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Considering how harsh Russian winters are, and a land with few roads to most of the remote locations, it's no wonder the Soviets build such massive heavy duty trucks.

During WWII, with tooling purchased from Ford here in the states, they srated making the GAZ trucks, such as the AAA-Models. That's why they look a lot like early Ford trucks, because essentially, they're made with similar manufacturing tooling.

Today the Soviets still make larger and more modern series GAZ trucks, as well as their ZIL line of heavy duty vehicles.

These make great models to build, and their available from your favorite model companies, such as Italeri, Trumpeter, Miniart, Bronco models, Zvezda, and many more.

Sometimes you will see an older GAZ truck with only one headlight. That's accurate. Materials were hard to come by, and to save resources, only one headlight was used in many cases.

Besides, it's unlikely the light would be used at night unless it was an emergency. Otherwise you might be be shot up by German forces who could spot you from miles away.

Many parts of the trucks were also made from wood, due to the lack of steel.

Soviet, Ukraine and European Model Truck kits

Many of these models include engines, just like a larger scale truck model. In other countries, many of these kinds of vehicles and trucks are multipupose. Meaning, you might see them at an airport unloading cargo off planes, or hauling goods around town.

model building with brass books

Tracks & Wheels

icm soviet fire truck

Soviet ZIL 131 Fire Truck
Due 2016

icm soviet rescue truck

Soviet ZIL 131 Emergency Truck

miniart gaz bz38 refueler model

BZ38 Refueler

meng russian smerch  model

Soviet G9A52 SMERCH

icm zil 131 6x6 truck model

Soviet ZIL-131 6x6 Truck

miniart gaz 193 staff bus

GAZ 193 Staff Bus

zvezda soviet zis 6x6 truck model

Soviet ZIS-151 6x6 Truck

miniart gaz bus model

GAZ Bus 03-30

trumpeter russian smerch truck model

Soviet BM30 Smerch Rocket Launcher

trumpeter russian smerch truck model

Russian Gaz HMM

skif soviet apc carrier model

BTR-152E Soviet APC

trumpeter zil 157 6x6 truck  model

ZIL-157 6X6 Cargo Truck

russian gaz tanker model

Russian GAZ-66 Oil Tanker


miniart gaz truck with shelter box model

GAZ-AAA with Shelter

hobby boss ba 20 armored car

BA-20 Armored Car


icm soviet six wheeler truck

Soviet Six Wheeled Truck

trumpeter ural 4320 truck model

Russian URAL-4320 Truck


trumpeter russian nbc model

GAZ-AAA with Shelter

trumpeter nkl16 aerosan model

NKL-16 Soviet Armored Aerosan


trumpeter russian sa8 gecko model

Russian SA-8 Gecko

trumpeter soviet uaz 469 model

Uaz-469 Soviet All-Terrain Vehicle


hobby boss gas cargo truck model

Soviet GAZ-AA Cargo Truck

takom kraz 6446 tractor truck


eastern express gaz 66v irborne truck model

Gaz-66V Airborne Truck

trumpeter chinese df21 ballistic missile transporter model kit

Soviet Maz/kzkt537 Cargo Truck

hobby boss soviet spider tactical ballistic truck model

MSS23 Soviet Tactical Ballistic Truck

roden russian kraz 2148 truck model

KrAZ-214B GP Military Truck


hobby boss russian kraz 255b truck model

Russian KrAZ-255B Truck

miniart gaz 05 ambulance truck model

GAZ-05-194 Ambulance


bronco gaz 69 truck model

Soviet GAZ 69(M) 4x4 UtilityTruck

dragon soviet aerosan model

1/6 Soviet Aerosan

bronco gaz 69 truck model

MAZ-537G Truck & Trailer

trumpeter maz 537 8x8 tank truck model

Soviet MAZ-537 8X8 Truck

trumpeter scud missile truck model

SS-1D Scud-C Missile Truck

hobby boss 152mm shkh dava vz77 model

152mm SHKH Dana VZ.77


revell zil 131 truck model

ZiL-131 Truck


trumpeter gaz 66 militarytruck model

GAZ-66 Light Cargo Truck

takom russian kraz 260 truck model

KRAZ-260 Heavy Truck

meng russian tiger vehicle model

Russian Armored Vehicle "Tiger"

takom russian kraz 260 truck model

ZIL-131 Soviet Heavy Cargo Truck

xact russian tiger gaz truck model

Russian Tiger GAZ

zvezda russian gaz truck model

ZIS-5V Soviet Truck

art gaz fuel truck model

BZ-39 Soviet Fuelling Vehicle

italeri gaz truck model

ZIS-5 Soviet Truck

miniart gaz cargo truck model

GAZ-MM Cargo Truck

miniart russian gaz truck model

GAZ-AA Cargo Truck

miniart gaz cargo truck model

GBA-64B Soviet Armored Car & Crew

hobby boss bm13 truck model

Russian BM-13

hobby boss ba3 russian armored car model

Soviet BA-3 Armor Car

trumpeter bm21 truck model

Russian BM-21 Rocket Launcher

takom ukraine kraz 6322 model

Ukraine KRA-6322

trumpeter bm21 truck model

GAZ-MM. Mod. Cargo Truck

tuko gaz aaa truck model

Russian Truck GAZ-AAA

icm zil 131 truck model

ZIL-131 Soviet Army Truck

takom ukraine kraz 6322 model

SS-1c SCUD B MAZ-543

hobby boss zis 151 truck model

Russian ZIS-151 Truck

miniart gaz aaa cargo truck model

GAZ-AAA Cargo Truck

miniart gaz aaa truck model


zvezda gaz-aaa 3-axle soviet truck model

GAZ-AAA 3-Axle Truck

miniart gaz bus model

GAZ-03-30 Bus

trumpeter russian tractor model

ChTZ S65 Russian Tractor with Cab

resin soviet tractor model

Soviet Earthmover Belorus

wespe stalinetz s65 tractor model

Russian Fieldcar GAZ67B

adv zimut resin

Azimut ZIL 157K Cargo Conversion

bronco gaz personal soviet truck model

Gaz-69A 4x4 Personnel Truck

icm soviat saloon car model

Soviet Saloon








plastic materials for scratch building scale models

model paints


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