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When WWII came along, there was a big push to make some of the heaviest trucks ever to come down the line. Suddenly Dodge, Ford and GM, along with Diamond Reo and others, were cranking out 6x6 trucks and "Deuces and a half" to move the supplies around that the military needed to win the war.

These trucks were simple to build and simple to operate. With no comforts or added frills. They were built to be tough and take abuse.

Later this century, the militaries all over the world started to develope specific trucks and vehicles with a single purpose. Cargo transportation, mine removal, armored personel carriers, weapons platforms, communications, now there was a whole stable of heavy truck designs for any task.

HEMETT trucks by oshkosh were large trucks built to adapt to all terrains, but are still able to be converted and used as a multipurpse truck.

Vehicle and trucks like the M1070, M1078, M1082, and M1083 became variations on the same or similiar trucks and chassis. And used world wide, from northern lands to desert conditions.

Technology and truck design marches on, and we can expect more trucks and truck model kits in the future. From companies such as Revell Germany, Italeri, Hobby Boss, Italeri, Academy, Trumpeter, Tamiya, and many more.

These kits have come a long way in recent years. Most have an interior, detailed chassis, even an engine and drivetrain. They rival their larger 1/25 scale cousins in detail and quality easily.

Not to mention that there are tons of gear to go with these kits. Cargo accessories, trailers, weapons, photoetch, figures, and much more. Plenty of model kits to make a diorama with your truck and really show it off.


British war time trucks were similar, if not the same, as U.S. and Allied vehicles. But there were some exception cases were the British had their own versions. One being the Land Rovers, and the Rolls Royce armored "cars".

They still make military vehicles today, sometimes in conjunction with other partners, such as European countries, Canada, or Australia.

Modern trucks such as the Dingos, M-series, APCs, and other designs continue to serve and protect her Majesty's nation of Great Britain.


Considering how harsh Russian winters are, and a land with few roads to most of the remote locations, it's no wonder the Soviets build such massive heavy duty trucks.

During WWII, with tooling purchased from Ford here in the states, they srated making the GAZ trucks, such as the AAA-Models. That's why they look a lot like early Ford trucks, because essentially, they're made with similar manufacturing tooling.

Today the Soviets still make larger and more modern series GAZ trucks, as well as their ZIL line of heavy duty vehicles.

These make great models to build, and their available from your favorite model companies, such as Italeri, Trumpeter, Miniart, Bronco models, Zvezda, and many more.

Sometimes you will see an older GAZ truck with only one headlight. That's accurate. Materials were hard to come by, and to save resources, only one headlight was used in many cases.

Besides, it's unlikely the light would be used at night unless it was an emergency. Otherwise you might be be shot up by German forces who could spot you from miles away.

Many parts of the trucks were also made from wood, due to the lack of steel.


Many unusual trucks and machines came out of Germany during the wars. During WWII, some were made by KRUPP, some Mercedes, Ferdinand Porsche, and even Ford (Once the Germans had taken over their factories).

From 4 wheels, to six or eight. Even tanks treads. Nothing was off limits, as long as it could forward the troops and the direction of the war effort.

Some were failures, doomed from the start. But some became durable machines and lasted through the entire war, and were made by the thousands.

In modern times we get the Mercedes Unimogs, and Faun trucks, to carry on the legacy of German engineering.

Here are some model truck kits from all the big companies, like Trumpeter, ICM, Revell, AFV Club, Italeri, Tamiya, and many more. Most in 1:35 scale to add to your growing military model collection.

Military and a few other heavy truck model kits.

Many of these models include engines, just like a larger scale truck model. Many can be built as civilian examples, or post war vehicles, such as commercial trucks, rescue vehicles, etc.

