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These are links for various Scifi model parts, art, diagrams, and resin products.

I've also added some figures links, primarily Horror and Monsters, but also other interesting kit manufactures and unusual model makers.

If you build Scifi and space related models, these links should help you find interesting projects for the future.

cosplay props scifi projects

Making Scifi Props and Costume Armor


  • ALB-LAB - Resin Scifi model kits. Lightcycle, Anti Gravity scifi racer, Iguana space ship. Amazing Scifi ideas and quality original castings.
  • AMK Models - Real space model kits, such as satellites and space exploraton.
  • Anigrand Craftswork Models- Martin-Boeing XMS-1 models, Molniya Buran OK-1.01 Soviet space shuttle orbiter. M2-F2, HL-10, HL-20, X-23, X-24A, X-24B Lifting bodies, Foxfire, Aurora Stealth Plane. They make Scifi, space exploration, and NASA Aerospace related kits.
  • Anik Models- Various Star Wars models built, includes scratch built works.
  • Anovos Productions- Star Trek, Galactica, Star Wars and Scifi Clothing. Props, Costumes, Cosplay.
  • Artships - Various scratch built scifi spaceships. Very unique and extremely detailed models.
  • Blap Models - Silver Dart, NASA HL20, Canadian Arrow Rocket, resin casting models.
  • Chronicle Collectibles - Scifi TV and Movie related replicas and props.
  • Crabfu - Unbelievable Scifi & Steampunk style robots. Real robots that get around and work.
  • CultTVman - Assorted Scifi reference and models of all kinds. Tutorials, guides and tips. From Lost in Space, Battlestar Galactica, to Star Trek and Star Wars. Just about every style science fiction subject there is.
  • David Sisson Models - Special effects expert for TV and the movies. Scratchbuilt replicas of well known science fiction model vehicles, and the site also showcases original studio props that he owns, has repaired, or has had the opportunity to examine.
  • Disney Sub - All kinds of information on the famous Nautilus. Some pictures you usually don't see online or in any other publications.
  • Don Capone - Large gallery of monster kits he's built and professionally painted.
  • Eagle Project - Building an Eagle from Space 1999. Many pictures of various models, very detailed work and clear photographs.
  • EFX Collectibles - Starfleet Tricorder, Disney Nautilus submarine, Star Wars Light Saber, Star Wars Trooper Helmut. EFX manufactures and markets extremely high quality, “screen accurate” limited edition prop replicas and collectibles from your favorite films, television, video games and other entertainment media.
  • Ex Astris Scientia - Amazing diagrams, photos, and art work of Star Trek ships and design. This is a great reference site for modeling Star Trek subjects.
  • Fantastic Plastic - All the old plastic model kits of spaceships and scifi. A great site because it shows the kit built and the box. Some kits are extremely rare.
  • Federation Models - Offers a lot of rare resin models, from Space 1999 to Star Trek. Many different products from different Scifi TV shows and movies.
  • Fedoratron - Products to light up Scifi scale models.
  • Fichtenfoo - One of a kind models that are Scifi or Steampunk related. Amazing work and creativity.
  • FX Lighting - LED lights, tools and materials to light up your Scifi models.
  • Games Workshop - Scifi models, Gaming models, figure models, terrains, and paint.
  • GECCO - Plastic and resin figure models. Horror, Scifi, Adventures, and more. Especially Zombies. Different scales available.
  • Glo Wire - Glowing wires for detail and lighting up models..
  • Gwin Sculpture Works - Founded in 1997 by award-winning sculptor Gabriel Marquez and his wife Terri, Gwin Sculpture Works specializes in fine art sculpture in a variety of genres, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, comics and wildlife.
  • Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture - Build your own castle or scifi layout.
  • Home-media - Various Resin figures of all kinds.
  • Hollywood Collectibles Group- Aliens Pulse Rifle, Alien bust, Lord of the Rings Bow, The Spirit Weapons / Gun, Terminator Salvation Knife, Hellboy Sword, Predator Weapons, Rambo Knife and more. High end props from movies and TV shows.
  • Inpayne - Large model gallery. Some nice scifi examples. Exeptional work, including many scratch built subjects.
  • J-Bot Decals - Battlestar Galactica Viper, Star Trek, Star Wars, Aliens, Space 1999 and other decals.
  • Jackill - Scifi blueprint data sheets. Very useful for model building, or just to display in your office. Buck Rogers, Federations ships, Viper from Galactica, Destination Moon, Forbidden Planet, The Invaders, Klingon Starships, Lost in Space, and more.
  • Kitbashed Starships - Kitbashed starship models.
  • Knight Models - Figure models, many that are Scifi and Super Hero related.
  • K & S Metals - All kinds of metal shapes and products for your scratch building needs.
  • Lister Model Works - Instructional Modelling DVDs, and the website has a colorful gallery of built figures.
  • M41A - Web site all about the Alien Pulse Rifles. Information on kits and building your own 1:1 models.
  • MAK25 - Site dedicated to the S.F.3.D / Ma.K. ZbV3000 model kits, designs and other material related to the work of Japanese model maker / artist Kow Yokoyama.
  • Masterpiece Models - Scifi subjects include Time Machine, Liberator, Rocky Jones Space Ranger ship. Many different kinds of Scifi and historical models.
  • Mat Irvine's Site - Mat Irvine is a former member and supervisor of BBC’s Visual-Special Effects Department behind programs including Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, Edge Of Darkness and more. He's also a photographer and an author of several model making books.
