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Large Scale International Naval ship models. They include many fine details part, decals, and many even have photo etch. Soviet Navy, IJN from WWII, and German ships from WWII.


revell plastinum edition bismarck battleship

Battleship Bismarck Platinum Edition - One of the most detailed model kits of the Bismarck to ever be produced. Museum quality details.

  • Metal Gun Barrels
  • Photoetch Parts
  • Wood Decking
  • Two Arado Seaplanes

tamiya prince of wales ship model

In any review or history of the Royal Navy, the story of one ship stands out as one deserving special mention. This vessel is the HMS Prince of Wales, the second member of the famous King George V Class of battleships from the Second World War era. She was involved in several actions during the Second World War, including the battle of the Denmark Strait, where the Bismarck sunk HMS Hood. Prince of Wales was commissioned in January of 1941.

airfix-hms-illustrious ship models

The HMS Illustrious has 1400 compartments and 15 lifts, and is powered by 4 Gas Turbines Olympus engines (a marinised version of Concorde`s), giving her a top speed in excess of 30 knots. She has a full complement of over 1000 crew, and can opate with a range of both rotary and fixed wing aircraft from the Harrier GR9 to troop-carrying Chinooks. This model includes extra unique information supplied exclusively by the Royal Navy.

trumpeter hms hood battleship ship models

The third and last HMS HOOD was the mighty battle cruiser, which was laid down in 1915 as a class of four, and finally completed until 1920. She was one of the most powerful warships of her day with a displacement of 41,200 tons. Making her far and away the heaviest capital ship in the world. This plastic model kit is an accurate representation of the military ship. can be built full hull or waterline, 4 decks and display stand, Markings are for 1941.

trumpeter german bismarck model ships

The Bismarck was one of the most feared battleships in WWII prior to its sinking in the North Sea in May 1941. Kit consists of over 1700 parts including a one-piece hull, single-piece deck, 4 Ar196 aircraft, detailed gun, photo-etched handrails, ladders, radar parts, etc., display stand, metal gun barrel, metal anchor chain and propeller shaft and very detailed instrutions. Completed kit measures nearly 50” long!, and its beam measures over 7”.

  • German Bismarck Battleship
  • Huge 50 inches long
  • Over 1700 Parts
  • Photoetch Parts
  • Single Piece Hull
  • 4 Aircraft
  • Metal Gun Barrels
  • Metal Chain and Prop Shafts

trumpeter german zerstorer destroyer model ships

The Z-25, a Type 1936A destroyer, was commissioned on November 30, 1940. During the war, her forward gun was replaced by a twin turret and the anti-aircraft armament was increased. This plastic model kit is an accurate representation of the military ship. This kit comes with 379 parts mounted on 9 sprues, one lower hull piece, a display stand. Waterslide decal sheet and illustrated assembly guide included.

  • Photoetch Parts Inlcuded

Trumpeter russian navy udaloy severomorsk destroyer ship model

The Project 1155 dates to the 1970s when it was concluded that it was too costly to build large-displacement, single-role combatants. The concept of a specialized surface ships was developed by Soviet designers. Two different types of warships were laid down which were Project 956 destroyer and Project 1155 large antisubmarine ship. full hull model complete with decals and instructions. Can also be built as a waterline version.

dragon battleship scharnhorstF

Flagship of the 2nd Pacific Squadron.This kit features 356 pieces and measures 14 inches long when complete. Parts molded in light gray with detailed instructions. Small flag sheet and decals included withdisplay stand. (as a side note, if you ever wanted to build a "Steampunk" era style ship, this is a good example).

  • 356 Parts

tamiya german battleship bismark

At 06.00 hours on Saturday 24th May 1941, the Royal Navy was dealt one of its most shattering blows. The 42,000 ton battle-cruiser Hood was destroyed after an action lasting barely eight minutes with the Bismarch, the largest and most modern battleship in service with the German Navy. Three days later, after the most celebrated sea chase of the Second World War, which involved no fewer than three British battleships, two battle cruisers, two aircraft carriers and nine cruisers, plus numerous destroyers, Bismarck was brought to bay, reduced to a blazing hulk and finally sunk. The career of the most feared German warship was terminated a mere nine months after she was commissioned.

icm german battleship markgraf model

Third ship of the Kaiserliche Marine's Konig class dreadnaughts, the model depicts thre ship in 1915 fit with original light foremast and torpedo net booms. Kit has 1-piece full hull, decks with raised plank texture, well detailed upper works, full weapons suite (primary and secondary batteries are rotatable and adjustable in elevation). Also features ship's boats, cranes, many separately molded fittings plus display stand with nameplate.

