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If there's one thing that signifies the Industrial Age, it's trains. From the 1800's and up, the train had been the machine to move goods by ground, across vast distances. Passengers, goods, livestock, supplies, the trains and locomotives moved them all.

Surprisingly, there are quite a few model kits of trains. While most are historical, and some are military trains, you can still get a sense of the steam, smoke and grime that the trains and locomotives of the past provided to everyday life.

Revell, Italeri, Trumpeter, are just a few of the model kit companies making models of trains. New kits are still coming out, including military trins by Trumpeter, but also civilian trains by Aoshima. (Notably Japanese trains and trams).

Most of the train models, especially the older ones, are HO (1/87) scale. This means you can add tradional HO scale trains parts, scenes, buildings, and accessories like an electric train set might have.

Later military train kits are 1/35, so there are plenty of military 1/35 scale accessories and figures you can add to your model train display.

Regardless of your age, it seems train kits are here to stay, and will continue to be a small, but well followed part of the hobby.

Train model kits. Static train models you can build. Many of them are HO (1/87) scale. The same scale as an electric toy train.

Some of the miltary ones and a few others are 1:35 scale, which is a standard military model scale.

creating scale plastic buildings

Scale Plastic Buildings

revell big boy locomotive train model kit

Big Boy Locomotive

esci br50 locomotive train model kit

BR50 Locomotive

revell br18 locomotive train model kit

BR18 Locomotive

revell br18 locomotive train model kit

BR41 Locomotive

trumpeter german br52 steam locomotive model kits

BR52 Armored Steam Locomotive
Kit features photo-etched detail parts.
Over 35" long when assembled. 700+ parts.

hobby boss br86 trains model kits

BR86 Steam Locomotive
Scale plastic model kit of the BR 86 Dampflokomotive, a 1930s-WWII era German 2-8-2 steam-driven tank locomotive. Over 220 parts on 7 sprues and cab, with 4 sections of roadbed.

ugears steam train model

V-Express Steam Train with Tender

streamliner metal train kit model

Streamliner with Coal Tender Mechanical Metal Kit
Model is 19+ inches long when assembled.

mpc the general train

Huge 1/25 scale - The General Locomotive

miniart german tramcar model kits

European Tramcar with Passengers and Crew
The complete set includes: plastic parts and base with tracks for dioramas, figure motorman, conductor and passengers outdoor accessories, decal tram poles detailed illustrated instructions. Fully detailed interior, the doors can be assembled open or closed.

aoshima dd51 locomotive train model

Train Museum Diesel Locomotive DD51
Molded in blue, black and silver, and clear parts. Includes springs, photoetch, decals. Very detailed engine and suspension and engineer compartment with figure. (Must be assembled - this is a plastic kit)

hobby boss german dora railgun model kits

German 80cm K(E) Railway Gun 'Dora'
Kit consists of 1767 parts and features accurately molded massive dual-hull superstructure. 4 bogie span bolsters (with asymmetric left and right assemblies), control room, and complex gun carriage - all supporting an exceptional weapon with rifled barrel. Also includes injection-molded railings and ladders, shells, charges, 2 ammunition elevators, display base (side-by-side railway tracks with bed), plus photo-etch parts (6 frets including walkways and load bearing platform elements). Assembled gun is adjustable in elevation (includes breech ballast for balance) completed length is approximately 43.75".

hobby boss soviet train model

Soviet Motobronevagon MBV-2 Armored Train
420+ parts. 26 sprues , hull and roadbeds.

trumpeter german nr16 armored train model kit

German Armored Panzertreibwagen No.16
480+ parts.13 sprues, with cab, chassis and roadbeds.

trumpeter german armored railcar for train model kit

German Kanonen Flakwagen Anti-Aircraft Rail Car

trumpeter german armored train model kit

BR57 Armored Locomotive
The BR57 armored trains locomotive was based on the Prussian series G10 locomotive, first built in 1910 and featuring a 0-10-0 wheel arrangement. This highly-detailed plastic model kit is an accurate representation of the military vehicle.

