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Scale Models - October


It's super October already! The end of the year is creeping up on us all. That means the model companies will be having a mad rush to get every (new) product they can out the door and ready for the Holidays. Which is ok with me, there are some model kits I'm just itching to get.

Recent kits have been coming out already, and Revell has finally popped out the Starsky & Hutch Ford Torino. Even if you're not a fan of the show, you may want to grab a couple just to build it because it's a 1970's car, and it's a Ford. I'm not sure air shocks, and big & little tires will make a come back, but back in the day, that's what we rolled with in the 70's.

It's been a few years (1980s ?) since MPC issued "The General" locomotive. Lucky for us, it's 1/25 scale, so you can find ways to mix and match with some other model parts and pieces. Mat Irvine once use the kit to make a scene like in the Back to the Future movie". So if you feel ambitious, have a go at it. There are certainly plenty of BTTF Delorian kits around. Hopefully the MPC train kit will be out before the end of the year.

Of course, with the new Star Wars movie coming out in December, there's a whole stable of new Star Wars model kits. So far, they're all from Revell. Four of the smaller (kids) versions are out now, and later, four larger scale kits will be issued. Some time before the end of the year I'm sure. In case you didn't notice, the Millennium Falcon now has a hew rectangular antenna (deflector?) on top.

There really hasn't been anything super exciting with the AMT Star Trek kits. Since the Polar Lights 1:350 Enterprise, there's just been a few smaller kits coming, and a reissue of the cutaway Enterprise. Granted, that Polar Lights kit is a very hard act to follow.

That doesn't mean Round won't be giving Scifi fans what they want. With their 22-inch Space 1999 Eagle coming out, they'll have model fans standing in line for that kit, and then some. It's much anticipated. It's at the top of my list this year for sure.

Moebius should be kicking their all new tool of the Mercury Comet out the door soon, and the Pontiac Ventura is just behind it. They've had quite the success with their car and truck models, which is a very good thing, because they don't seem to fear making an all new kit if they think the demand is there. Anyone who's met Frank at a model show knows he's on fire about model kits. And really, how often do you meet someone from any model company in person? Moebius and Frank do it right. And their kits are top notch items.

Hopefully the year will end with a lot of new and interesting kits. But there's always 2016. Maybe someone will give us some hints as to what's coming in the future.

If you're wondering what I'm working on, I am building a few kits. Some for the next issue of Scale Model Life, but also, for me personally, an Italeri PT Boat. I haven't had the time I wish I had lately, but things are going well with them, and I am having some fun with the kits.


On the Scifi front:

There were two shows that came out banging, which were Killjoys, and Dark Matter. I liked both shows. They're a bit gritty, high on action, and lot's of mystery and secrets. Probably the most notable thing is that there is very little techno babble. Which is ok once in a while, I don't have a problem with it. Both shows left us with a cliffhanger so to speak, so I'm hoping both will get renewed.
On Dark Matter, I think Number One is next to useless the way the character is written. But we'll have to see what the next season brings. All I know is that he talks too much, and doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the crew. Even the teenage girl Five is far more interesting story wise, and it makes sense why she might not want to go berserker in a tight situation.

On Killjoys, making the team a threesome with Johns brother just threw a wrench in the whole flow of the show. I do think that John should hook up with the Doctor Simms, she seems to like him (as written) and that could add a dynamic to the show.

Agents of SHIELD is back. Daisy has matured more, and it fits in with the changes to the show. Coulsan has lost his suit, and I HATE THAT. That was his super power. His authority. That's what made him different from the rest of the team. He was the leader. Now he dresses like everyone else, and is virtually un-noticed. I don't feel he represents SHIELD anymore, just a band of people doing what they want.

The show is still good, that's a nit pick from me. And Ward? Why can't this guy just die. This show needs to move on from him. They had to many opportunities to kill him and didn't in the show, which is just clumsy. Ugh.

Just caught the Flash, and that again looks like it's off to a good start. The bad guys are lame, but I get that, it's in line with the comics. The Flash always had low key villains. The Flash beats bad guys more with his wits than using brute force. Again, that fits with the comics. Regardless, it's a fun show to watch.

Dr. Who. *Sigh*. Peter makes a great Doctor, but Clara just never seems to jive with him. If only she was gone, gone, gone. We almost got that wish at the end of the last season, but she chose to stay on. Ever since the very first episode with her and Matt Smith, she has no wonderment in her soul, no imagination. Even the Doctor has that, he still likes to explore and see new things. She just seems to be what has been described, a cold empty shell who wants to get her way.

Eventually she'll be gone, and we can see how Peter C. does with a new companion. Now that would be a new season to watch.


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site. Thanks for your support!