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The PT Torpedo Boats of WWII were a new idea at the time. The boats were built of plywood, so they could be manufactured quickly,and repaired even faster.

They used 3 Packard V12 engines for more than 300+ horsepower. They were designed to to speed in on ships, fire their torpedoes and then high tail it out of harms way. All the while taking flak and gun fire while engaging with the targets.

There have been several scale models of the PT boats, the Elco type. But the one from Italeri is the most accurate. The crew of the PT 109 had fastened a deck gun to the bow on their own, and it was not originally part of the boats armament. The Italeri PT 109 accurately protrays this hasty modification.

Other countries had similar fast attack boats during the war, but the the American PT series are probably the most famous and well known to the public.

Italeri makes several 1:35 scale attach boats. The German S100 is one of the largest scale plastic models ever made by a model company.

PT-Boats (Torpedo Boats) are some of the most popular subjects when it comes to boat models. Made famous by Kennedy's PT109 service in WWII, these boats were high powered (3 Packard V12's !) and attacked shipping and protected our ships during the war. Other countries built similar boats, from the Italian MAS to the Germans Schnellboots.

allied torpdeo boat model kits

ShipCraft Special:
Allied Torpedo Boats

revell pt109 new tooling model

1/72 PT109 (New Tooling) - Due 2018

italeri schnellboot s-18 german boat

1/35 German Schnellboot S-38 - Due 2018

italeri pt boat elco pt109 model kit

1/35 Torpedo Boat PT-109
Measures 28 inches long when complete. Highly detailed kit.
This model features the correct makeshift gun the crew mounted on the front bow and makes it one of the most accurate PT109 models ever produced.

merit g5 russian pt boat model kit

1:35 G-5 Soviet Motor Torpedo Boat
The G-5 was a Soviet motor torpedo boat built before and during World War II. Approximately 300 were built over the course of its production.

tmerit pt boat model kit

1/48 Elco 80 PT Boat / Late Type
The model is around 20 inches long when assembled.
It has over 450 Parts.

meri elco 80 pt boat model kit

1/48 Elco PT Boat / Early Type
The model is around 20 inches long when assembled.
It has over 450 Parts.

airfix raf air sea rescue launch boat model kit

RAF Air Sea Rescue Launch
Initially the RAF Air Sea Rescue Launch craft were based around the south-eastern coast of Britain, known as 'Hellfire Corner'. The RAF Air Sea Rescue motto was 'The Sea shall not have them'. The Type 2 was seen as the ultimate machine at the time and many aircrews owed their lives to the ability of the launch and its crews to be able to detect and rescue them. The model kit includes decals for the 1941 and 1944 versions. 155 Parts. Around 10 inches when assembled.

airfix vosper motor torpedo boat model kit

Vosper Motor Torpedo Boat
The smallest and fastest of the operational Royal Navy craft during the Second World War was the Vosper Torpedo Boats. These types of boats had four 18in torpedo tubes on their flushed deck. Other duties for the boats included minelaying, and the delivery and collection of agents and commandos to and from the enemy coastline. Kit has (4)18-inch torpedo tubes, (2)Vickers twin-mount machine guns, (2) 0.50 caliber machine guns, twin-mount Oerlikon 20 mm cannon, and (5) crew figures. The completed model is approximately 12" long. 189 Parts.

italeri vosper mtb nazaire raid model kit

1/35 Vosper MTB 74 St. Nazaire Raid
Highly detailed kit.

italeri mas 568 boat model kit 1/35 scale

1:35 scale Italian M.A.S. 568 4a Series Second World War
The M.A.S. model kit hull is 21.73 Inches long. The model includes a photoetch fret, clear parts sheet, ropes and screws. Decals enable completion as the M.A.S. 568, Garzuf (Yalta), Black Sea (Russia), summer 1942.

italeri 1/35 pt boat crew figures model

1/35 PT Boat Crew Figures

italeri 1/35 mas boat crew figures model

1/35 MAS Boat Crew Figures

eduard 1/35 s100 schnellboot pjotoetch

1/35 S100 Schnellboot Photoetch

eduard 1/35 elco italeri pt596 photoetch

1/35 Elco PT596 Photoetch Details

italeri vosper crew

1/35 Vosper Crew Figures

italeri pt109 crew

1/35 PT-Boat Crew Figures

1/35 resin old pier model

1/35 The Old Pier

italeri pt109 crew

1/35 Schnellboot Crew Figures

italeri royal navy vosper pt boat model kit

1:35 British Royal Navy MTP Vosper Plastic Model Kit
This 1/35 Vosper MTB 77 is a testimony to how Italeri's craftsmen bring reality to life. It's no wonder they chose the large scale to recreate, with completely new tooling, the 72 foot 6 inch Vosper. The kit is crammed with every possible feature that can be designed into this model.