trumpeter german leopold railgun model kits

German Railway Gun K5(E) Leopold
Measures 37 inches long! Features 1140 pieces, metal rail chain, photo etch parts included For (chimney brace frame) grills. Included railroad track section can be finished as a straight track or a cross track, Shells, cartridges and an ammunition wagon are included, Detailed hand rails. The German Leopold Gun was the largest weapon which lobbed shells at American troops at "Anzio Beach". The Leopold was supported by 24 railcar wheels, mounted on railroad tracks, which led in and out of mountain tunnels. When not firing, the gun was rolled back into the tunnels out of sight of Allied reconnaissance. Allied forces were able to salvage the Leopold, and after reconstruction of the railway, moved the gun to Naples for shipment to the States. "Anzio Annie" as the gun was known to Allied troops, is the only German railroad gun known to have survived World War II, and it is currently on display at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Aberdeen, Maryland.

minicraft rocket locomotive train model kit

Steam Locomotive Penydarren

minicraft rocket locomotive train model kit

Rocket Locomotive

minicraft trevithick engine

Trevithick Engine

miniart railway soviet tram model

Soviet Tram

miniart railway track with dead end

Railway Semaphore

miniart water crane model

Railway Water Crane

trumpeter train flatcar

Transport Flatcar

miniart railway gondola model

Railway Platform Car

miniart railway box car model

Railway Boxcar

miniart railway gondola model

Railway Gondola Car

miniart railway box car model

Railway Boxcar

hobby boss soviet train model kit

Soviet Draisine Krasnaja

miniart railway tools model

Railway Tools

miniart soviet flatbed model

Soviet Rail Car

miniart railway train wheels model

Railway Train Wheels

trumpeter train tracks

Railway Tracks

miniart railway track with dead end

Railway Track with Dead End

miniart railway track with dead end

Railway Track

ugears train signal model

Train Signal and Track Set

ugears steam locomotive model

Steam Locomotive with Tender

ugears train set model

Train Signal, Locomotive & Station Set

ugears tram

Tram with Rails

wood ugears tram line model kit

Tram Line Model

wood robotime locomotive model kit

Locomotive Model

wood train passenger car kit

Train Passenger Car Model

wood robotime locomotive model kit

1825 Locomotive

ugears steam train model

Locomotive with Passenger Car

wood steam locomotive train kit

Steam Locomotive

wood train box car kit

Train Box Car Model

wood train tanker car kit

Train Water Tank Model

wood train caboose kit

Train Caboose Model

madrid tram car model

Madrid Electric Traction Co.

1829 rocket steam locomotive model

1829 Stephenson's Rocket

1936 lisboa tram model

1936 Lisboa Tram

occre tibidabo tram model

1901 Tibidabo Tram

occre jupiter locomotive model

Pacific 231 Locomotive


hobby boss locomotive german wr360 c12

Locomotive Engine

trumpeter tank flat car train model kit

Tank Transport Flat Car

trumpeter german kommandowagen armored troop transport model kit

Armored Troop Rail Car

trumpeter german side gondola train model kit

Gondola Rail Car

hobby boss rail car model kit

Rail Fur Karl-Gerat

trumpeter german flatcar for train model kit

Heavy Transport Flatcar

trumpeter soviet train wagon model kit

Soviet Artillery Wagon

hobby boss german rail model kit

Gondola Rail Car

trumpeter morser karl railway transport model kit

Morser Karl Railway

german military trains

Armored Trains

model railroad locomotives

Scratch-Building Locomotives

model railroads war time

Model Railroads

brass locomotive models

Brass Locomotives

haynes train manuals

Steam Locomotive
Driver's Manual

weathering train locomotive models

Weathering Locomotives

steam locomotive models

Steam Locomotive

train locomotive models

Train Models

train locomotive models

Locomotive Models

armored train models

Amored Trains

haynes scotsman models

Flying Scotsman

armored train models

Amored Trains



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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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