  • 518 Parts
  • One Piece Hull

fujimi imperial japanese battleship ise models

Built in 1917 as the first battleship. Named Ise-kata, it took part in Operation Jie in October of 1944. Features: Four .45-caliber main gun, 11 groups charged single machine gun, Type 89 25mm machine gun on deck, twin 25mm3 , bomber seaplane-type, bridge windows-mobile searchlight turning one type of item, six gun (catapult).

trumpeter moskva ussr russian missile cruiser ship models

The Project 1164 of missile cruisers was first laid in 1976. The first ship of this class was launched in 1979 at ship yard no. 445, and was commissioned in 1983 under the name Slava. The Slava was finally renamed with Moskva, and re-commissioned with hull number 121 after its overhaul in 2000 as the flag ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.Model kit features: Optional full or waterline hull, detailed superstructure (includes clear-molded parts for sections with windows or other transparent aspects), photo-etch parts (radars, heliport rails and additional parts), plus display stand. Decals for hull, deck and Russian ensigns.

  • Photoetched Parts Included

trumpeter russian admiral lazarev ship model

The Kirov class cruisers are the largest and most powerful surface combatant warships in the Russian Navy and the world. Originally built for the Soviet Navy, in Russia they are usually known by the designation Project 1144. This plastic model kit is an accurate representation of the military ship.

  • Photoetched Parts Included
  • One Piece Hull

trumpeter russian battle cruiser model ship kits

The Kirov class cruisers are the largest and most powerful surface combatant warships in the Russian Navy and the world. Originally built for the Soviet Navy, in Russia they are usually known by the designation Project 1144.

trumpeter russian battle cruiser model ship kits

Giant Size of over 21 inches Long Beam of 4.25 inches. Detailed Radar Mast Metal Chains, Brass Wire and Metal Shaft. Photo Etched Detailing Sheet x 2, and 22 Injection Molded Sprues. Over 750 Parts. The Project 205 Moskit "mosquito", or more commonly known by it's NATO reporting name "Osa" (Wasp), was a class of missile boats developed for the Soviet Navy in the late 1950s. Over 400 were built up to 1973.

  • Metal Chains
  • Removable Missiles
  • Rotating Gun Turrents
  • Brass Wire and Props Shafts

revell russian gangut battleships

The Gangut-class battleships, also known as the 'Sevastopol class', were the first dreadnoughts begun for the Imperial Russian Navy before World War I.

  • 2 piece hull
  • Engraved deck planking

tamiya japanese yamato battleships

Imperial Japanese Navy battleship and lead ship of her class - the heaviest and most powerfully armed battleships ever built. Kit features optional full or waterline hull with internal reinforcing structure and screws, pivoting rudders, excellent fine raised and engraved surface textures, fully detailed superstructure and weapons, 18" gun turrets with interior detail (including gun breeches) and barbette detail, interchangeable blast bags allow mains guns to be positioned at high or standard elevation, durable ABS mast components, optional position hangar doors, ship's boats, FM1 and E13A seaplanes, anchor chain, fine deck fittings.

trumpeter hms zulu destroyer

Launched in September 1937, the Zulu saw extensive action in
the North Atlantic as well as the Mediterranean in WWII.

  • Photoetched Parts Included

zvezda russian varag cruiser ship

Imperial Russian Navy protected cruiser famed for its defiant battle with superior forces off the Korean coast at Inchon (Chemulpo) during the Russo-Japanese War. (this model also has a Steampunk look to it).

zvezda russian varag cruiser ship

The Prinz Eugene was the third and last heavy cruiser commissioned by the Krieg marine. Her North Atlantic sortie with the Bismarck and the sinking of the Hood in April 1941 earned her a place in history. This plastic model kit is an accurate representation of the military ship.

  • Photo-etched parts included
  • Two Ar196A-5 aircraft
  • S-100 Class Schnellboot Torpedo Boat

merit hms ark royal ship

The Ark Royal was designed and developed in the beginning age of naval air power. She had an unique double hanger decks design which facilitated larger capacity of airplanes on board, but at same time, made her more vulnerable because of a taller hull structure. Her short lived service career was not short with action. Her Swordfish was credit with the crippling of the German Battle Ship Bismarck. Ark Royal had the reputation of being the "Lucky Ship". Her luck finally ran out on November 14th, 1941 and sunk off Gibraltar after being torpedoed by U-81 on the day before.

  • 4 sheets Photo-etched parts
  • Fairey Swordfish
  • One Piece Molded Carrier deck

clear display case model ships

42 inches L x 17 inches H x 10 inches Ship Display Case for Ship Models
Dust and air pollutants can destroy the paint and details on a model very quickly. Protect your investmentand model with this beautiful case.















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