building jeep scale models

Building Scale
Jeep Models

tiger model pantsir-s1 model

Russian Pantsir-S1

jeep with trailer model

M151A2 Hard Top &Trailer

afv club bussing 2 model

Bussing Nag L4500A

miniart winter ball tank model

Winter Ball Tank

zvezda mercedes model

Mercedes 4.5T TRuck

dragon idf jeep model

IDF Jeep

men british armored car model

Armored British Rolls Royce

miniart us bulldozer model

US Bulldozer

men pantsir truck model

Pantsir S1 Russian Air Defense

takom stratenwerth truck model

Stratenwerth 16T Strabokran

zvezda 151 truck model

Zis 151 Cargo Truck

miniart service crane model

3 ton Service Crane

zvezda gaz mm truck model

GAZ MM Soviet Truck

hobby boss gaz aaa truck model

GAZ AAA Soviet Truck

bronco buffalo mpcv 6x6 truck model

Buffalo 6x6 MPCV

miniart bm 824 truck model

BM824 Truck

takom truck and trailer model kit

Liberty Truck Series II

icm model wot british truck model

British WOT 6

icm soviet truck model kit

Soviet Army 3500 Truck

trumpeter m983 radar trailer model

M983 with Radar Trailer

miniart soviet ball tank model

Ball Tank

icm liberty truck model

Liberty Truck

hobby boss delta force fav model

Delta Force FAV

hobby boss delta force fav model

M3A1 Scout

trumpeter interceptor thaad truck

THAAD Defence Truck

italeri hemtt tanker truck m978 model

M978 Tanker

hobby boss kraz 260 truck

KRAZ Truck & Trailer

afv club 6x6 5-ton truck model

M54A2 6X6 Truck

trumpeter dprk chinese missile truck model

Korea Hwasong Missile Truck

panda buffalo mpcv model

Buffalo A2 MPCV


panda hobby matv truck

M1240A1 MATV

meng m811 truck with trailer

M811 Truck with Trailer

roden dodge m42 truck model

Dodge M42 4x4

roden dodge m37 truck model

Dodge M37 4x4

italeri d-day jeep ambulance model

D-Day Ambulance Jeep

panda hobby RG31 atv truck


italeri d-day jeep ambulance model

Scammell Recovery Truck

fine molds type 94 truck

Type 94 Cargo Truck

dragon m1120 thaad model truck

M1120 THAAD Launcher

trumpeter m142 artillery launcher model


hobby boss man m  truck

MAN 4X4 Truck

miniart bantal jeep truck

Bantam Jeep

panda husky mkiii


bronco armored krupp truck

Armored Krupp Protze

tiger french vbl

French Missile Launcher

italeri landrover 109 truck

British Land Rover 109

thunder models pioneer trailer

Scammell Trailer

thunder models scammell pioneer truck

Scammell Pioneer Truck

icm german light firetruck model

Light Fire Truck

italeri m923 hillbilly truck

M923 Hillbilly Truck

italeri bedford truck

Bedford Truck

trumpeter m1120 hemtt load handling truck

M1120 HEMTT Load Handling

icm german l155a truck

L1500A Soft Top

icm soviet rescue zil131 truck

Soviet Rescue ZIL131

panda maxxpro m1235 truck

M1235 Maxxpro

panda maxxpro m1235 truck

Scammell Tank Transporter

revell m34 truck and military mb jep

M34 Truck & Jeep

miniart soviet aaa cargo truck

Soviet AAA Cargo Truck

miniart cargo trucks model

Cargo Truck L1500S

afv club 6x6 cargo truck model

6x6 2.5 Ton Cargo Truck

trumpeter m915 truck

M915 Truck & Trailer

italeri m1120 hemtt truck


australian ford army car model

Australian Ford Army Car

icm ford utility truck australian

Australian Ford Utility

thunder front end loader tractor

Front End Loader

thunder models case tractor

CASE Tractor

takom us armored m9 ace combat earthmover model

US Armored Earthmover

takom typhoon II

Russian CHTZ Tractor

miniart us armored bulldozer model

US Armored Bulldozer

miniart us armored bulldozer model

US Army D7 Bulldozer

mirror armored bulldozer

US Military Recovery Tractor

mirror armored bulldozer

US Military Armored Bulldozer

miniart army  tractor model

US Army Tractor with Blade

mini-art d7 us tractor model

US D7N with Towing Winch

meng d9r bulldozer model

D9 Armored Bulldozer

mirror models tractor

US D7 7M Tractor

army dragon models sam patriot missiles truck model

Army Patriot M983 HEMTT

