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Tips on Building Snap Kits -

0. Modeling is something to do for FUN. Don't take it to seriously!

1. Sometimes the holes where parts snap together may be to small. You can use a sharp knife to open those holes just a bit to make it fit better. This way you don't have to force a part, and possibly break it.

2. Sometimes tiny screws are used to hold major parts together. These are usually a philliips head, but very, very small. If you have one of these screwdrivers, keep it handy just in case.

3. Car wax or polish can be used on a plastic car body, just like a real car. ( It's best to do this on models without decals, and before stickers are added).

4. It's always best, especially on the first model, to do it as a team. let another modeler help you.

5. Sometimes the wheels on a model need to be mounted on to a metal axle. This can take a lot of force. If you can't push it on by hand, take your time with a hammer, and tap it onto the axle. If you open the hole in the wheel just a tiny amount with a knife, this can also help.

6. After the model is built, enjoy your accomplishment. There's a lot of satisfaction, and this is true all throughout life, of building something yourself and being proud of it.

7. Parts fall off. This will happen. A model is something to display (not a toy, like a die-cast toy or a Hotwheels), and that was how they were designed years ago. More modern type snap kits are more forgiving, but it's still a model. As an adult, you can glue parts together for a little more strength if you choose. Even as an adult, and any adult modeler will tell you this, if you handle a model, chances are, something is going to fall off, even if you've been modelling for 50 years.

8. Don't judge the model. Many times adult modelers complain about snap kits not being perfect. Few things in life are. The building process is about problem solving, understanding printed instructions, and having fun. Will the kits be perfect when they are done? Probably not. But that won't effect the work and learning process along the way.

9. When to move to glue kits? Kits that are not snap models require glue and paint. With brush paints, solvents are used to clean paint brushes of paint, and spray paint would require a paint mask for safety. Note that the cost can go up as well, as glue kits can be more expensive, and require more tools such as paint brushes, and spray paint can be a significant factor.

10. If you build the Polar Lights Snap Batmobile, this book, Scale Model Life - Volume 2, has details and help on building that particular kit.

11. You know that guy down the street who fixes his own car, repairs his dish washer when it breaks, and can fix just about anything in his garage? He probably built models when he was a kid.

Snap model kits are still popular. With modern tooling, they're almost as good as a glue kit, some even have an engine and interior details.

Snap kits can save you money on paint since most are precolored or prepainted. They are also good kits to 'take a break' with from more serious model projects, or just quick build for fun on a weekend.

airfix vw camper bus samba

VW Camper Bus

revell junior roadster car model


airfix bae hawk jet model

BAE Hawk Jet

revell maximum monster d truck snap model

Maximum Destruction Truck

revell lightning mcqueen

Lightning McQueen

revell jackson storm

Jackson Storm

airfix mclaren p1

McLaren P1

airfix bugatti veyron

Bugatti Veyron

modarri model snap

T1 Concept

modarri model snap

C1 Concept

revell rebel uwing fighter

Rebel U-Wing Fighter

revell force awakens tie fighter model

Special Forces TIE Fighter

revell junior sports car model

Junior Sports Car

revell jeep troller model snap

Offroad Vehicle

revell junior sports car model

Junior Firetruck

revell jeep troller model snap

Junior Police Car

airfix mclaren p1 car model

Mclaren P1

revell tractor junior model

Tractor Loader

revell 2015 ford red mustang model kit

Ford Mustang Red

revell audi orange  snap model

Audi R8 Orange

amt ghostbusters car model

Ghostbusters Ecto-1

revell police swat expedition truck models

Ford Expedition Police

revell nascar chevy

Nascar Chevy

revell lowes nascar chevy

Lowes Nascar Chevy

revell ford fusion nascar kit

Ford Fusion

revell ford fusion nascar model

Ford Fusion

amt captain america monster truck model kit

Captain America Ford Truck

revell pt cruiser car models

Chrysler PT Cruiser

revell humvee model kit


revell chevy impala police car model

Chevy Impala Police Car

revell mack pumper firetruck model truck kit

Mack Fire Truck Pumper

mpc 1940 ford fire chief model car

Ford Fire Chief

round2 road runner rail rider model

Road Runner Rail Rider

polar lights time machine bttf deloran model

BTTF Time Machine

revell corsair-black sheep model

1966 Batmobile

new ray skyhawk snap model kit

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

round2 polar lights star trek enterprise with botany bay  model kit

USS Enterprise & Botany Bay

polar lights star trek nemesis scorpion model

Star Trek Nemesis Scorpion

revell black diamond pirate ship model

Black Diamond Pirate Ship

revell space shuttle snap model

Space Shuttle

amt round 2 star trek enterprise cadet set model

Cadet Enterprise Set

revell ford crown vic police model car

Ford Crown Vic Police Car

looney tunes wile e coyote model

Wile E Coyote Truck

porky pig model

Porky Pig Car



supercruise melbourne florida model show





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