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International Resin Model Cars Online Database with Search - Back Again


Actually, it never really went anywhere. Those of you who use it and visit it regularly already know this. But I've negelected it for a couple of years. Yeah, it's been that long. But it needed some serious updating, and I've taken care of that. Updated web links and new information should make the product pages a little better.

I started the resin car database as a base point, as a hub, as a place where no matter how much time went by or what happened in hte modeling world, there would be a record of some of the greatest resin model cars and trucks ever produced. It's the single most expensive and time consuming part of the entire Rocketfin webste. But I feel it's important, and it needs to be done.

Over the years, (and I've been buying resin models since the late 1980's), there have been dozens of companies, and individuals, that are gone from the business of casting resin car bodies and kits. This happens for several reasons. Many times resin models are made by a person who is a craftsman, and is able to form a car model that is typically not available in plastic kit form. This person has a certain kind of skill that's not very common. They make products that are desirable, of high quality, and are literally hand made, one at a time.

Is it profitable? Probably not. And many resin casters may not be the best business minded. They do it more for their own personal satisfaction than anything, but that doesn't always mean the cash comes flowing in. No matter how well the final resin casting is, a small business can fail. So in many cases, eventually, through loss of money or time, the business closes and that's the end of the line. Another great resin car body is no more.

Sometimes, the folks who cast these products may be older than most of us. They might suffer from an unexpected life or heath problem, and that ends their resin casting days. In some cases, unfortunately, they pass on and die, then their knowledge and highly cultivated skills are gone ... forever. So once again, great resin products are no longer available. But as modelers, we remember their names, and we remember their resinproducts.

Many of the models you will see in the databse are no longer available. But the images and information is a tribute to the skilled masters who may have passed on, or just no longer make resin car models. If you come across such a resin kit, think about the craftsman, of his / her skills and abilities, making such a great casting that, at least in this database, lives on. The database is a living history for all to see and use, a history of resin cars and truck models, going back decades. Even after past Masters are gone, we will never forget their work.

At this time, there are over 1600 resin models in the database. But more are being added. Several generous people have contributed their own images, to preserve them, such as Dave from SoCalCarCulture and Tom at Spotlight Hobbies. Others have contributed as well, to help make it grow, and keep a record of the great resin cars and truck models that have been produced. Do you have a resin model that's not included yet? Have some good images and info? Feel free to share them with me to add to the database.

While the resin database preserves model kits that may not be in production any more, it also has current and new products. Those products have links to where they can be purchased, and I hope you will support those small business' that make these models, ONE BY ONE, BY HAND, so that they can continue to make the cars and trucks we all look forward to building.

Want to support the Database and spread the word? Here are some web banners for your site. Or just link to the Database Search page. Let's keep the current resin casters going, and preserve the heritage of those who went before.

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site. Thanks for your support!