meng d9r slats bulldozer

D9R Armored Bulldozer

takom typhoon II

Russian MRAP Typhoon

meng 1:35 ford f250 truck

Ford F350

revell lacrosse missile

Lacrosse Missile Truck

afv club husky mine

Husky Mk III Mine Detector

scale military mrap vehicle model kits

Army Marine MRAP

military hemtt truck model books

HEMTT Trucks

military six ton truck model books

Six Ton Trucks

trumpeter hemmt m983 tractor truck model


trumpeter models patriot sam patriot missiles truck model

M901 Launching Station &
AN/MPQ Patriot 53 Radar set

afv club l4500s truck model

Bussing NAG L4500S

icm german a3000 truck

Chinese WZ551 Amphibian

trumpeter sa2 truck model

Missile Carrier Truck Trailer

icm german a3000 truck

M3 Armored Scout Car

dragon m1m-104f patriot missile launcher

Patriot Launching System

tamiya 1942 ford staff car model

Ford Staff Car

hobby boss us white 6x6x6 tanker truck


hobby boss us white 6x6x6 truck hard top

US White 6x6 Cargo Truck

italeri chevrolet gun tractor model

Chevrolet Gun Tractor

=meng cougar 6x6 mrap truck model

U.S. Cougar 6x6 MRAP

hobby boss gmc 352 cargo truck model

US GMC CCKW352 Cargo Truck

roden british armored truck model

British Armored Car

trumpeter canadian husky model

Canadian Husky 6x6

roden british armored truck model

USMC LAVR Recovery Vehicle

miniart refueler model

BZ38 Refueler

trumpeter stryker mine plow model

Stryker & LWMR Mine Roller

miniart gaz aaa cargo model

GAZ AAA Cargo Truck

miniart kitchen truck model

Soviet Mobile Kitchen

icm recovery truck model

ZIL Recovery Truck

academy cargo truck model

Army 2.5 ton Cargo Truck

ranger snipers model

Sniper Ranger Set

hobby boss land rover truck model

Land Rover & Milan ATGM

tamiya recon model

JGSDF Motorcycle & HUMMV

miniart gaz 1943 truck model

GAZ MM Cargo Truck

tamiya m1025 hummve with armament model

M1025 Humvee with Armament

italeri us army motorcycle model

1/9 US Army Motorcycle

afv club m35a1 vietnam multiple gun truck model

M35A1 6X6 Gun Truck

trumpeter m1078 truck model

M1078 LMTV US Cargo Truck

tamiya m26 tank recovery truck model

M26 Tank Recovery Vehicle

trumpeter mk23 mtvr truck model

U.S. Oshkosh MK23 MTVR

hobby boss rsov mk19 launcher model

RSOV with Mk 19 Launcher

dragon russian zis5 truck model

Russian ZIS-5 Truck

hobby boss gmc white truck

US White 666 Cargo Truck

mirror diamond t truck model

US Diamond T968A Truck

trumpetertracking radar trailer truck

C-Band Tracking Radar

trumpeter gaz truck

Russian GAZ Truck

panda husky vmmd truck


trumpeter russian radar system truck

Flaplid Russian Radar

kinetic rg31 truck

Canadian RG31

dio park civiian dump  truck

Missile Dump Truck

afv club m38a1c recoiless rifle

M38A1C Recoiless Rifle

tamiya m8 greyhound

M8 Greyhound Armored Car

trumpeter us soldiers logistics supply team model

Soldiers (5 Figures)

italeri military trailers model


italeri gmc water tanker truck

2.5 Ton 6x6 Water Tank Truck

revell ssp renwal teracruzer with missile model kit

Teracruzer Truck with Missile

afv club dodge wc63 g507 cargo truck model

Dodge 6x6 Big Shot Truck


Vehicle Rubber Tires

mirror models diamond t dump truck

US Diamond T972 Dump Truck

bronco buffalo 6x6 mpcv armor version slat

Buffalo 6x6 MPCV

afv fuel tanker truck model

M-49A2C 6x6 Fuel Tanker

hobby boss gmc bofors truck model

GMC Gun Truck

academt m1126 stryker

M1126 Stryker

heller gmc 6x6 truck model

GMC 6X6 CCKW Truck

icm studebaker us6 army truck model

Studebaker 6X6 Cargo Truck

tamiya 6x6 cargo truck model

US 2.5 ton 6x6 Cargo Truck

icm studebaker us6 army truck model

British Scout Car

afv club bussing nag truck model

Bussing NAG with Crane

trumpeter bmt trench digger model

BTM Trench Digger

revell atf dingo ge truck model

Dingo GE

merit us m19 tank transporter hard top truck

US M19 Tank Transporter

tamiya dragon wagon truck model

U.S. 40 Ton "Dragon Wagon"

