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TV and Movie plastic model kits have been popular ever since the 1960's, when pop culture was really starting to take off. Aurora Corporation was one of the leaders of the era, releasing their 1966 Batmobile, as well as a Bat Boat, Bat Plane, and even the Green Hornet's Black Beauty. Their 007 James Bond Aston Martin is one of the most coveted kits of today.

Other Hollywood related kits began to pop up, from the Hero Cadillac, to Herbie the Love Bug. Model companies, like AMT, Revell, and others, strived to tie their model kits in with the Hollywood scene, and issued plenty of plastic cars and truck kits for everyone of any age.

Soon, we were seeing movie kits of Farrah Fawcett's Corvette, the Fall Guy's GMC pickup truck, BA's A-Team GMC Van, the Miami Vice Ferrari, and far to many other kits to list them all here.

Model builders never seem to loose their interest in the TV and Movie related model car kits. So chances are, we will continue to see them, from Polar Lights, AMT, Revell, Airfix, and many more other model brands.

We still get new TV and movie model kits, such as the Batmobiles from recent movies, and recent reissues like the Round2 Man from UNCLE car. The Back to the Future Time Machine is still popular and the kits are readily available.

From other countries we get car kits for the Western Police hit TV show, and vehicles from various Anime TV series and movies.




Some of your favorite movie and TV models. Cars, trucks, planes, any kind of TV Movie or famous vehicle.


