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Often there are times when a complicated model needs to be built, and it may be beyond someone doing it at home with their own skills or lack of needed tools.

Or maybe there is no model in kit form of the car, boat, or aircraft they want to display.

In cases like these, it's time to turn to the experts and have a model created for you to display. A model of your favorite car, a relative's yacht, an aircraft you once flew.

These companies listed here can fabricate any kind of model you want, and provide special model building services for everyone, from large companies to a single model for an individual's office.

Aircraft models, ship and boat models. Models and props from famous TV shows and movies. Maybe a model of something from a book or piece of artwork.

Business' often use custom models to advertise their brand. They might use a custom dump truck or excavator, or a pickup truck with their logo and branding on it. Aircraft are often used as well, and leter become collector items themselves.

These companies shown here are a good start to find the one that can make the type of model you want.

Model Building Services

These People and Companies can make a model of anything you want.


Sometimes people are looking to have someone build a model kit for themselves. I can't build models for others myself, simply because I don't have the time (I work a lot of hours already with my career).

However -

Here is a list of various companies and people who provide such a service. Or if you need something custom produced or cast, many of these companies can do it. They can custom build a model of anything you want.

Please visit their web sites below, contact them, and go from there.


  • Be prepared before contacting a company!
  • Here's some tips -
  • Do you have images of the subject you want modeled. Photos, drawings, etc.?
  • Have you done the research? Is there a particular era model you need, such as a specific year, design, concept, or something of historic significance?
  • Decide how detailed you want the model to be. Just the outside features to display, or do you need interiors, cockpits, engine bays, etc.
  • Is there a particular scale you need?
  • Do you need lighting? Electronics? Moving Parts?
  • What is your time frame? How fast do you need it?
  • Do you already own the model to be built (un-assembled), or do you need to source one, or have one crafted completely by hand?
  • How many of the models do you need? A single protoype? One off custom build? Or a production run of multiple models?
  • Does the model require a display base, background, or landscape?
  • I recommend getting several quotes and deciding from there on each companies proposals. Go with the one best suited for your needs.
  • ___________________________________________


