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Freightliner Wrecker Truck. After building so many Peterbilt's I figured it was time for something new so I broke out the Freightliner FLC. I wanted a wrecker so I Decided on the tri axle wrecker body. I didn't like the freightliner sleeper so I used the 377 Peterbilt sleeper very little modification was need to do this.

I spliced 2 chassis together to get the length only thing is I didn't like the suspension set up so I cut off the suspension and added a Italeri suspension from the parts box. I wanted a lot of chrome so I went a little nuts with the Bare metal foil. I added a set of mo'luminum breathers a fuel tanks.

I'm real happy with the results of this one I actually took this truck back out and added more stuff after i thought it was done like the fuel tank on the wrecker bed I scratch built the gas pump, and added a place for a broom and the shovel.

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