1966 batmobile with working headlights

Batmobile with working lights and figures

stranger things billy camaro

Stranger Things Camaro

stranger things chevy blazer truck

Stranger Things K5 Blazer

mpc godzilla jeep model

Godzilla Jeep

revell grease 1948 ford movie

"Greased" Lightning Ford

jada ff doms charger model

Doms Charger with Figure

mack truck model

Mack Truck

amt batmobile with figure car model

Batmobile & Figure

mpc joker batman monaco police car model

Joker Car & Figure

jada catwoman cadillac car model

Catwoman Cadillac & Figure

jada batgirl corvette car model

Batgirl Corvette & Figure

revell starsky and hutch ford torino model car

Starsky & Hutch Ford Torino

revell lightning mcqueen model

Lightning McQueen

revell fast furious yenko camaro

F & F Yenko Camaro

revell ford thunderbird model car

Ford Thunderbird with Figure

initial d toyota model kit

Initial D Toyota with Figure

hollywood rides knight rider model kit

Knight Rider KITT

32 deuce coupe model kit

Milner Coupe

greenlight a-team van

A-Team GMC Van

amt fireball 500 model

Fireball 500

greenlight mad max falcon xb

Ford Falcon XB Mad Max

rvell scooby doo biplane model

Scooby Doo Biplane & Figures

revell scooby doo model

Mystery Machine & Figures

amt f & f yenko camaro

F & F Yenko Camaro

revell vanishing oint challenger model

Vanishing Point Challenger

amt super spy car man from uncle model

MAN from UNCLE Spy Car

neca blade runner spinner car

Blade Runner II Car

amt riptide tv corvette

Riptide Corvette

polar lights harley quinn beetle

Harley Quinn VW Beetle

scale model life magazine volume 7

Scale Model Life
Volume 8

scale model life magazine volume 4

Scale Model Life
Volume 4

scale model life magazine volume 7

Scale Model Life
Volume 7

roden boeing 720 led zeppelin model aircraft

Led Zeppelin Boeing 720

roden boeing 720 starship one model aircraft

Jefferson Starship Deep Purple

roden boeing 720 bee gees model aircraft

Bee Gees Tour Boeing 720

mpc space 1999 alien buggy model

The Alien Car & Figure

captain scarlet spectrum saloon car model model

Spectrum Saloon Car

flintstones car lindberg


paragrafix ecto-1 ghostbusters amt photoetch

Ghostbusters Photoetch Set

amt ghostbusters car model

Ghostbusters Ecto-1

amt lil gasser

Munsters - 2 Kits Box

revell halo warthog model

Halo Warthog & Spartans

revell austin powers jaguar model

Kamen Rider Battle Hopper

moebius lost in space chariot model kit

1/24 Lost in Space Chariot

fujimi cyclone rider model kit

Love Bug Herbie

amt farrah fawcett fox vette car model

Farrahs Foxy Vette

amt hogan heroes model

Hogans Heroes

aoshima mad max interceptor ford car model

Mad Max Interceptor

greenlight starsky & hutch ford torino model

Starsky & Hutch Torino

greenlight supernatural impala car model

Supernatural Impala

polar lights scooby doo van maystery machine model

Scooby Doo Mystery Machine

revell bandit pontiac firebird transam model cars

Bandit Firebird Transam

hasegawa ultraman car MAT vehicle model

A-Team GMC Van

revell miami vice daytona spyder model cars

Miami Vice Daytona Spyder

amt round2 beverly hllls cop chevy nova model

Beverly Hills Cop Nova

revell black pearl ship model

1/150 Black Pearl

revell international freightliner truck and trailer model

AC/DC Rock Band Truck Trailer

jurassic park jeep

Jurassic Park Jeep

polar lights round 2 batmobile twin pack car model

1/25 Batmobile Twin Pack -
Includes 1 Glue and
1 Snap kit Together!

