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These are models kits that have moving parts and features. Either through manually apply the energy, or through rubberbands or winding. They not only make spectacular models to look at, but they are fascinating to watch engage with their many moving parts.

These are very popular as gifts, more than the static types of models it seems. Perhaps people just like mechanical things that move, but with wood being the easiest to work with, they're easier for most folks to build.


ugear pgrand prix car

Grand Prix Car

ugears train signal model

Train Signal and Track Set

ugears steam locomotive model

Steam Locomotive with Tender

ugears train set model

Train Signal, Locomotive & Station Set

ugears tram

Tram with Rails

ugears robot factory set model

Robot Factory Set

heavy wood truck model wood

Heavy Truck Model

wood london bus kit

London Bus

catamaran wood model


ugears business card holder

Business Card Holder

ugears mechanical safe

Mechanical Safe Model

ugears theatre

Theatre Model

ugears piston engine

Piston Engine Model

ugears farm combine

Farm Colobine Model

ugears farm tractor model

Farm Tractor Model

ugears dynamometer model

Dynamometer Model

ugears timer model

Self Propelled Geared Timer

ugears truck model

Truck Model

wood truck beds custom model kit

4 - Custom Beds for Truck Model

wood dump truck model kit

Dump Truck Model

wood ugears tram line model kit

Tram Line Model

wood tractor model kit

Tractor Model

wood ugears tractor trailer model kit

Tractor & Trailer Model

wood robot model kit

Robot Model

wood trick oil derrick model kit

Oil Derrick Model

wood trick windmill model kit

Windmill Model

wood trick carousel model kit

Carousel Model

wood trick forklift model kit

Forklift & Crate Model

wood trick biplane model kit

Biplane Model

wood trick bicycle tricycle model kit

Tricycle Model

wood trick crane crate model kit

Crane & Crate Model

wood robotime locomotive model kit

Locomotive Model

wood robotime steampunk model kit

Steampunk Model

wood robotime waterwheel coaster model kit

Waterwheel Coaster Model

wood robotime space vehicle model kit

Space Buggy Model

wood robotime farm tractor model kit

Farm Tractor Model

wood robotime engineering model kit

Engineering Model

wood dragon coaster model kit

Dragon Coaster Model

wood robotime treasure box model kit

Treasure Box Model

wood mini coaster model kit

Mini Coaster Model

wood skate park model kit

Skate Park Model

wood ugers motorcycle model kit

Chopper Model

wood ugears stagecoach model kit

Stagecoach Model

wood trick tanker trailer model kit

Tanker Trailer Model

wood trick big rig truck model kit

Big Rig Model

wood trick early car model kit

Early Car Model

wood trick car carrier trailer model kit

Car Carrier Model

wood ugears heavy truck trailer model kit

Truck Trailer Model

wood ugears heavy truck model kit

Big Rig Truck Model

wood ugears treasure box model kit

Treasure Box Model

wood trick ferris wheel model kit

Ferris Wheel Model

wood trick catapult model kit

Catapult Model

wood hovercraft model kit

Scifi Hovercraft Model

wood biplane model kit

Biplane Model

wood ugears royal carriage model kit

Royal Carriage

wood ugears horse model kit

Horse Model

wood windmill model kit

Windmill Model

wood rbotime rover model kit

Mars Rover Model

wood ugears cataram model kit

Cataram Model

ugears steam train model

V-Express Steam Train with Tender

wood gundam robot model kit

Robot Model

wood ferris wheel model kit

Ferris Wheel Model

wood ugears heavy truck model kit

Heavy Truck Model

wood 4x4 jeep trailer model kit

Jeep Trailer Model

wood dump truck model kit

Dump Truck Model

wood steampunk dragon model kit

Steampunk Dragon Model

wood tank model kit

Tank Model

wood mars rover model kit

Mars Spirit Rover Model

wood business card holder kit

Business Card Holder

wood ferris wheel model kit

Ferris Wheel Model

wood dune buggy  model kit

Dune Buggy Model

wood early car model kit

Quad ATV Model

timberkits drummer model


leonardo da vinci catapult model

Leonardo da Vinci Catapult

timberkits london cityscpe model

London Cityscape

timberkits pirate panic model

Pirate Panic !

timberkits chirpy chicks model

Chirpy Chicks

timberkits bass player model

Bass Player

timberkits unicyclist model


timberkits vintage car model

Vintage Car

timberkits pianist model


timberkits skateboarder model


timberkits salty sailor model

Salty Sailor

timberkits gitarist model




zap-a-gap glues for models

Zap-A-Gap Glues

gorilla wood glue

Wood Glue

elmers wood glue

Wood Glue

scale model life magazine volume 11

Scale Model Life
3D Printed Models


flight 19 ipms model event show fort lauderdale florida 2019



Tool Deals!



dewalt tools

Dewalt Tools


dremel tools

Dremel Tools


stanley tools

Stanley Tools


black and decker tools

Black & Decker


bosch tools

Bosch Tools


makita tools

Makita Tools


ryobi tool deals

Ryobi Tools

craftsman tools

Craftsman Tools


milwaukee tools

Milwaukee Tools


hitach tools

Hitachi Tools




Ingersol Rand


tool sets

Tool Sets














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