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Model paints for airbrushes.

The Testors Aztek line of paints are ready to go out of the bottle. You shouldn't need to thin them or custom mix them, just load them and shoot.

There are many colors and types to choose from, such as Transparent, Opaque, Flourescents, and Metallics.

Depending on your model projects, it's best to seal the paint with an Aztek Matte (flat) finish or a Gloss (shiny) finish.


The Vallejo series of primers are known the world over as being able to be shoot in a very thin layer. This keeps the primer from clogging up any fine reccessed panels or door jams on a model.

This is especially important on smaller models where there's a chance you will lose fine details with a thick coat of primer, and that will obscure them.

With the Vallejo primers, you can lay down a super thin primer coat, ready for paint. It has a self leveling ability which helps it not bunch up and requires less sanding work afterwards.


Testors Aztek acrylic paints for airbrush use. Also the great Vallejo acrylic primers for a good smooth base for paint.

testors aztec\k paint

The Aztek paints work with any brand airbrush. They are a Non-Toxic and water wash-up paint. Premium-quality, ready to spray acrylic paint, no thinner required. Convenient 2 oz. bottle with easy-pour flip-top lid. These also have a mixing ball inside them.

For Best results, top coat with either Aztek Clear Matte or Aztek Clear Gloss.

tamiys ts1 red brown paint

Clear Matte

tamiys ts1 red brown paint

Clear Gloss


Aztek’s Pearl metallic colors are stunning. The metal flakes are so fine that they do not clog the airbrush, yet leave an amazing sparkle finish when applied. These are especially effective on car and truck models.

aztek pearl metallic

Pearl White Metallic

testors aztek metallic silver

Silver Metallic

testors aztek metallic gold

Gold Metallic

testors aztek copper metallic

Copper Metallic

testors aztek red metallic

Red Metallic

testors aztek metallic purple

Purple Metallic

testors aztek blue metallic

Blue Metallic

testors aztek green metallic

Green Metallic


Aztek Fluorescent Paints glow when exposed to ultraviolet (black) light. Although not required, the fluorescent effect is even stronger when the paint is applied over white. Great for wild effects on models, such as zombies, wargame figures, or safety gear items, race cars.

testors aztek violet fluorescent

Violet Fluorescent

testors aztek hot magenta fluorescent

Hot Magenta Fluorescent

testors aztek hot pink fluorescent

Hot Pink Fluorescent

testors aztek orange fluorescent

Orange Fluorescent

testors aztek yellow fluorescent

Yellow Fluorescent

testors aztek green fluorescent

Green Fluorescent

The premium quality Aztek opaque paint has superior hide and coverage over nearly any surface.

testors aztek pink opaque

Pink Opaque

testors aztek peach opaque

Peach Opaque

testors aztek purple opaque

Purple Opaque

testors aztek black opaque

Black Opaque

testors aztek white opaque

White Opaque

testors aztek yellow opaque

Yellow Opaque

testors aztek orange opaque

Orange Opaque

testors aztek brown opaque

Brown Opaque

testors aztek red opaque

Red Opaque

testors aztek blue opaque

Blue Opaque

testors aztek turquoise opaque

Turquoise Opaque

testors aztek green opaque

Green Opaque

testors aztek dark gray opaque

Dark Gray Opaque



Aztek Transparent pigments are light and airy, barely showing on top of other colors (used as a base). Ideal for blending colors.

testors aztek daisy transparent

Daisy Transparent

testors aztek orange transparent

Orange Transparent

testors aztek mocha transparent

Mocha Transparent

testors aztek chocolate transparent

Chocolate Transparent

testors aztek cherry red transparent

Cherry Red Transparent

testors aztek rose transparent

Rose Transparent

testors aztek royal blue transparent

Royal Blue Transparent

testors aztek sky blue transparent

Sky Blue Transparent

testors aztekgreen transparent

Green Transparent

testors aztek dark green transparent

Dark Green Transparent

testors aztek natural gray transparent

Natural Gray Transparent


Vallejo Acrylic primers are very fine, self-leveling coat that will help give you a smooth surface on a model to apply paint. They also wash up with water. They can be used right out of the bottle in an airbrush, but can also be thinned for a super-fine thin layer of primer on your model project.

Since you can use it in thin coats, one bottle can go for quite a while and many models.

vallejo grey primer

Grey Primer

vallejo black primer

Black Primer

vallejo white primer

White Primer


vallejo flow improver airbrush

Airbrush Flow Improver


Aclad II is a Lacqer based finish coat that allows you to apply a very realistic metal, aluminum, or chromium finish. A primer coat MUST be used on plastic models, and some others as well. If you want a high shine, the base coat must be glossy.

Sanding is recommended for a smooth finish since any texture or blemish will be very visible after an Aclad coating.

Aclad can take some getting used to and some practice, but the end results are stunning, and often can't be replicated any other way. When you see Alclad on a model, you'll know it, because it has a stunning effect on models visually and accurately.


alclad II white primer

White Primer

alclad II black primer

Black Primer

alclad II clear primer

Clear Primer

alclad II klear kote

Gloss Klear Kote

alclad II pale gold

Pale Gold

alclad II holomatic spectral chrome

Holomatic Spectral Chrome

alclad II burnt iron

Burnt Iron

alclad II gunmetal


alclad II regular aluminum

Regular Aluminum

alclad II polished brass

Polished Brass

alclad II gold titanium

Gold Titanium

alclad II aircraft aluminum

Airframe Aluminum

alclad II chrome


alclad II copper


alclad II exhaust manifold

Exhaust Manifold

alclad II armored glass tint

Armor Glass Tint

alclad II hot metal blue

Hot Metal Blue


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