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Adding LED lights and bulbs to a model kit can really bring it to life. It used to be these bulbs and electronic parts were harder to find, or more expensive. But like everything, over time, the prices have dropped dramatically with mass production.

So you now you can easily afford to light up a model kit, throw a battery and a few LED lights in it, and you're good to go.

There are a couple of ways you can use lights. But the power souce is normally some kind of DC battery. A 9v is common because of it's small size, and it can put out the power needed to run several lights.

When lighting a model, you only have to decide where you want to place the power source. In some models, you can put the battery inside the model. By hiding a switch, a push button one is handy, you can turn the model's lights off and on by just using the button, and the model is more portable.

Other ways are to build the power source into a base, and attach the model to it that way. So you need a contact, or a pole or something to make the contact and carry the current, and of course, more wiring.

LED bulbs are typically cool and don't put out much heat. So you can add them to almost any plastic, resin or vinyl model kit.

LED lighting and electronics for scale models. Typical popular sizes are:

  • 1.8mm
  • 3mm
  • 5mm
  • 10mm

When you have an electrical component, and a DC power source that is more than it can handle, for instance, a 9v battery, resistors are needed. A resistor is inserted between the LED bulb and the battery so that it doesn't burn out.

The smaller 1.88mm bulbs can normally use a 2032 battery, which is 3V, without a resistor if needed.

NOTE: that while the lense end of the LED bulb appears clear, it will light up / glow the specified color once power is attached to it.


scale model life scifi model book

Scale Model Life -
Scifi Edition

The LEDs use DC (Direct Current) power. From 3-volt to 12-volt.

2032 battery

3-Volt CR2032 Battery

duracell 9 volt battery

9-Volt Battery

12 volt  battery

12-Volt Battery

These LEDS already have the resistor attached. Which means you don't have to solder them and insulate them all together by yourself. The other end is like any other wire - just clean off some of the insulation and use them.
They're ready to go.

led red bulbs prewired

10 Pack - 3mm LEDs - RED

led blue bulbs prewired

10 Pack - 3mm LEDs - Blue

led red bulbs prewired

10 Pack - 3mm LEDs - RED

led green bulbs prewired

10 Pack - 3mm LEDs - Green

led amber bulbs prewired

10 Pack - 3mm LEDs - Amber

led white clear bulbs prewired

10 Pack - 3mm LEDs - White

fast flashing led bulbs

20 Pack - 5mm Fast Flashing Colors

50 led bulbs

50 Pack - 5MM - Mixed Colors

flashing blue led bulbs

50 Pack - 3mm - Flashing Blue

flashing red led bulbs

20 Pack - 10mm - Blinking Red

These LEDS are more for the folks who are more familiar with electronics.
The bulbs and resistors are separate parts, so you have to solder them and insulate them yourself.

300 led bulbs

300 Pack - 3mm 5mm Assorted Color 2pin Diffused LED Light Emitting Diodes

led light bulbs with resistors

Assorted 5mm LEDs with Resistors
(8 Colors, Pack of 80)

led white lights

5mm Clear Warm White LED with
Resistors (Pack of 100)

led white lights

5mm Clear Blue LED with
Resistors (Pack of 100)


Fast-Blinking 5mm LED bulbs with
Resistors (Pack of 30)


Slow-Rotating 5mm LED bulbs with
Resistors (Pack of 30)

200 ohm resistors

200 Ohm Resistors - 1/4 Watt - 5% - 200R (100 Pieces)

9v battery terminals for  lighting

9v Battery Clip Snap Accessories
(10-piece Pack)

push button switches

20 Pack - Push Button Switch

control boxes for switches and lighting

2 of - 9V Battery Holder Storage
Cases withan ON/OFF Switch

led 3mm cups for led lighting

1/16" Black Shrink Ratio Heat Shrink
10-foot Section

led 3mm cups for led lighting

3/32" Black Shrink Ratio Heat Shrink
10-foot Section

led strip light connectors

10 Pack - LED Strip Connectors

micro led kits

2 of Micro LED String Lights

glowing tube wire neon

Electroluminescent Light
Various Color Options

led strip lights

16-Feet - LED Strip Lights
You can cut the strip every 3 lights to the size needed for your project.

led strip light connectors

Glowing Neon Strip
Various Color Options

neon strobing lights

Glowing Wire Kits
Various Color Options

Want to run power to hard to reach places on a model? Conductive copper tape is the way to go. If you don't have room for wires, this tape can easily be applied to carry current. CLICK HERE to see how it works.

copper tape conductive

Conductive Copper Tape 1-inch

copper tape conductive

Conductive Copper Tape 1/4-inch

2032 battery holder

5 - CR2032 Battery Black
Round Button Holder
Box with Cover

heat shrink tubing

328 Pack - Heat Shrink Tubing

2032 battery holder

2 - Black CR2032 Battery Round Button Holder Socket with Cover

red black wire spool

40FT 18 Gauge Single Color LED Wire
Red and black wires - can't get much simpler than that. Power & Negative.

wire connectors for led

Male - Female - Connectors

led mounting holder

50 Pieces Mounting Holder
Panel with Metal Nut

strip terminals for led

Dual Row Screw Terminal Strip

led wire terminals electrical

Red Pre Fork Terminal Strips

soldering iron holder tool

Soldering Iron Holder

soldering iron station tool

Soldering Iron & Station

led wire

22 Gauge Stranded Wire Set

Also available: 26 Gauge | 24 Gauge
18 Gauge | 14 Gauge

heat shrink butt connectors

Heat Shrink Butt Connectors Kit
Blue, Red, Yellow Sizes

titan 11477wire crimper tool

Ratcheting Wire Terminal Crimper
For Blue, Red, Yellow Sizes

Coordinating Wire Gauges and Connector Colors:

  • Red = 22-18 Gauge
  • Blue = 16-14 Gauge
  • Yellow = 26-24 Gauge



Electrical Rosin Core Solder


3m electrical tape 88

3M Electrical Tape

moebus cylon raider lights





plastic materials for scratch building scale models

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