doyusha moonraker shuttle model kit 007 bond

James Bond 007 Moonraker
with three 1/24 scale Figures

amt mpc monkees mobile gto car model

Monkeemobile GTO

amt 3 three stooges 1940 ford model cars

3 Stooges Ford Panel Truck

aoshima knight 200 kitt car model

Knight Rider KITT

hasegawa ultraman car MAT vehicle model

Ultraman MAT Cosmo

jada fast furious mitsubishi lancer

F & F Lancer EVO

jada fast furious nissan skyline brian

F & F Nissan Skyline GT-R

jada toyota ft1 model car kits

F & F Sukis S2000

doms plymouth gtx

F & F Plymouth GTX

revell austin powers corvete model

Austin Corvette & Figure

moebius mels diner model

Mels Diner Model Kit

monogram days of thunder lumina model

Days of Thunder Lumina

monogram days of thunder city lumina model

Days of Thunder Lumina

monogram days of thunder lumina model

Days of Thunder Lumina

diecast bumbebee model


mpc knight rider kitt transam car model

Knight Rider KITT

mpc dukes of hazzard ghost of general lee glow model

Daisy Duke Jeep CJ

revell corsair-black sheep model

"Black Sheep" F4U Corsair

amt dick tracy ford coupe car model

Dick Tracy Coupe

amt raiders coach model car

Paul Revere Raiders Coach

polar lights speed racer mach v model car

Speed Racer Mach V

mpc yellow submarine model

Beatles Yellow Submarine

polar lights back to the future time machine delorean car model

Speed Racer Mach V

monogram barbie corvette model car

Barbie Silver Corvette

amt resue 911 for taurus police car model

Rescue 911 Ford Taurus

aoshima thunderbirds fab 1 rolls royce car model

Thunderbirds FAB-1

amt corvette triple xxx models

Triple XXX Corvette

revell elvira thunderbird model cars

Elvira Thunderbird

stargate offroad buggy model

Stargate Offroad Buggy

diecast dodge charger ff dom model

Dodge Charger with Figure

jada ghostbusters ecto1 model car kits

Ghostbusters Ecto-1

arii toyota 2000gt car models

James Bond Style 2000GT

revell bullitt dodge charger model

Sabertooth 5000

greenlight diecast bandit ta firebird

Bandit Firebird Transam

roden elton john model airplane

Elton John Tour 720

amt fast and furious ford mustang gt model

Fast & Furious Ford Mustang

amt corvette triple xxx models

Triple XXX Corvette

amt munster dragula model


revell bullitt mustang model

Bullitt Mustang

fujimi super z car model

Super Z

bumblebee vw model

Bumblebee VW

revell monkees ford mustang model

Monkees Mustang

amt robocop car  model


greenlight eleanor gt500 gone 60 sconds

Eleanor Shelby GT500

polar lights green hornet slot car

Green Hornet Black Beauty

jaws orca boat model

"JAWS" Orca Boat

monogram richie valens thunderbird model

Ritchie Valens Thunderbird

italeri top gun model airplane

Top Gun F14 Tomcat

iron maiden ed force one model aircraft

Iron Maiden Ed Force One

hasegawa zero model

Eien No Zero

polar lights homer simpson carmodel

Homer Simpson Car

dodge monaco  model

Terminator - Monaco

field of dreams vw bus model

Field of Dreams VW

moebius batmobile

Batman Batmobile

fujimi james bond lotus submarine model kit

Batman Batmobile

polar lights batman batplane model

Batman Batplane

jada batmobile


amt batman batmissile model

Batman Batmissle

amt 1989 batwing model

Batman Batwing

hollywood rides classic batmbile with figure

1966 Batmobile

hollywood rides 1989 batmbile with figure

1989 Batmobile

horizon resin bat plane model

1980s Batplane

moebius batman tumbler batmobile model

Batman Dark Knight Tumbler

moebius cat woman bat-pod model

Catwoman with Batpod

moebius batman batpod model

Batman Dark Knight Batpod

round2 polar lights batmobile

Batmobile (Prepainted)

round 2 1966 batmobile in tin box

Batmobile in Collector Tin

polar lights round 2 green hornet black beauty in collectors tinmodel

Green Hornet Black Beauty Collectors Tin

hollywood rides 1989 batmbile with figure

Batmobile with Figures

amt batboat

Batman Batboat

amt 1989 batmobile model


revell batman robin redbird model

Robin's Redbird

amt batman batmobile model

Batman & Robin: Batmobile

moebius bane model

Huge Batwing - 18" wide

moebius bane model

Bane Tumbler with Figure

polar lights batman batmobile comic book version model

Batman Batboat

polar lights batman batmobile comic book version model

Batmobile Comics Version

polar lights batman batcycle model

Batman Batcycle

polar lights batman batboat model

Batman Batboat

jada 1966 batmobile car model

1966 Classic Batmobile

revell starsky and hutch ford torino model car

Batmobile with new Adam West and Burt Ward Figures

johnny lightning batmobile model

1980s Batmobile

revell batman batmobile car model

Batman Batmobile

hotwheels-batcycle model

Batman Batcycle with GoCart

jada batmobile car model


greenlight eleanor mustang gone in 60 seconds  model

Gone in 60 Seconds Mustang

animated batmobile car

Batmobile with Figures

hot wheels ghostbusters model

Ghostbusters Ecto-1

greenlight starsky hutch ford torino model

Starsky & Hutch Torino

round2 the car movie

Gone in 60 Seconds Eleanor

round2 the car movie

The Car

hot wheels herbie love bug model

Herbie "Love Bug"

autoworld munster koach model

Munster Koach

racer x shooting star model

Racer X Shooting Star

charlies angels ford mustang cobra car

Charlies Angels Mustang

acme beverly hills nova model

Beverly Hills Cop Nova

elvis spinout shelby cobra car

Elvis "Spinout" Shelby Cobra


ford falcon mad max model

Ford Falcon XB Mad Max

auto art green hornet black beauty diecast car

Green Hornet Black Beauty

mr incredible car model

Mr. Incredible Car

Fast Furious Cars

The Cars of the Fast and the Furious: The Making of the Hottest Cars on Screen

cars of the fast and furious movies

How To Build the Cars of The Fast and the Furious

cars of the fast and furious movies

The Fast and The Furious: The Official Car Guide: All the Cars, All the Movies

batmobile book

Movie TV Cars

george baris stars cars

Stars Cars

tv movie hollywood cars

TV Cars

tv movie cars

Hollywood Cars

tv movie cars

Ecto 1

tv movie cars

TV & Movie Cars

mad movie cars

Mad Movie Cars

james bond cars

James Bond Cars

dean jeffries cars

Dean Jeffries



scale model event show














































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