Mighty Kogar / Ghostbusters Tracy


Lindberg - Jolly Roger Series: The Freebooter's Last Leg, 1:12 (HL613)

Jolly Roger Pirate Freebooter's Last Leg


lindberg spoils pirate model kit

Jolly Roger Pirate Shining Spoil of Scallywag


Lindberg Jolly Roger Series: Duel with Death 1:12 Scale Model Kit Diorama

Jolly Roger Pirate Dual with Death


Bandai Hobby - Star Wars - 1/12 The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor)

The Mandalorian Beskar


Bandai Hobby Star Wars 1/12 Plastic Model Stormtrooper "Star Wars"



Bandai Hobby Star Wars 1/12 First Order Stormtrooper Rise of Skywalker

First Order Stormtrooper


Bandai Hobby Star Wars 1/12 Plastic Model Kylo Ren "Star Wars"

Kylo Ren


Bandai Hobby Star Wars 1/12 Plastic Model Boba Fett "Star Wars"

1/12 Boba Fett


Bandai Hobby Analyzer Starblazers Model Kit (1/12 Scale)

Cosmo Navy Analyzer Robot


SeaQuest DSV Ensign Darwin Model kit

Seaquest Ensign Darwin / Flipper


Round 2 Haunted Manor: Play It Again, Tom!

Haunted Manor: Play It Again Tom


1/12 Fantastic Female



1/12 Resin Character Bust Model Fantasy Female Agent



Ancient Toyo Warrior Model kit //N85962

Toyo Warrior




1/12 Fantasy Hell Female Samurai Resin Soldier Model



1/12 High 155Mm Modern Girl Stand with Flag (with Base) Resin Figure Model Kit

Woman Stand with Flag


1/12 Modern Girl Stand (No Base) Resin Figure Model Kit

Cat Girl Maid


1/12 Modern Girl Stand with Hat (No Base) Resin Figure Model Kit



Woman Agent


Hamburger Vending Machine


Ramen Vending Machine


Tomytec Little Armory LD010: Shooting Range A Plastic Model Kit

Shooting Range


hasegawa road signs

Road Equipment


Horror / Monster Figures


Super Hero Figure Models




new model kits for 2022 2023 coming soon !



A Day Without Model Building Hobbyist Physical Models Kit shirt

Model Building





New Puzzles !


car truck aircraft jigsaw puzzles !










pill organizer


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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