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Scifi, or Science Fiction models go back quite a bit. From the 1950's model companies like Hawk, Revell, Lindberg, were making space ships and alien saucers to give kids of all ages a look into the future.

Now Scifi movies are more popular than ever, and lend themselves to all kinds of model kits for spaceships, starships, rockets, aliens and much more.

Featuring a few kits from the 1930's, like Dick Tracy. Later, some resin models of the Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon ships. These models in the movies lent themselves to great subjects for model builders at home.

During the 1950s we saw great movie scifi subjects like Forbidden Planet, with the C57D flying saucer, and Robby the Robot. Earth vs. the Flying Saucers, the Luna Rocket ship, and the Cosmostrator ship. The ark from When Worlds Collide. Martians from War of the Worlds.

From the 1960s we get the Irwin Allen TV shows, like Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Seaview), Time Tunnel, or Land of the Giants (Spindrift). Several kits have come out of those shows. Not to mention the most popular, Lost in Space. From the B9 Robot to the Jupiter 2.

Movies like 2001 a Space Odyssey sparked a few kits, such as the Moonbus and the Orion shuttle.

From the 1970s we get Alien, Space 1999, classic Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, or Disney's the Black Hole. Even some resin kits from movies such as Silent Running.

In the 1980s, the resin boom was beginning in it's infancy to bring even more scifi model kits to everyone. Like the Gunstar from the Last Starfighter. Or the Landmaster from Damnation Alley. Once the 1990s arrived, the plastic and resin models were in full swing.

Older kits by Revell, AMT, and even MPC started to return. Such as the Star Trek and Star Wars kits of the 1970's. New kits from Babylon 5, Terminator, Seaquest, Blade Runner, and many more TV and movie tie ins.

Suddenly the market changed, and modelers wanted even more Scifi kits. It seemed like a never ending stream of great kits to build. Made with fresh new molds, with slide technology and superior finishes.

With the release of all new kits from Moebius, a new model company to the market, we get the Seaview, the Flying Sub, all new Battlestar Galatica kits from the old and new TV series. They even gave us the Dragonfly from Jonny Quest.

Pegasus, another new model producer, gives us rocket ships, Terminators, T2 tanks and HK Hunter Killers, UFOs, and many more subjects.

Round 2 came out with the much requested large scale 22 inch Eagle from Space 1999. Another kit long awaited and hoped for. As well as the Proteus whicj=h will be kitted by Moebius models.

This is the best time to build Scifi model kits!

Science Fiction Scifi model kits from TV, Movies and more. Irwin Allen, UFOs, Battlestar Galactica, Aliens, Rockets and other kits.

space 1999 eagle blueprints

Eagle Blueprints

masterbox ogrefigure model

Space 1999 Eagle II with Science Lab Pod


masterbox ogrefigure model

Space 1999 Eagle - All New Tooling 2020


moebius 2001 eva pod model kit

2001 Discovery EVA Pod


moebius models 2001 space odyssey discovery

2001: Space Odyssey Discovery - 40 inches long


mpc space 1999 eagle with cargo pod

Space 1999 Eagle with Cargo Pod


mpc space 1999 area 2 nuclear waste dump withmoon buggy

Space 1999 Area 2 Nuclear Waste Dump + Moon Buggy


pegasus haunebu ufo model

Haunebu II Saucer


revell haunebu ufo model

Haunebu II Saucer


moebius moon bus model

2001 Moon Bus


moebius raptor model

Battlestar Galactica Raptor


mpc hawk model

Space 1999 Hawk


mobius proteus model

Fantastic Voyage Proteus Submarine


mobius seaview model

Voyage To the Bottom of the Sea SEAVIEW
Submarine 39 inches Long


mobius seaview flying sub model

Voyage To the Bottom of the Sea Flying Sub


mobius jupiter 2 model

Lost in Space Jupiter II Saucer


mobius chariot model

Lost in Space Chariot


mobius los space pod model

Lost in Space Space Pod


mobius dragonfly model

Jonny Quest Dragonfly SST


pegasus hk model

Terminator T2 HK Machine


pegasus nautilus submarine captain nemo model

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Captain Nemo Nautilus


pegasus space ark model

When Worlds Collide Space Ark


moebius c57d model

Forbidden Planet C57D Saucer


moebius hal 9000 model

Lifesize HAL 9000 Panel


land of the giants snake model

Land of The Giants Snake Diorama


moebius colonial one model

Battlestar Galactica Colonial One


mpc alpha moonbase model

Space 1999 Alpha Moonbase


pegasus galaxy quest model

Galaxy Quest N.S.E.A. Protector Spaceship


pegasus t2 tank model

Terminator T2 Hunter Killer Tank


moebius cylon raider model

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider


plan 9 saucer model

Plan 9 From Outer Space Flying Saucer


lindberg roswell ufo model

Roswell UFO with Figure


pegasus alpha ufo model

( 2 ) Alpha Centauri UFO's with Figures


pegasus area 51 ufo model

Area 51 UFO


halycon alien model

Alien 3 Creature


moebius raider model

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raider


moebius raider model

Apollo 27 Rocket


Lost in Space Derelict Ship


pegasus martian model

War of the Worlds Martian


pegasus martian ship model

War of the Worlds Spaceship


pegasus uncle martin ship model

My Favorite Martian Spaceship with Uncle Martin


atlantis tr3e ufo ship model

TR3E Triangular UFO


polar lights dick tracy ship model

Dick Tracy Space Coupe


moebius voyager ship model

Interplanetary Voyager


moebius voyager ship model

Imperial Guard Valkyrie


atlantis shuttle model

Convair Shuttle

moebius c57d model

Mercury 9 Rocket

pegasus rocketship xm model

Rocketship XM

pegasus moonlander spacecraft


pegasus luna rocketship model

Luna Rocket Ship


pegasus cosmostrator rocketship model

Cosmostrator Rocket Ship

atlantis victory flying saucer

Victory Flying Saucer

atlantis i want to believe ufo

Believe UFO

moebius lost in space b9 robot model kits

Lost in Space B9 Robot

moebius mars attacks figure model

Mars Attacks with Base

moebius kogar ape bob burns tracey figure model kit

Kogar / Tracy / Bob Burns

screamin' rocketeer figure model

The Rocketeer

polar lights godzilla model

Godzilla 16-inch

pegasus tarzan figure model kit

Tarzan of the Apes

steampunk aeronaut figure model

Steampunk Aeronaut

polar lightslindberg godzilla model

Lost in Space Cyclops

pegasus martian tripod model

Martian Tripod

horizon robocop model


titan ae figure model


titan ae figure model

Titan A.E

atlanis monument valley ufo model

Monument Valley UFO

atlanis monument valley ufo model

Monument Valley GLOW UFO

monogram seaquest deep ocean submarine model

Seaquest DSV


Battlestar Galactica Cylon Base


scale model life scifi model book

Scale Model Life -
Volume 2

scale model life magazine volume 6

Scale Model Life
Volume 6

scale model life figures magazine

Scale Model Life -
Volume 3

mpc space 1999 engine bells models

Eagle Metal Engine Bells

round 2 space 1999 eagle accessory pack aluminum model

Eagle Accessory Pack


round2 uss sulaco aliens  model

Aliens USS Sulaco - Due ?

round2 alien queen model

Alien Queen - Due ?



scale model event show









led lights for scale models




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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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