italeri ship paint model kits

Acrylic Paint Set - MTB and Ships

italeri 1/35 long dock model

1/35 Long Dock
Modular Kit. Buy additional boxes to extend your dock diorama. Ideal complement for all Italeri 1:35 scale models.

italeri 1/35 dock with stairs model

1/35 Dock with Stairs
Modular Kit. Buy additional boxes to extend your dock diorama. Ideal complement for all Italeri 1:35 scale models.

1/35 resin harbor model

1/35 Old Harbor

1/35 resin harbor model

1/35 River Embankment

italeri schnellboot s100 model kit

1/35 Schnellboot Type S-100
39-inches long. The world's biggest 1/35 scale plastic model kit. Included is a unique, beautifully printed Photographic Reference Manual (PRM) containing in-depth photos and diagrams of the real Schnellboot S-100.
Over 650 parts including more than 90 photo-etched parts.
More Photoetch Available

revell PT167 torpedo  boat model kit

1/72 PT167 Torpedo Boat
Take command of a WWII torpedo boat with the PT 167! Features a one-piece hull, a textured deck, a detailed superstructure and bridge, two twin machine guns, one Oerlikon and mount, separate drive shafts and props, crew figures, four torpedoes, two marking options and a display stand.

Lindberg PT109 boat model kit

1/64 PT Torpedo Boat
WWII US Navy PT Boat. Crew members included.

Lindberg PT109 boat model kit

1/72 PT109 Torpedo Boat

83 pieces molded in dark green. Includes four torpedo tubes, two twin 50 caliber machine guns, a 20mm cannon, a life raft. Contains clear assembly instructions with a detailed synopsis of Kennedy's exciting and dangerous voyage. Includes a display stand and Waterslide decals are included. Four crew figures, and three rudders, propellers and shafts are all included

airfix german s-boat model kit

1/72 German S-Boat Kit
Detailed 1/72 scale assembly model kit of the German Schnellboot ("Fast Boat"), a class of torpedo boat deployed by the German Navy in World War II. Commonly called "E-boats" by the Allies, the Schnellboot or "S-Boot" were twice as large as comparable American and British fast torpedo boats of the era, and as the result of their size, the S-Boats performed well in rough seas. S-Boats were often used to patrol the waters off Baltic Sea and the English Channel in order to intercept shipping heading for the English ports in the south and east. This Airfix 1/72 scale assembly kit features 290 parts.

dumas pt212 higgins pt boat model rc kit

Elco PT108 Patrol Torpedo Boat Kit
Updated plans and instructions, improved running hardware installation instructions, and added detailing galore are all part of the improved 33 in. version of the PT-109. Construction of this all wood kit is out of the high quality die-cut mahogany plywood and mahogany veneer planking. The detailing on this PT-109 is a huge improvement over the old kit. Build your own piece of World War II history with the updated PT-109. Length 33 inches. Beam 9 inches.

dumas pt212 higgins pt boat model rc kit

Higgins PT212 Patrol Torpedo Boat Kit
Length: 30 1/2" Beam: 8". The Higgins Patrol Torpedo Boat served in the Mediterranean theater of operation durring WWII with distinction. Kit Features: Vacuum-formed hull, Scale decals, Laser-cut wood parts, Die-cut wood parts

pt boats model kits

US Patrol Torpedo
Boats: World War II

pt boats pt157 model kits

PT-157: A Scale Model
Builder's Notebook

building the italeri pt-boat model kit

Building, Detailing, and Converting the PT-596

building pt boats

Building the PT Boats:
An Illustrated History

german s-boat schnellboote  model ships

#6 German S-boats Schnellboote


building pt boats behind the scenes

PT Boats Behind
The Scenes

elco 80 pt boat models in action

ELCO 80 PT Boat -
On Deck Color Series

american pt boat is wwii

American Pt Boats in
World War II

pt boat models in action

PT Boats in Action


vosper pt boat models in action

Vosper MTBs in Action


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