kinetic 4x4 mrap all terrain vehicle matv model


hobby boss m3a1 scout car model

M3A1 Scout Car

italeri 6x6 wc62 truck model

1.5 Ton 6x6 Cargo Truck WC62

merit us m19 tank transporter model

US M19 Tank Transporter

ibg chevy tanker truck

Chevrolet C60S Petrol Tanker

icm studebaker cargo truck

Studebaker US6 U4 Truck

roden kraz truck

Kraz 255B Truck

italeri commander hummer humvee truck

Commando Hummer

academy hummer m1151 model

M1151 Expanded Capacity

italeri humvee model

HUMVEE Armored

tamiya us gama goat m792 truck model

M792 Gama Goat 6x6

trumpeter m1117 guardian armored security vehicle model

M1117 Security Vehicle

fine molds fm35 small truck model

"Follow Me" Willys Jeep


dragon armored 4x4 .50 calibre gun model

Jeep with .50 Cal Gun

eduard jeep 50 cal gun

Willys Jeep MB Cal.50

eduard m26 jeep trailer

M26 Trailer

tamiya 1942 ford staff car model

WC51 3/4-Ton 4x4

miniart gaz shelter truck

GAZ AAA with Shelter

tamiya jeep willys truck model

Jeep Willys MB jeep

tamiya ford gpa amphibian truck model

Ford GPA Amphibian

tamiya staghound truck model

British Armored Staghound

tamiya british sas model

British Commando Jeep

miniart armored mk1 aec car model

AEC MK.I Armored Car

afv club dorchester armoured command vehicle model

AEC Dorchester

trumpeter m1083 fmtv armor cab truck model

M1083 FMTV Armor Cab

trumpeter m1082 trailer model

M1082 Tactical Trailer

trumpeter m1078 tactical cargo truck model

M1078 Tactical Cargo Truck

trumpeter m1083 cargo truck model

M1083 FMTV Cargo Truck

italeri land rover model

Land Rover 109 LWB

hobby boss land rover wolf mik 4x4 truck model

Land Rover Wolf WMIK

icm zil 131 6x6 truck model

Soviet ZIL 131 6x6 Truck

trumpeter russian sa8 gecko model

Russian SA8 Gecko

trumpeter ural 4320 truck model

Russian URAL 4320 Truck

trumpeter russian nbc model

GAZ AAA with Shelter

tiger models amx separ tank destroyer

Separ Tank Destroyer

academy m151 with trailer model

M151A2 Hard Top & Trailer

trumpeter russian smerch truck

Russian 9A52-2 Smerch

tamiya ford canadian british quad egt truck model

British Ford Canadian EGT

hobby boss m706 armored commando truck

M706 Commando Car

hobby boss meng shi 1.5  truck model

Meng Shi Military Vehicle

tiger models panhard vbl truck

Panhard VBL

psp resin maz  truck model

MAZ 537 G ChMZAP 5247

trumpeter zil 131 truck model

Russian Zil 131 Stake Body

tamiya m151a1 truck model

M151A Jeep Truck

zvezda gaz at missile truck

GAZ Vehicle & AT Missile

revell zil 131 truck model

Zil 131 Heavy Truck

revell mercedes unimog truck

Mercedes Unimog

takon russian kraz 260 truck model

Russian Kraz 260 Heavy Truck

takon ukraine kraz 6322 truck model

Ukraine Kraz 6322 Truck

tamiya us army m20 model

US Army M20

icm khd s3000 truck model

UKHD S3000 Army Truck

trumpeter brdm russian model

Russian Nbc

roden opel omnibus model

Opel Blitz Omnibus

miniart gaz russian  model

Gaz MM Cargo Truck

takom kraz 6446 tractor truck


takom hanomag tractor model

Hanomag Tractor

trumpeter chinese df21 ballistic missile transporter model kit

Soviet Maz Cargo Truck

bronco gaz 69 truck model

MAZ 537G Truck & Trailer

hobby boss 152mm shkh dava vz77 model

152mm SHKH Dana VZ.77


trumpeter scud missile truck model

SS-1D Scud-C Missile Truck

meng russian tiger vehicle model

Russian Armored Vehicle Tiger

takom russian kraz 260 truck model

ZIL 131 Heavy Cargo Truck

revell germany boxer gtx

GTK Medical Boxer


trumpeter german faun elefant slt56 tank transporter truck model

8x8 German Faun Elefant
SLT56 Truck & Trailer Transporter

riich skoda truck model

Skoda (Porsche) Radschlepper

meng wwii german minesweeper model

German Minesweeper

zvezda russian tiger model

GAZ Tiger Armored Vehicle

takom krupp mind sweeperr model

Krupp Mine Sweeper

bronco russian zil 131 model

Russian Zil 131 Truck & Winch

icm german ambulance model

German Ambulance

bronco humber scout vickers model

Humber Scout Twin Vickers

afv club van shop truck model

M109A3 Van Shop & Interior

takom aml 60 model

French Light Armoured Car

italeri academy m8 greyhound model


miniart gaz ambulance model

GAZ Ambulance Truck

dragon german ambulance model

Ambulance Truck

hobby boss french vbl milan model

French VBL Milan

hobby boss zis 151 model

ZIS 151 Truck

hobby boss zis 151soviet gaz-aa truck model

LMV Lince

takom hanomag tractor model

Hanomag Tractor

bronco russian zil truck model

Zil 131V Tractor Truck

trumpeter luna rocket truck trailer  model

Russian Luna Rocket

meng gaz tiger spm truck model


hobby boss zis 151soviet gaz-aa truck model

GAZ AA Cargo Truck

dragon scud missile truck model

SCUD Missile Truck

mirror models diamond t wrecker  model

Diamond T Wrecker Truck

zvezda ural soviet truck model

Soviet URAL Truck

trumpeter recon amphibious vehicle model

Amphibious Recon Vehicle

miniart german l1500s cargo truck model

L1500s Cargo Truck

takom fug forklift 25t model

Forklift FUG 2,5T

icm german radio truck model

L1500S German Light Fire

icm german firemen figures model

German Firemen Figures

hobby boss m1070 truck and trailer model

Oshkosh M1070/M1000 HETS Truck & Trailer Photoetch














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