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Well, it's that time of year, sort of a middle ground type of thing. A time when some of my favorite TV shows are in hiatus, and I have to wait for a new season (hopefully soon).

I'm one of those people I don't watch TV very much. I have a lot of other things I'd rather be doing. I only have an interest to watch specific shows, maybe a movie now and then. But I don't subscribe to cable or something that cost me a hundred bucks a month for 500 channels I will never watch. That's not me. I like to pick and choose.

Anyways, I'm kinda in a landing pattern now. Grimm has ended the season with (possibly) Juliet's death. I'm guessing the show may go in the direction of Trubel helping Nick, and they needed some payroll to afford that on the series, so ... Juliet MUST DIE ! ... maybe. We'll see. Over the seasons I'm glad the show includes Rosale and Monroe as much as it does. Those two characters are great together and add fun to the show.

Agents of SHIELD ends with so much going on, I'm not sure what's going to happen. They already tied it into Age of Ultron, so depending on when the new season starts, it may tie into the Captain America Civil War movie. The already mentioned the Kree (ala, see Guardians of the Galaxy ) and the Inhumans (wish they had Blackbolt and Medusa - team up!). Lots of history and hints all the time, love it ! I wonder what kind of new tech Coulson's new arm will have?

The Flash ended neatly, but no real heads-up as to what may be coming next season. This first season was banging, and had a good arc. I didn't see the big ending coming, so at least it was a surprise. They did everything right with this show, from casting Barry's dad (who played the Flash in the 1990's) to inviting Dr. Mcgee and Mark Hamill as well. If you like Mark Hamill as the Joker, see his original portryal as the Trickster from the 1990's show, and you'll see how he developed the voice that makes a perfect Joker everytime.

The Arrow ends with a few doors closing, and some mysteries as to what's going to really happen. John Borrowman is great in the series as Malcolm, and makes a good (calm) foil to Oliver. He's unpredicatble. Perfect. I could do without the flashbacks, I'm getting tired of those, maybe the next season will have fewer of them. Of course, Felicity Smoak is always perfect, and a fun character. Will we get more Palmer? ( and his Ironman knockoff suit? They even use the same sound effects as Marvel's Ironman - duh!)

Agent Carter was a blast. I like all the 1940's stuff. The first season was staged as new york, and next season will be in LA, because, you know, hollywood execs have never seen a world globe before, or a map of the U.S. They think we only have two cities on the planet, and they pick the shit ones to boot. But they did a great job with the show and I'm looking forward to the next season.

So, what's to look for? Soon, it will be Dr. Who. I like the new Doctor, but I'm tired of Clara. We need a new Companion. We almost got one, but Coleman changed her mind at the last minute, and now we're stuck with her. For at least one more season I guess. We'll see. More to watch for is the Walking Dead. I think there are still some wack jobs they'll have to fight (and I don't mean zombies).

The 100 left the last season with a big ending, and that's an open door. But I ask you, they cleaned out Mt Weather, and then walked away! What ????? Safe underground base, food, clothes, water, electricity ... and they walked back to their crap camp in the woods? That makes no sense. So I'm not sure which direction they'll be going. If they don't clean out those dead bodies from My Weather soon, it'll stink forever in there.

I also liked Haven, Falling Skies, and Defiance, but I don't think those shows are coming back, unfortunately. (Editors note: Defiance and Falling Skies is back!)

Who's got the popcorn?







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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site. Thanks for your support!