  • Alfred Wong - Figures, Scifi, Mechanical and more: Many of the scale models you see elsewhere, as far as mass produced in resin, were mastered by Alfred Wong. His work is everywhere, even if you don't know he originally did the prototype. His name is well known worldwide.
  • Anigrand Craftswork - Scale Models - Model workshop now open for offering custom model-master making service. Their model makers, sculptors and project engineers all are rich inexperiences for producing various accurate model subjects, includes aircraft, spacecraft, automobile, tank, military vehicle, ship, figure, toys accessories, etc.
  • Apmodels - Architectural: 40 years of experience as a professional scale model maker, building architectural scale models, dioramas, and topographical models for the industries.
  • Archvisionmodels - Architectural: Archi-vision Scale Models offers high quality, architectural models to clients all over Canada and the United States. Their goal is to build exceptional models that are built to your design specifications down to the last detail—all at an extremely competitive price. With our experience in the architectural scale model field, you can be assured that your model will be accurate, attractive, and appealing.
  • Blue Table Painting - Figures, Miniatures: specializes in painting figures and miniatures. Especially for gaming. Custom modifications and custom painting services.
  • CMA - Automotive: When you need a scale miniature for your private collection or a commercial application, Creative Miniature Associates can create anything for you. From an exquisite one of a kind scratch built model to a full range of kits and / or hand built models. Their primary focus is automotive.
  • Custom Figures - Figures - The blueprint for your "Custom Character" will be devised from discussions, emails, photos, clippings, or sketches you may wish to provide. Tim works meticulously to bring forth a 3 dimensional character that is identical to the 2 dimensional concept drawing.
  • Custom Model Airplanes - Aircraft: They can create a model of any kind of aircraft you want.
  • Custom Replica Models - SCIFI, Real Space, Rocketdyne Saturn V F1 engine. Scale Mercury capsule launch tower. Nemo Nautilus. NCC1701 Enterprise. Joe Rocket Belt model. From concept to multipiece models, they can create your product or design.
  • Custom Statues - Statues and Figures - Capable of making monumental items, as well as smaller products, from just one to thousands, all to fill your campaigns needs. Some of their clients include Disney, Bergdorf Goodman, Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede, Polo Ralph Lauren , Marc Jacobs International and many others.
  • Display Fake Foods - Food & Beverages: Custom models of food and beverages. Fake spills, educational uses, promotional designs, staging and decor. All realistic!
  • Dogfighter - Aircraft: They offer high quality, professional, historically accurate, handcrafted custom model airplanes for sale. Their authentic, air museum quality aviation collectibles are precisely crafted based upon military specifications and photographs. They will build a custom model airplane for you if you can't find the scale model airplanes you prefer in their available custom model airplanes inventory.
  • E Studios - Figures, Toys, Fantasy, Sculptures: Various kits and sculptures service. They produce prototypes for just about anything you can think of, from toys, model kits, and game pieces to movie props and Bronze sculptures.  They have also created Beer Taphandles and Cane top Handles. Ironman, The Phantom, King Kong, Chuck, Scooby Doo, Batman, Yoda, Coneheads, Herman Munster, The Grinch, Godzilla, Hellraiser, Hellboy, Werewolf, Superman.
  • Excel Cast - Resin Casting Services - Excel-Cast is a full service fine art and commercial resin casting company offering everything from product design, custom sculpture, modelmaking, enlargement and reduction, lifecasting, prototype production, moldmaking and manufacturing in a variety of materials including polyester and urethane thermalplastics and forton MG.
  • Ferrari Scale Models - Ferrari Cars - Marco specializes in high quality Ferrari models. Whether it's bulding a kit for you or doing repairs on existing kits in your collection, his attention to detail and knowledge of Ferrari products makes his models exceptionally accurate. He does build other model cars of almost any type, but Ferraris are his favorite and what he's known for.
  • Far Out Awards - Custom Awards, Far-Out Awards, : Many custom and one of a kind type awards. Great for events or to comemorate an event, big or small. They can create an award a recipient will cherish forever!
  • FX Models - Submarines, Prototypes, : They create operational in-camera and static special effects miniatures for productions, create prototypes, and construct scale models for Defense Contractors.
  • Gamla Models - Museum Models, Trade Shows, Figures, Toys, Fantasy, Sculptures: They fabricate all types of scale models, replicas and dioramas of any scale, style and level of detailing. They use wide range of materials and technology in order to provide you with highest quality and fit your design and technological requirements. They also provide repair, maintenance and upgrade of existing architectural, urban, museum and other models.
  • Gemini Studios - TV, Movie, Props: With over 30 years of model building experience, they look forward to providing you with the finest quality Injection Molded, Vacuformed, Resin & Vinyl Build-Ups, Custom Dioramas, Metal Figures, Conversions, Kit bashing, Custom Lighting Effects, Upgrades, Scratch building, Restorations and more. They will build YOUR kits to YOUR specifications.
  • Golden Armor - TV, Movie, Props: Visual FX and model services.
  • Grand Prix Reproductions - Architectural, Aircraft, Motorcycles, Marine: Since the first model, a Chevrolet Corvette in 1966, right up until the prototypes for the "Skies Over Europe" Series finished earlier this month. From using the best tools and paints, right down to the glues and epoxies that hold everything together, they have always maintained the fact that the best possible models are created from the best possible materials. Their 30+ year long passion for scale model building is evident in every project that leaves their office.
  • Guard-Lee - Aerospace, Restorations: Guard~Lee's reputation is backed up by its 23 year history of building some of the most unique replicas in the world. Customers come to Guard~Lee via consistent referrals from organizations such as NASA, The Smithsonian Institute, U.S. Embassies, and dozen of private companies. When it comes to full scale, high fidelity aerospace replicas, the work of Guard~Lee is seldom equaled. Specializing in spacecraft, Guard~Lee has fabricated and accumulated tooling for virtually every major U.S. space vehicle ever flown.
  • Happy Worker - Figures - Polystone & Resin Figurines.
