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Here we have large scale Naval vessels and ships of the U.S. Navy. The kits vary in scale, from 1/350 to the massive 1/200.

These kits represent model ships from as early as WWI and as late as the nuclear powered aircraft carriers, and the newest ships of the fleet, such as the LCS series.

Ranging in size from about 12 inches to more than 36+ inches, some of the U.S Navy ship models are quite long. But it's not just their size. They have intricate details all over them, and fine engraved parts.

Many aftermarket companies make photoetch, brass, and resin parts to take these ship projects to a museum quality build.

There has never been a time as modelers where so many great ship models have been offered, especially in these sizes and scales.

Years ago few companies would invest money for the tooling to make such large ship kits. Now it seems, they think nothing of doing a model that's more than 3 feet long. Which is great news for modellers!

There's also a wide variety, from Destroyers, to Frigates, to the ever popular Aircraft Carriers.

There's a kit for just about every modeler to assemble into a magnificent model to display.


Large Scale U.S. Naval ship models.

Some of these kits are quite long when built, and are impressive when displayed. They include many fine details part, decals, and many even have photo etch.

ship models from kits

Ship Models

mikr mir uss monitor  model ship

USS Monitor - 1st US Navy "Battleship"


atlantis uss forrest sherman model ship

USS Forrest Sherman


atlantis uss wisconsin model

USS Ticonderago Aircraft Carrier


atlantis uss iowa model

USS Iowa Battleship


atlantis uss iowa model

USS Pittsburgh Heavy Cruiser


lindberg uss olympia ship model

USS Olympia Flagship


lindberg air force rescue ship model

Air Force Rescue Boat


lindberg uss carronade ship model

USS Carronade


US Navy Minesweeper


lindberg uss lexington ship model

USS Lexington Blue Ghost


revell uss arizona ship model

USS Arizona


lindberg blue devil fletcher destroyer ship model

Blue Devil Fletcher Class Destroyer


revell new jersey ship model

USS New Jersey Battleship


hobby boss uss guam model kit

USS Guam Navy Large Cruiser


trumpeter uss yorktown model ship

USS Yorktown CV5 Aircraft Carrier


academy uss missouri model ship

USS Missouri Battleship


trumpeter uss kitty hawk aircraft carrier model ship kits

USS Kitty Hawk CV63 Aircraft Carrier


trumpeter uss constellation cv64  aircraft carrier

USS Constellation CV64 Aircraft Carrier


tamiya uss enterprise aircraft carrier model ship kits

USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier CVN65


perry class uss reuben james ffg57 model ship kits

USS Indianapolis CA35 Heavy Cruiser


merit uss john kennedy cv67 ship model

USS Momsen DDG92 Destroyer


trumpeter uss arizona ship model

USS Arizona BB39 Battleship


trumpeter independence lcs2 ship

USS Independence LCS2


USS Oliver H Perry FFG7


trumpeter uss iowa model ship

USS Iowa Battleship


USS Essex LHD2


USS Enterprise CVN-65


trumpeter uss yorktown model ship

USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier


tamiya fletcher ship model

USS Fletcher Class Destroyer


USS Fort Worth


USS Boxer LHD4


trumpeter uss alabama ship model

USS Alabama BB60 Battleship


USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier CV5


USS Kennedy Aircraft Carrier CV67


USS Enterprise Aircraft Carrier CV6


Trumpeter liberty ship model

Jeremiah O'Brien Liberty Ship


trumpeter franklin aircraft carrier ship model

USS Franklin CV13 Aircraft Carrier


USS Hopper DDG70 Guided Missile Destroyer


trumpeter uss indianapolis ship model

USS Indianapolis CA35 Cruiser


trumpeter uss texas ship model

USS Texas BB35 Battleship


trumpeter uss texas ship model

USS Kidd DDG993


hobby boss uss hawaii ship model

USS Hawaii CB3


trumpeter essex cv9 ship model

USS Essex CV9 Aircraft Carrier


Trumpeter north carolina ship model

USS North Carolina BB55


Trumpeter north carolina ship model

USS Fort Worth LCS3


Trumpeter uss lexington aircraft carrier ship model

USS Lexington CV2 Aircraft Carrier


trumpeter cvn68 uss nimitz aircraft carrier model ship kits

US Aircraft Carrier Nimitz CVN68


trumpeter uss sullivans ddg-68 arleight burke class ship models

USS The Sullivans Destroyer DD537


trumpeter uss hancock aircraft carrier ship models

USS Hancock CV19 Aircraft Carrier


USS Gambier Bay


USS Enterprise


USS England DE635


USS Arizona


USS Independence Aircraft Carrier


trumpeter uss lassen ddg82 destroyer ship models

USS Lassen DDG82 Guided Missile Destroyer


trumpeter forrest sherman ship models

USS Forrest Sherman DDG-98


dragon uss sullivans ddg-68 arleight burke class ship models

USS Saratoga CV3 Aircraft Carrier


tamiya battleship uss missouri

USS Battleship BB63 Missouri "Big Mo"


trumpeter uss arleigh burke ship model width=

USS Arleigh Burke

also available the USS Cole


tamiya new jersey model

USS Battleship New Jersey BB62


trumpeter uss masachusettes bb59 battleship

USS Massachusetts BB59 Battleship


bronco independence lcs2 ship

USS Independence LCS2


trumpeter ticonderoga cv14 ship

USS Ticonderoga CV14 Aircraft Carrier


hobby boss alaska ship

USS Alaska Battleship


trumpeter uss ranger model ship

USS Ranger CV4 Aircraft Carrier.


trumpeter uss missouri model ship

USS Missouri BB63


USS Salem


USS Cleveland


USS Montana


afv club lst 1

World War II American Army LST1


US Navy Type 2 LSTs LST-491 Class Landing Ship


hobby boss  lcm3 model

US Navy LCM 3 Vehicle Landing Craft


Higgins LCVP Landing Craft


US Navy Landing Craft




USS Crochett


SC-I Class Sub-Chaser


Ship Model Berth - Work Stand


clear display case model ships

Display Case for Ship Models or Dioramas







#11 hobby blades - 100 pack

#11 Hobby Blades
Super 100 Pack!


Glue Deal



tamiya paint stand tool

Model Paint Stand



Hobby Tool Sets


Detail Brush Set








navy challenge coins


Navy Challenge Coins Click Here


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links on this site.
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