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Model Kits for 2014


It's getting to be that time of the year where model companies are throwing everything they have to get kits out the door. But this time of year also means that some model companies save the best for last, and 2014 is no excepton.

Moebius models has just released their all new 1966 Adam West Batman figure, and it looks like it's going to be a winner. Soon will be the Catwoman, and Robin. But no word yet on if those will make it in time to be a 2014 kit release. If they do, it will be right down to the wire. They should also be recieving their Ford Ranger F150 Pickup Truck kits any day now. I think at last report they were "on the water", so I think they'll make it here just in time.

Moebius has taken their time with this truck kit, to make it as accurate as possible, and they won't settle for less than perfection. But time has run out, and they've got to get it out for us builders to buy, so let's hope it all works out. Note that the trucks will be made as two issues, the second version will be a short bed and issued under the Model King label, so we're actually getting two great kits at the same time! They're working on some other car kits, but I don't expect to see any solid news on those till 2015.

Another mention for Moebius is that the Elvira Figure kit will be reissued (possibly), so if you missed out on that one, or just couldn't get a hold of as many as the kits as you wanted, now's your chance. Do you build 1/12 model cars? I've seen modelers modify Elvira to sit in the car, especially hot rods, so I may stock up on a few more of those myself just for that purpose.

On the Scifi end of things, Moebius will release a few 1/72 Battlestar Galactica kits before the end of the year. The Jonny Quest Dragonfly won't be till 2015, but it's a much anticipated kit. The Galactica Colonial One is right on the edge, it culd be 2014 or just over the line in 2015. We'll have to wait on that one. I want to mention that a lot of the Moebius Super Hero kits have been discontinued: Green Lantern, Superby, Wonder Woman, etc. So if you've had your eye on any of those, now's the time to get them (before the silly higher collector prices kick in when they're hard to find).

Looking into 2015, Moebius says they will be making a kit of the Frank Frezetta "Death Dealer, and the Fantastic Voyage "Proteus" from the famous movie. I wonder if it will include a figure of Raquel Welch? They have also mentioned making a shuttle ship "Ranger" from the movie Interstellar, but that will probably be deep into the next year. A 1965 Plymouth Satellite has been mentioned, as well as the Lindberg "Touch Tone Terror", Plymouth "Lawman" Belvedere, 1965 Mercury Comet, and a Pontiac Ventura.

Revell always seems to be a bit secretive on future releases. I think this is a mistake, because with the internet and social networks, they miss the opportunities to get the word out, and build up demand and anticipation for future products. Many modelers have to budget what models they buy. We would all like to buy every model that comes out, but that's not how it works in reality. With limited funds (like most of us), modelers have to pick and choose how we spend our money. So the sooner we know about a product, the sooner we can plan ahead and budget for the releases. Not only that, it's free advertising to get your product mentioned socially, on forums, in blogs, whatever. Pictures help. Some other model companies use these tools to their advantage (Moebius, Round2) but Revell needs to build anticipation better.

Anyway, having covered all that, they do have a few kits poping out here at the end of 2014. The most anticipated is probably the Ford Torino from Starsky & Hutch. Or as Hutch calls the car, the "Striped Tomato". They are also releasing some new prepainted musclecar kits that have fewer parts and are easier to assemble. These kits do feature an engine, but with metal axles and a lot of molded in detail (such as on the chassis). I believe these are a direct reponse to AMT's "Showroom Replicas", which are similar. I don't have a problem with either model series. With the cost of paint going up (between $6.00 and $8.00 a can), I can see how a prepainted kit can save a modeler a lot of cash. Revell will also be producing a Ford Raptor pickup truck kit at the end of 2014.

It's a snap kit, but will be welcome to all car modelers, since there's no other plastic alternative. And I don't think it will be to hard to cut open the hodd and slap a V8 in it if needed. Well, since revell doesn't say much about new products in the pipeline, there isn't much to report on. We'll just have to wait for December and see what happens. 2015 will be a whole new ball game as far as releases, nobody knows.

Pegasus should be producing a Mars Lander, designed by Ron Cobb (who did art / production work for Alien, among other films). I don't think it will make it for 2014, but the response for the model has been positive. It's a huge kit, I think modelers will enjoy building it once it's out. I believe they are also working on the Saucers from Earth vs. the Flying Saucers. These were stop motion in the film by none other than Ray Harryhausen, so it's a great tribute to his work. Should be a fun it to build. I recently watch the movie (colorized, done well) and the film effects still hold up pretty good even today.

Round2 has a Space 1999 Eagle coming out here at the end of 2014. It's the same basic MPC Eagle, but with a resin Booster Pack and Science Lab cargo container. This is a great idea, using an existing kit but giving modelers even more for their money. Round 2 is good at this, and they've been successful at it for quite a few years now. The kit is a limited edition issue, so make sure that's on your list, and get them right away when they come out. For 2014, they should also be releasing the Donnie Allison Mercury Cyclone, AMC AMX, two Chevy Corvair kits, and one more Star Trek cadet series of ships. There's no solid information on what's in store for 2015, except their Alien Nostromo ship model, and the resin (or vinyl) Kane from the same movie. Also the Alien Queen figure. They plan on making a 1/32 scale Galileo Shuttle from the TOS Star Trek, but there's no solid news except that if they do it, it will be something for the next year. (this is a kit I really want to get myself).

Galaxie Limited (the folks who make those trailer kits) have announced they will be producing a 1947 Chevy Coupe and a 1947 Chevy Fleetmaster (woody). No exact date has been mentioned, so it could be 2014, but probably at the beginning of 2015.

ICM will be continuing in the 1/24 car model market with the release of two kits, the Ford Model T Roadster and the Ford Touring. Though these will probably be in early 2015, it's hard to say.

Italeri, as far as I know, has two truck kits that should make it out at the end of 2014. Their Peterbilt 378, and their Volvo VN780. Both are popular kits and should sell well. Let's hope they make it out this year.

So there's a brief recap for the end of the year. I'm sure I missed a few kits here and there. As this year winds down, we'll get some all new kits for our collection, and some new builds under our belts. And it's just a matter of time till we find out what awaits us for 2015. Let's hope we get more great kits for the upcoming year!


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