  • Model Citizen - Star Trek and Star Wars model information, builds, tips and galleries of many kinds of scifi and figure subjects.
  • Modeler Magic / Modelers & Miniatures- A lot of information about scifi and space modeling. Detailed images, and scratch built models.
  • Model Rocketry and Space Modeling - Apollo, Rockets, Saturn 5, Liberty 7 and others.
  • MojoResin - Resin figure models.
  • Mooncrest Models- Scifi to Horror to Figure kits. A lot of rare and hard to find resin models.
  • NASA - FREE Diagrams and blueprints. Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab and Apollo-Soyuz Projects. These can be useful to detail out your own models, or scratchbuild your own.
  • NewWare - Apollo and Nasa kits, also parts for detailing your projects. Jupiter C. Apollo Command cockpit. MIR. Soyuz. Vostok. Resin and multimedia kits.
  • Nuts Planet - Nutsplanet was founded to manufacture the best quality figures and miniatures. For modelers and miniature painters who expect high end perfection and characters models.
  • Plastruct - All kinds of plastic shapes and supplies to scratch build.
  • Precision Engineering - All kinds of unusual tools and supplies.
  • RAM Lights - All kinds of model kit projects lighting supplies.
  • Randy Cooper Models - Amazing work. Randy has worked in the FX world for Scifi movies and TV Shows. Check out the gallery of his own personal models.
  • Real Space Models - Nasa, Shuttle, and Apollo mission models and detail parts. Multi-media kits.
  • Resin Creations - Resin figure models.
  • Resin Crypt Models - Resin Crypt Models has been using the finest casting mediums available to the industry resulting in kits that are easy to build with minimum clean-up. All of our kits are designed for both the novice and the experinced modelers.
  • Rick Sternbach - Illustrator for movies and TV, including Star Trek.
  • Scifi Model Books - Publications and reference on building and detailing your model kits out.
  • Scifi Model Kits - From Lost in Space to Galactica.
  • Scifi-Models - Large assortment of resin kits to make movie and TV props.
  • Scratch Building Materials - Plastic, metal, shaes. Materials to help you scratch build your next model project.
  • Ship Schematics - Illustrations / Blueprints for Scifi ships and subjects. Battlestar, Star Trek, etc. These can be useful if you want to scratchbuild a model.
  • Skyhook Models - Robots and Spaceship models from the 50's and 60's style movie and TV. Resin multi-media kits.
  • Small Art Works - Detail metal parts for Space 1999 Eagles, Space 1999 spine booster, Probe ship nose, Lunar Tanks, Re-Entry Glider, Space Academy Seeker, Scout Craft.
  • SmoothOn - Casting and molding supplies.
  • Space Art - Scifi models and more. Very detailed and high end photographs make it a good source for model building.
  • Spacecraft Kits- Space Craft SCIENCE KITs are certain to delight anyone with a keen interest in space exploration, almost regardless of age. They are not simple, and they require lots of care to assemble. As such, they offer an "Ah-ha! So that's how it works" satisfaction for those who are inquisitive.
  • Spacemind Modeler - Battlestar Galactica, Colonial Blackbird, Star Trek Enterprise, Colonial Viper.
  • Star Destroyer Project - Scratch building a (large!) Star Wars Star Destroyer. Plus other Star Wars models of all sizes and shapes.
  • Starship Modeler - Awesome Scifi reference pics and information. Some of the best on the web. Good reviews of models and model products.
  • Star Trek Lives - Blueprints of different designs and ships. Sort of like Okudagrams.
  • Star Trek Models - Plastic Star Trek Model Kits.
  • Star Wars Model Kit Gallerys - Pictures of built kits and detail reference information.
  • Star Wars Model Kits - Your favorite model kits in plastic.
  • Stratosphere Models - Babylon 5 resin kits plus a lot more. FDL-6 Sub-Orbital Maneuver Vehicle, Black Project, X-37 H resin kit, space 1999 Laser, Rockwell International DASA X-31, 1/48th scale, Lockheed SSTO Space Shuttle. Highly detailed Real Space and Scifi multi media model kits.
  • Tanks & Trolls - Built kits, : Alien, Predator, Firefly, X-Wing, Powerloader, ED209, Babylon 5. Gallery with completed models.
  • The Collective - Star Trek Scifi models. Tons of pictures.
  • Timeslip Creations - Classic Martian War Machine, Discovery 1, Battlestar Livery Ship, Battlestar Prison Barge. Your source for Sci Fi modeling reference materials. Also has pics of model kit masters, how-to's and lots of pics of some of the most famous vehicles in sci-fi TV and movie history.
  • UGH Models - Custom space ship models. Unique kits.
  • Unicraft Models - Resin kits, of everything from UFOs to experimental aircraft. Including Space Ship One, Boeing X36 UAV, 1/72 Lippisch Rescue Aerodyne (R.A.D.), 1/72 Ushakov LPL Flying Submarine, 1/72 SNCAO/Nieuport ACA-5, and Cypher UAV. Seriously unusual and weird stuff.
  • VoodooFX - All kinds of different kits, from the Nautilus Submarine to 1.1 scale weapons. Voodoo FX is a small effects studio located along the San Francisco peninsula. The shop provides services for model miniatures, lighting, props and special effects work. Also provides design and build services for movies, short films, TV, commercial, theme parks & themed environments.
  • Wave - Plastic model company. Figures. Gundum, Maschinen Kreiger.
  • Weapons of Scifi- Site about weapons used in scifi, from Deckard's Blaster gun to the Alien Pulse Rifles.
  • Wildhouse Models- Scifi models and products.
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