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Before you choose a new paint brush:

If you plan on painting models with a brush, whether it's the whole model, or just for fine detail work, there's a few things you may want to know about paint brushes before you buy them.

First, lets mention the size of a brush. Many times folks are looking for a very fine brush with a fine tip, and think of a size, such as: 000.

000 is considered the thinest brush size. It goes up, such as sizes - 00, 0, 1, 2,3,4,5, etc. The higher the number is, the wider the brush.

Sounds easy right? Not really.

The problem is, brush sizes are not standardized. One brands 00 brush might be the same width as another brands #1. A brush company can name a brush any size they want to.

All you can do is keep this in mind, and if you buy a brush, and you like the size and width, you may want to purchase the same brush in the future.

Now, you also need to know that there are TWO basic kinds of brushes:

Synthetic, and Natural

Synthetic brushes are just that, a synthetic material. They tend to cost less than Natural brushes, so they are more common. While they work fine for general use, after a while the ends will get splintered and frayed. Meaning, the brush is not good for fine detail work after a time, and it's difficult to get the end of the brush to form a point. They need to be replaced more often.

Natural brushes are made from animal hair. They are less likely to fray, and are better able to make a fine point at the end. They also last longer (when cleaned properly). They do cost more than Synthetic brushes, but it's a question of how you want your paint work to look. Some of the best modelers in the world (i.e. contest winners) usually use a Natural brush.

(The hairs can be from several animals, such as hogs, squirrel ,ox , or even goats. Sable is probably the best well known, and considered the ultimate choice).

Most of the brushes I use personally tend to be synthetic. Only because I'm not out to win any contests for painting and I build for myself. I do replace them when they fray, and in some ways, that just gives me an excuse to buy more new brushes (which is a good thing - woohoo!). Luckily Synthetic brushes are less costly, so you can buy quite a few at a time. Eventually all paint brushed will tend to wear out, so it's a modelers choice on which way to go.

Obvioulsy, if you choose the cheapest garbage brushes you can find, your paint work might reflect that. Even if it's more of the brushes fault than your own. So choose wisely. Use the brush that gives you the most confidence in your work, and gives you the quality you want others to see.

It doesn't matter what kind of model you build. Cars, Planes, Ships, figures. You will normally have fine details you'll want to paint.

These are great paint brushes to help you get that detail you're looking for.


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Fine Brush Set

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Model and Miniature Brush Set

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Flat Style Paint Brush Set

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Sable Paint Brush Set

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Detail Paint Brush Set

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Detail Paint Brush Set

sable fine detail paint brush set

Sable Paint Brush Set

paint brush set fine

Detail Paint Brush Set

sable fine detail paint brush set

Paint Brush Set

paint brush set fine

Detail Paint Brush Set

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General Pencil Company The Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver


brush cleaning tub

Brush Tub

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Tabletop Hobby Carousel

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Paint Brush Holder


Tamiya Model Paints

Testors Car Model Paints

Model Paint Sets

Model Weathering Paints

Military Model Paints



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