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The Nissan Skyline cars have been around for decades. Only more recently has the rest of the world taken notice of the cars with the beginnings of the R version - Nissan's super car that brought a whole new generation into the Nissan fold.

Of course the Skyline started out as most cars do. Just a plain jane everyday car, often times a family 4-door sedan.

While popular, it was the GTR versions that brought the model into the limelight. The GTRs were a beefed up version of the typical Skyline - but not every Skyline is a muscle car like the GTR.

The first Skyline was built around 1957. How's that for a family history? But by a company called Prince (which later merged into Nissan).

Skylines are best know for their model , or body code. We don't use those much in the USA, but think of the way BMW does it, with their E30 or E36 chassis.

Skylines (and GTRs) are known by their particular models than span different years, on up to the latest models.

Skyline & GTR Models:

ALSI-1 - 1957

S-50 - !963

C-10 - 1968 (this also started the GTR version models)

C110 - 1972 (also sometimes referred to as the KenMeri Skyline)

C210 - 1977

R30 - 1981

R31 - 1985

R32 - !989

R33 - 1993

R34 - 1999

R35 - 2007

R36 - 2022?


Great model s of the famous Nissan Skyline and GTR cars.

All your favorite version from the family sedans to the fastest GTR super car versions.

the car modellers handbooks

Modellers Handbook

R35 Liberty Walk Nissan GTR


R35 Libertywalk Advan GTR


R35 Libertywalk GTR


R35 Libertywalk GTR


R35 Libertywalk GTR


Official Nissan GTR


Nissan GTR Safety Car


Nissan GTR


Western Police GTR


Nissan Skyline 350GT NISMO


R35 Nissan GTR SpecV


R35 Nissan GTR


R35 Nissan GTR


R34 Nissan Skyline GTR


R34 Nissan Skyline GTR


R34 Nissan Skyline Patrol


R34 Nissan Skyline VSpec II




R34 NISMO Skyline Z-Tune GTR


Nissan Skyline GTR with Engine




tamiya gto model

R34 Nissan Skyline GTR V-Spec II


R34 Nissan Skyline 25GT Turbo


tamiya nissan gtr model

R34 Nissan GTR Z-TUNE


Nissan Skyline


R34 Nissan Skyline URAS


R34 Nissan Skyline NISMO Parts


hasegawa 2000gt model

R33 Nismo Skyline GT-R


R33 Skyline GTR


R33 Skyline GTR Wheel / Tire Set


tamiya skyline gtr model

Nissan GTR Skyline V-Spec


fujimi nismo gt model

R32 Nissan Skyline NISMO GT


R32 Nissan GTR Spec II


tamiya gtr nismo model

R32 Nissan GTR Skyline NISMO Custom


R32 Skyline GTS Type M


R32 Skyline GTR


R31 Nissan Skyline GTSX Twincam


R31 NISMO Nissan Skyline GTS


R31 Nissan Skyline GTSX Turbo


R30 Nissan Skyline RSX


Nissan Skyline RSX


GC211 Nissan Skyline Japan Turbo


Nissan Skyline 2000 Turbo GTES



C210 Nissan Skyline GTES


KenMeri Skyline 2000 GTR


CG110 KenMeri Skyline


CG110 KenMeri Skyline


Skyline 2000 GT


Skyline 2000GT


Skyline 2000 GTR


KenMeri GTR


C110 Skyline 2000 FullWorks


Liberty Works KenMary


LB Works Ken Mary Patrol Car


LB Works Ken Mary


Liberty Walk LB Works Charasuka


Liberty Walk Shakotan Koyaji Hakosuka


Skyline HT 2000 GTX


Skyline 2000 GTX


GC10 Skyline 2000GT


C10 Skyline GTR


Skyline 2000 GTR


tamiya skyline 2000 model

Nissan Skyline 2000 GTR Hard Top


C10 Nissan Skyline GTR


Nissan Skyline GTR


Skyline 2000GTB S54B


Nissan Skyline HT2000


Nissan Skyline JAF


hasegawa calsonic skyline r31 race car model

Nissan Calsonic Skyline GTS R31


hasegawa nissan yhp race car model

Nissan Calsonic Skyline GTR


Nissan Calsonic Skyline GTR


Calsonic Skyline GT-R


tamiya nismo clarion race car model



Pennzoil Nismo GTR


Nissan GTR Skyline


Nissan Skyline GTR


Nissan Skyline Turbo


hasegawa diesel skyline race car model

Diesel Nissan Skyline GTSR


Nissan JECS Skyline

Skyline 9H Endurance


Skyline Super Silhouette


Skyline Super Silhouette


Xanavi NISMO Skyline GTR R35


Xanavi NISMO Skyline GTR R34

Nissan Skyline GT-R




the car modellers handbooks

Car Model Handbook

car modeling manual japan

Car Modeling

sports car modeling cobra book

Sports Car Modelling






Glue Deal



tamiya paint stand tool

Model Paint Stand



Hobby Tool Sets


Detail Brush Set


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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