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Presenting the Spring IPMS

Southlandz Model Show Event & Swap Meet

May 11, 2019

Dunedin (Tampa area), Florida, USA


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Presented by the Table Top Cruisers Model Club of Central Florida.


The Spring SouthLandz Model Car Contest and Swap Meet will be taking place May 11, 2019.

The scale model show event takes place on the campus at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Dunedin, Florida. The City of Dunedin is on the west coast of Florida, just north of of Clearwater and west of Tampa.

The Southlandz Model Event is in an 11,000 square foot building, at 750 San Salvador Drive, Dunedin, Florida 34698.

One of the easiest ways to get to the event (coming from an eastern direction) is to take Highway 580 (Also know as Main Street) west to Bass Blvd. Turn right and go north to the end. Once on the Campus property, Vendors will make the first left turn, everyone else will turn at the first right and follow around to the large parking area.

If you're coming from a north or south direction, Highway 580 intersects with Highway 19. The Highway I-75 can get you to Tampa, and from there you can go west several different ways to work around to Dunedin.

This event is open to the public, and is family friendly. Visitors are welcome.

The Spring Southlandz Model Show and Swap Meet has grown larger each year and attendance is higher than ever before, all because of modelers like you! As always, the event will have vendors selling all kinds of models and related products. Tools, paint, photoetch, kits, books, just about anything you could want to support your favorite hobby and ours.

There are 60 tables worth of vendors - and these are 8-foot tables mind you - so you can image how much is packed into this show! Looking for that one model you always wanted? Looking for great prices and special deals you won't see anywhere else? This is the place to be.

Along with the vendors there will be literally HUNDREDS of models on display. All of them a small work or art unto itself. There are 36 "Modelers Choice" classes, so there's a spot for everyone, no matter what you build. Be prepared to spend all day with us because there's a lot to see and do.

We also want to mention that there is a Cafe' onsite.

They have all the food and fuel to keep you going for a full days activities. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Drinks, Snacks, Salads, Donuts, etc.

coffee cafe


Being located in Florida, we are truly an International event. We've had modelers from various countries over the years, most of them just a short hop by jet travel.

Modeling friends from South America, Bahamas, Jamaica, the Virgin Islands, and many others. This year we're getting a special visit from the "Club Viajero De Automodelismo De Puerto Rico.". We're looking forward to hanging out with them!


Special Judged Themes for the Show:


Muscle Car Rebirth
(muscle cars made from 1977 to 1987)

Alphabet Cars & Trucks
(vehicles identified by letters: GTX, SS, R/T, SSR, GTO, etc)

Change of Heart
(car and truck models with engine swaps)




These Themed classes above are judged by a small but select group of people who are familiar with judging and models. Models entered into a theme class are not judged by attendees, only the judges.



Additional Special Awards are:

Club Participation
(excluding the host club Table Top Cruisers of Central Florida)
This award is given based on club participation, which includes # of club members
participating in event, # of models entered by members, etc.


  • Event Schedule for Friday (May 10)
  • 6:00 PM till (?) - Vendor's Setup Only
  • Event Schedule for Saturday (May 11)
  • 8:00 AM till 9:30 AM - Vendor's Setup Only.
  • _________________________________________
  • 9:30 AM till 11:00 AM - Registration for modelers.
  • 9:30 AM till 5:00 PM - Vendor area is open, doors open for visitors.
  • 11:00 AM till 12:30 PM - Ballots collected.
  • 1:00 PM till 3:00 PM - Theme Classes are Judged.
  • 2:30 PM - the 50/50 Raffle Drawing takes place.
  • 3:30 PM - Awards Ceremony, 50/50 Drawing, and Auction.

model show sponsors




Download | Save | or Print


NNL Florida event flyer

Event Flyer

NNL Florida registration forms

Registration Form
(242KB / PDF)

NNL Model Show forms

Event Layout


We've added a quick Wish List form you can download. We know that once you get to the show, you can easily get caught up in the event and distracted. Then you forget to get something you specifically came to the event to try and find. Maybe a model part to finish a model project, or a specific model kit you're were looking for.

With the quick Wish List, you can write down what you need and what you're looking to get, bring it to the show, and you'll be sure not to forget anything.

NNL Model Show forms

Wish List
(1.7MB / PDF)




  • Registration Fees - Entries
  • Adult: $ 10.00 for 1 to 6 models (and $1.00 for each additional model)
  • Youth Age 16 & Under: $ 5.00 - Unlimited entries.
  • Vendors Fees
  • $ 30.00 for 1 Table
  • $ 50.00 for 2 Tables
  • $ 60.00 for 3 Tables
  • Admission for the General Public into the Event
  • $ 5.00 (if not entering models in the show)

Vendors: You don't have to be "company" or a "business" to be a Vendor. If you've got a few hundred (thousands?) of plastic model kits, and you want to "thin the herd" a bit, or sell off some multiples and duplicates, selling as a vendor can help turn those extra kits into cash. Vendor tables are limited, so we only ask that you have plenty of models kits to fill the table(s) you get. The more the better.

