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Getting products from modern Soviet Russia is a problem , at least in the USA, because we have so many sanctions against them.

It's very easy to get products, especially model kits, from communist China - but Russia? Forget it. We do get some from Ukraine - a sort of work around. And there are many model producers - both plastic and resin - located there.

But in the end we're all missing out on some cool car models and probably even 1/24 heavy truck kits made by the Russian people.

Many of the kits available, subject wise, are military in nature, and around 1/35 scale. But that is better than nothing. Many of these can be painted and modified as civilian / commercial vehicles with a little imagination.

The early GAZ trucks are actually made from Ford tooling from the USA (given to the Russians by our US government during WWII) so in a sense they are a second cousin if you want to build early Ford trucks.

Soviet / Russian cars models can include: Lada, UAZ, Zis, Moskvich, Skoda, Volga, Tatra, Avtovaz, Kamaz, and many more.

These are Soviet and Russian model cars and truck kits.

Unfortunately, there are not many model subjects, even though the country makes some unusual vehicles and interesting styles.



  • HD Russian Trucks
  • Russian Ship Models
  • icm zil131 emergency truck model kit

    Soviet ZiL131 6x6 Emergency Truck


    icm firetruck soviet 15519

    Heavy Duty Bush Firetruck


    trumpeter aa60 russian fire truck airport model

    Russian AA60 ARFF Airport Rescue


    icm chernobyl fire truck model kit

    Fire Fighters Firetruck + 4 Figures &
    Diorama Base with Background


    GAZ M20 Pobeda Soviet Car


    GAZ M20 Cabriolet Soviet Car


    icm russian moskvitch car model

    Soviet Moskvitch Car


    Soviet Moskvitch Saloon Car


    Soviet GAZ 1 Car


    GAZ Pickup


    Russian Field Car


    Russian GAZ 67B


    Soviet RF8 / GAZ98 Aerosan


    revell zil 131 truck model kit

    Russian ZIL 131 6x6 Cargo Truck


    zvezda russina cargo truck model kit

    Soviet 6x6 Cargo Truck


    ZIL-131 Soviet Cargo Truck


    zvezda mustang truck model kit

    Russian Three Axle Cargo Truck


    takom typhoon truck model kit

    Russian MRAP Typhoon K Truck


    Pantsir Greyhound


    Russian Combat Vehicle 96K6 Pantsir-S1 ADMGS


    trumpeter maz truck model kit

    Soviet MAZ/KZKT537L Cargo / Airport Truck


    Russian Kamaz Cargo Truck


    trumpeter 4320 truck model kit

    Russian URAL Cargo Truck


    icm zil 131 truck model kit

    Soviet ZIL131 Cargo Truck with Driver Figure


    Russian Federation Army Ural4320 Armored Vehicle


    GAZ66 Russian Light Cargo Truck


    GAZ66 Russian Oil Tanker


    trumpeter maz 7313 truck model kit

    Soviet MAZ 7313 Cargo Truck


    icm zil recovery truck model kit

    Russian ZIL 131 Recovery Truck


    Russian ZIL 131 Truck


    URAL 4320 Russian Truck


    Russian KrAZ-260 Cargo Truck


    Ukraine KRA 6322 Cargo Truck


    Russian K4386 Typhoon


    zvezda tiger m truck model kit

    Russian Armored Vehicle with ARBALET Tiger M


    meng tiger truck model kit

    Russian STS Tiger Armored High Mobility Vehicle


    Russian GAZ Armored Vehicle with Missile System Kornet


    Soviet Zil 157K 6X6 Cargo Truck


    miniart gaz 30 model kit

    GAZ-03-30 1938 Bus


    miniart models passenger bus kit

    1930s Passenger Bus


    miniart gaz ambulance  truck model kit

    GAZ 05 184 Dual Axle Ambulance


    miniart staff bus model kit

    GAZ-05-193 Dual Axle Bus


    miniart bz 38 russian tanker fuel truck model

    BZ 38 Refueller


    miniart gaz truck model kit

    GAZ MM Mod 1.5t Cargo Truck + Figure


    miniart gaz mm truck model kit

    Russian GAZ Cargo Truck + Figure


    zvezda gaz mm truck model kit

    GAZ MM Cargo Truck


    miniart field kitchen model kit

    Soviet 2T Truck with Field Kitchen & Figures


    miniart cargo gaz truck model kit

    Soviet GAZ-AAA Dual Axle Cargo Truck + Figures


    Soviet GAZ-AA


    Soviet GAZ-AAA Cargo Truck


    mini art soviet gaz aa tow truck model kit

    Soviet GAZ-AA Tow Truck


    hobby boss russian zis soviet truck modelo kit

    Russian Zis-5 Truck


    Russian GAZ AAA Truck


    Russian GAZ AAA Truck


    Gaz AAA 1943 Cargo Truck With Figures


    GAZ AA 1943 Cargo Truck


    bronco soviet gaz aaa cargo truck model kit

    Soviet GAZ-AAA Dual Axle Cargo Truck


    Soviet GAZ Wheet Set


    GAZ Volga


    GAZ Volga


    GAZ 12 ZIM


    Soviet Union GAZ Volga Gaz M20 Pobeda Cabrio


    Soviet Union GAZ Volga


    Russian Car


    Autovaz Lada



    GAZ Volga M22


    GAZ 13 Presidential Car


    Soviet Road Roller









    Glue Deal


    tamiya paint stand tool

    Model Paint Stand


    Hobby Tool Sets


    Detail Brush Set









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    As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site. Thanks for your support!