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Paper Card Scale Models can be a good model project. With simply some glue and patience, you can make a nice scale model to display.

You don't even need paint as most of them are printed in color!

They are often fairly priced far below other modeling alternatives (wood, plastic, etc) and don't require any special tools.

Paper models have been around for a long time. For thousands of years in countries like China.

These modern kits are printed in color, complete with details and sometimes even weathering, to give you an accurate display model.

They are referred to as paper models, but many (probably most) are actually cardboard, so they're more sturdy and easy to work with than older style paper kits.


paper pirate ship model

Pirate Ship

paper dragons model

Paper Dragons

verlag fishing cutter paper card model

1/100 Fishing Cutter

verlag pyramid valley temple paper card model

1/400 Egyptian Pyramid

lighthouse hatteras paper card model

1/150 Hatteras Lighthouse

meijo japanese castle paper card model

1/300 Nagoya Castle

kyoto temple paper card model

Kyota Temple

paper cathedral castle paper card model

1/150 Cathedral

russian boat paper card model

1/100 Skadovski Boat

paper bismarck ship paper card model

1/250 Bismarck

british 88 comet paper card model

1/33 DH 88 Comet Race Plane

russian tug boat paper card model

1/100 Tugboat

haunted house paper card model

Haunted House

ferrari f1 paper card model

1/24 Ferrari F1

ussr bus paz paper card model

1/25 USSR Bus

ussr bus zil paper card model

1/25 USSR Bus

dump truck paper card model

1/32 Dump Truck

ussr volga paper card model

1/25 Volga Gaz24

farm tractor paper card model

1/25 Farm Tractor

crane truck paper card model

1/25 Crane

belarus farm tractor paper card model

1/25 Tractor Equipment

gaz 51 truck paper card model

1/25 GAZ 51 Truck

soviet truck paper card model

1/25 YAZ Truck

soviet kraz 260 truck paper card model

1/25 AMO 15 Truck

soviet kirovets 700a truck paper card model

1/25 Kirovets 700A

honda s2000 paper card model

1/18 Honda S2000

soviet amo 15 bus paper card model

1/25 AMO Bus

construction roller paper card model

1/25 Construction Roller

gaz 51 truck paper card model

1/25 AMO 15 Truck

lotus seven eleven paper card model

1/24 Lotus 7-11

studebaker us6 truck paper card model

1/25 Studebaker US6

soviet training plane paper card model

1/33 Training Aircraft

ussr minelayer paper card model

1/200 Minelayer Ship

torpedo boat paper card model

1/50 Torpedo Boat

diesel locomotive paper card model

1/87 Diesel Locomotive

torpedo boat paper card model

1/87 Electric Train

admiral boat ussr paper card model

1/50 Admiral Boat

bmw motorcycle r16 paper card model

1/10 BMW R16

venetian gondola paper card model

1/33 Venetian Gondola

ferrari f1 paper card model

1/25 Ferrari F310

cessna 150 paper card model

1/24 Cessna 150

douglas dc7 paper card model

1/50 Douglas DC7

super constellation paper card model

1/50 Constellation

graf zeppelin  paper card model

1/200 Graf Zeppelin

qpaper truck trailer paper card model

1/35 Big Rig & Trailer

verlag super cub paper card model

1/24 Super Cub

star wars r2d2 paper card model

Millenium Falcon

star wars r2d2 paper card model

R2D2 Droid

cobra stallone custom mercury car paper card model

Cobra Custom Mercury

back to the future train paper card model

BTTF Train

cobra stallone custom mercury car paper card model

Jason & the Argonauts Ship

leyton f1 car paper card model

Bolide Leyton F1

queen elizabeth ii ship paper card model

1/400 Queen Elizabeth II Ship

verlag land rover 109 paper card model

1/24 Land Rover 109

roman  ship paper card model

Roman Quinquereme

howard hughes h1  paper card model

1/24 Howard Hughes H1 Racer

paper planes model

Paper Planes

paper star wars millenium falcon model

Millenium Falcon

Assembling paper models will require glue. Your first thought is probably use an Elmer's or other "white" glue. Those glues are good, but they have a lot of moisture / water to them, and they can wrinkle the paper / card stock.

Professional paper model builders prefer other types of glues that are more suited to paper model kits. I list some optons here to help you built the best possible paper model you can. You may want to use a combination of glues to get te best results.


book binders ph neutral adhesive

Book Binding
Ph Neutral Adhesive

aleenes tacky glue

Aleenes Tacky Glue

sobo craft glue

SOBO Craft Glue

elmers rubber cement

Elmers Rubber Cement

glue brush

Glue Brushes

wood clothpins

50 Clothpins / Clamps


These models below are made from paper!

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supercruise melbourne florida model show


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