Note that "60 tables" sounds like a lot, but many vendors have been selling at our shows for years, so many of the tables go fast, and are sold way ahead of time. The closer to the event date it gets, the faster they sell. If you wait too long, there might be 20 tables left, and then a week later when you go to get one - nothing. So please order your tables ahead of time.

Vendor Tables - are 8-feet long (96 inches).







"Modelers Choice" Classes with Awards


"Modelers Choice" means - At 11:00 AM we began to give ballots out to attendees, who peruse each class individually and make their choice on which model they believe is the best quality.

Note that the people attending the event are mostly modelers, so they do know what to look for and they do know about cars and models. This allows a wider and more diverse group of people to look at the various models and see what you've built.

  1. Factory Stock Pre 1970
  2. Factory Stock Post 1970
  3. Factory Stock Muscle Car 1964-1974
  4. Street Machines
  5. Star Cars (TV & Movie Related)
  6. Low Riders
  7. Street Rods
  8. Rat Rods
  9. Pro Street
  10. Customs
  11. Show Rods
  12. Tuners
  13. Supercar / Exotics
  14. Street Truck
  15. Heavy Commercial
  16. Light Commercial
  17. Motorcycle
  18. Road Racing Closed Wheel
  19. Road Racing Open Wheel
  20. NASCAR
  21. Short Track
  22. Open Wheel Modified
  23. Drag Racing
  24. Nostalgic Funny Cars (1985 and older)
  25. Nostalgic Dragsters (1985 and older)
  26. Nostalgic Door Slammers (1985 and older)
  27. Nostalgic NASCAR (1991 and older)
  28. Large Scale (Cars and Trucks)
  29. Large Scale Motorcycles
  30. Small Scale
  31. Diecast
  32. Youth (Age 16 & Younger)
  33. Miscellaneous Auto
  34. Diorama Large (19" x 19")
  35. Diorama Small
  36. Misc - Military, Planes, Scfi, Etc.


Email Us


Show Information:

Delaun Fifield , Secretary




southlanz model show and swap meet facebook



If you are visiting over the weekend, we recommend:


clarion inn suites clearwater


Ask for "Southlandz" rate!



map to model show

Google Map = Dunedin


map to model show

Google Map = to Event





  • Vendors & Sponsors
  • Alclad Lacquers - Laquer paints to replicate realistic metal, chrome, steel and many other finishes.
  • Connkur Model Accessories - Resin & Aluminum Model detail parts.
  • Daytona Souvenirs Hobbies - All things NASCAR model rated.
  • Hobby Town USA - Models of all kinds and much more.
  • Janes Tools & Hobby- Hobby and modelling tools.
  • Jerry Frazier - Out of production kits and thousands of model kit parts.
  • Larry Fisher - Curent & out of production kits, annuals, and promos.
  • Left Turn Hobbies Trailers - Custom model trailers.
  • MCW Model Car World - Model paints of factory colors, Resin models, and more.
  • Model Citizen Hobbies - Old and new model kits of all kinds.
  • Paul Dion - Out of production kits.
  • Phils Hobby Shop - Full line hobby supplies for modelers.
  • Pro Tech Model Parts - Machined metal detail parts for your model building.
  • Replica Miniatures of Maryland - Machined parts, resin parts from Ferari to Hot Rods.
  • Scale Model Magazine - Scale Auto Magazine for modelers.
  • Scale Repros Plus - Resin and metal parts to detail your models.
  • Splash-Paints - High quality lacquer paints with factory automotive and motorcycle colors. Fast shipping.
  • *Note that many of these vendors have multiple tables, sometimes as many as 3 or 4, so it's going to be a packed event. Bring your wish list!


car model display at show




southlands model swap meet florida




If you're traveling for the show with your family, and you plan on spending a few days in the area, you might want to see some of these local places as well.

The Southandz Model Car Show and Swap meet is a semi annual model show. We do it twice a year. The event is to promote the scale model building hobby, but it's also a time to meet up with old modeling friends and build connections with new modelers. Car models are most popular with "gearheads", people who like real cars, but also like to build smaller versions to exact specifications, and to have fun.

Here in Florida, there are multple model events across the state. We enjoy being a part of this genre and this hobby. Our shows not only have hundreds of models on display for other modelers and the general public to see, but we also have vendors who cater to the hobby and offer model kits, modeling tools, and detail parts to make museum quality models.

Visiting our show is like attending an automotive museum in miniature, showing the history of the automobile from nearly every era. If you like models, if you like cars, if you like history - our event has something for everyone.

southlandz model show florida