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These wood airplane models range from moderate skills to very complicated.

But many of the are also very large, with wingspans pushing past 50 inches. So you will need a lot of room to display them once they're built.

Some can be converted over for RC use, but we list them as static models for display.

Given there size, they can be very impressive when finished and detailed.

Balsa wood aircraft models. Some have a few moving parts, some use tissue or wood coverings. While we list them primarily as statc models, some use rubberband power to move the propeller, and some can even be converted over to R/C planes.

Either way, they can be fun to build and display, especially the larger ones.


guillows p51 mustang model

North American P51D Mustang

guillows british se5 model

British SE 5-A

guillows piper cub model

Piper Super Cub 95

guillows f4u corsair model

F4u Corsair

guillows b24 liberator model

Consolidated B-24D Liberator

guillows f6f hellcat model

Hellcat F6F

guillows b24 liberator model

P40 Warhawk

guillows boeing b17 bomber model

Boeing B17 Bomber

guillows b24 liberator model

PBY Catalina

guillows f15 eagle model

F15 Eagle

guillow cessna 180 model

Cessna 180

guillow red baron fokker dr1 triplane model

Fokker DR1 Triplane

guillow p38 lightning model

P38 Lightning

guillow b25 mitchell model

B25 Mitchell Bomber

guillow stearman pt17 model

Stearman PT17

guillow spitfire mk1 model

Supermarine Spitfire MK1

guillow douglas dc3 model

Douglas DC3

guillow stuka dive bomber model

Junkers JU 87-B Stuka

guillow bf109 model

Messerschmitt Bf-109

guillow stuka dive bomber model

Piper Super Cub 95

guillow dhc-2 beaver model

Beaver DHC-2

guillow sopwith camel biplane model

Sopwith Camel

guillow cessna 170 model

Cessna 170

guillow japanese a6m rufe model

Nakijima A6M2-N Rufe

guillow focke wulf fw190 model

Focke-Wulf FW-190

guillow cessna 150 model

Cessna 150

guillow piper cherokee 140 model

Piper Cherokee 140

guillow nieuport biplane model

Nieuport II

guillow aeronca champion model

Aeronca Champion

guillow p47d thunderbolt model

P47D Thunderbolt

guillow cessna bird dog model

Cessna O-1E Bird Dog

guillow tbm avenger model

Grumman TBF Avenger

guillow mmitsubishi zero model

Mitsubishi Zero

guillow a1h skyraider model

Douglas A-1H Skyraider

guillow thomas morse scout model

Thomas Morse Scout

guillow hawker typhoon mk 1b model

Hawker MK 1B Typhoon

guillow porter pc6 model

Porter PC-6

guillow cessna skyhawk model

Cessna Skyhawk

guillow douglas sbd3 model

Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless

guillow f14 tomcat jet model

F-14 Tomcat

guillow ju87 stuka model

JU 87-B Stuka

guillow charleslindberg spiritof st louis model

Charles Lindberg Spirit of St. Louis

guillow dehaviland chipmunk model

DeHaviland Chipmunk

guillow t28 trojan model

North American T-280 Trojan

guillow beechcraft musketeer model

Beechcraft Musketeer

guillow f16 falcon model

F-16 Fighting Falcon

dumas dauntless sbd5 model

SBD-5 Dauntless

dumas ryan m1 mail plane model

Ryan M-1 Mail Plane

dumas dragon rapide model

Dragon Rapide

dumas pitts special s1 model

Pitts Special S1

dumas laird super solution biplane model

Laird Super Solution Biplane

dumas f82 mustang twin model

F-82 Twin Mustang

dumas halls bulldog racer model

Halls Bulldog Racer

dumas gee bee r1 model

Gee Bee R1

dumas dornier do335 arrow model

Dornier Do335 Arrow

dumas waco ymf5 model

Waco YMF5 Biplane

dumas ford trimotor model

Ford Tri-Motor

hughes racer airplane model

Hughes Racer

dumas f8f2 bearcat model

F8F2 Bearcat

dumas gilmore racer red lion gas model

Gilmore Red Lion Racer

dumas ji jenny airplane model

J1 Airplane Model

dumas f4 phantom jet model

F-4D Phantom

guillow v-tail airplane model

V-Tail Airplane Model

dumas hughes hurcules flying boat  model

Hughes Flying Boat HK1 Hercules

guillow strato streak airplane model

Strato Streak

guillow flying machine airplane model

Large Flying Machine

dumas curtis p6e hawk model

Curtiss P-6E Hawk

dumas bird dog model

L19 Bird Dog US Army

wood tiger moth plane model

Bi-Plane Tiger Moth

wood albatross plane model

Bi-Plane Albatross D.III

t-pins for wood aircraft models

T-Pins - Assoted Sizes

t-pins for wood aircraft models

T-Pins, 100 - 1.5 inch

eze dope glue filler

EZE Dope


Balsa Wood Filler

tissue paste for models

Tissue Paste

sand n seal for models

Sand N Seal

sealing iron

Sealing Iron

guillows tissues paper

Tissue Paper



zap-a-gap glues for models

Zap-A-Gap Glues

gorilla wood glue

Wood Glue

elmers wood glue

Wood Glue



scale model event show
















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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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