  • Himalaya Studios - Figures - Resin Figurines. If you would like us to coordinate your custom made figure design and manufacturing in polyresin, PVC plastic, brass, or a range of other high-quality materials, please don’t hesitate to contact them.
  • Jeff Pollizzotto Modelworks - Industrial, Dioramas, Fullzize Props, Prototypes: High quality professional model building services. Specializes in Scifi projects.
  • JKN Modelworks - Industrial, Dioramas, Prototypes, Almost any kind of model: High quality professional model building services
  • Just an Illusion - Custom, Scifi: Specializes in lighting model kits.
  • Laser Modeling - Buildings, Custom, Tradeshow, Prototype: At Laser Modeling 3, we take great pride on our quality, attention to detail and our ability to create custom scale models and prototypes that drive results for our clients. It is our proven processes, advanced technologies and sheer love for the business that allows us to deliver models and prototypes that are simply unmatched in the industry. Laser Modeling 3 serves the nation's leading organizations across a range of industries--from architectural and trade show exhibit firms to museums and historical institutions and military and defense.
  • Leading Model Making Company - Aircraft, Industrial: specialises in the manufacture of high quality, scale models, using the very latest processes and materials combined with the skills of a team of craftsmen. With many years of experience, Leading Models is able provide models to all industries including Aerospace & Defence, Architecture, Product Design and Museums.
  • Lister Model Works - Figures - Specializes in painting figures.
  • LP Creations - Automotive: Custom hand made motorsports car models.
  • Mark Myers Models - TV, Movie, Props: Has been modeling for over 20+ years. Examples of his work can be seen in Hobby Merchandiser Magazine , Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modeller magazines, and at Irwin Allen News Network (IANN). He has have built several Models for Moebius Models as well.
  • Marshall Models - TV, Movie, Scifi, Ships Etc: Specializes in adding lights and electronics to models for clients.
  • Metal Souls - Sculptures, Figures, Models - The products are handcrafted by skilled artisans. By cutting, bending and welding recycled steel, and other metals, the artisans can effectively create one-of-a-kind sculptures.
  • Miami Architectural Models and Designs - Architectural models. Office buildings, commercial properties, residential.
  • ModelmasterUK - Marine, Ships, Industrial, Aerospace, Aircraft, Any Kind of Model: Danny has been building models professionally for over 16 years now. He builds a wide range of subjects including Aviation, Science Fiction and Automotive / Radio Controlled Vehicles. If you have something particular in mind please just ask. He will always try be as honest and competitive as possible with prices in order to give you the best deal, so please just ask. Dan is a 44 year old semi retired Mechanical Engineer and in the South East of England. He has been building models since childhood and would only be too happy to build the model of your dreams for you. All his models are painted using an airbrush to achieve the best finish possible. He approachs all his builds in a professional manner using research material and pictures to get the best result. During the build he takes photographs and provides email updates to keep the client informed of progress. Once the model is complete he take a complete set of up lighted images and passes them on to the client. Often people print and frame these images to accompany the model, and it’s a nice touch.
  • Model Works Direct - Cars, Aircraft, Boats and more: Modelworks Direct is owned and operated by a team of Architects, Fabricators, and Builders. The Senior partners have well over 40+ years in Model Fabrication and Fabrication experience. Modelworks custom builds model Aircraft, Ships, Cars and just about anything under the sun.
  • Organic Armor - Fantasy Props, Armor, Accessories: Contact them to inquire about having a similar piece made just for you. If you have a completely new idea, write them and describe it. Their unique materials are versatile, so almost any form is possible.
  • Punished Props - Tv, Movie, Cosplay, Anime - Various kinds of props and models. Custom made and one offs.
  • Rainford Models - Industrial, Architectural, Prototypes: Rainford Models has earned a reputation for producing museum interactives and high quality models for architects, industrial designers, interior designers, product development teams and advertising agencies.
  • Ratdaddy Studios - Figures, Scifi, Cars, almost any model: If you want a really nicely detailed model, he builds them.
  • Raven Art - Marine, Ships, Aircraft: Internationally recognized, award winning, professionally certified Master Model Builders offering one-of-a-kind custom built models from kit embellished to full scratch builds.
  • Richard Marmo - Marine, Ships, Aircraft, Cars: Over the last 43 years, projects have ranged all the way from an engineering model of a motorized toilet paper dispenser and Continental Trailways Bus with wings, to a five-foot tall squeeze bottle, cement forms, pill pictures, study models and kit buildups. And everything in between. Client list has included private collectors, defense contractors, advertising agencies, architects, inventors, land developers, museums and a host of others.
  • Rocket Prototypes - Prototype Models: Rocket Prototypes, Inc., specializes in high quality, quick-turn models and prototypes for the consumer product industry.
  • Ron Lee Castings - Resin Casting Services - Over 40 years experience in metal casting and resin art casting. They manufacture sculptures with impeccable detail and superior quality. We use a variety of the finest casting materials. White Metal, Pewter, Zinc, and Poly Resin.
  • Scale Reproductions - Marine, Ships, Industrial, Aerospace, Aircraft, Full Production, Any Kind of Model: Scale models, replicas, mock-ups and prototypes crafted with the highest level of model quality. Their incorporation of superior craftsmanship, combined with CNC lasera, routera, and rapid prototyping equipment guarantees the highest possible detail and assures customer satisfaction. They look forward to bringing our 32 years of model construction experience to your project.
  • Scale Visions - Automotive, Trucks - Don's models are among the few to receive such a level of recognition that several of his pieces have been admitted to, and are on display, at The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and the NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona, California. Scale Visions creations have also been featured in numerous national automotive publications including Hot Rod Magazine, Popular Hot Rodding; Vette; Corvette Fever; Shark Quarterly; Corvette Quarterly; Drag Racer; Rod & Custom; Vintage Motorsport; and on the cover of Roundel Magazine.
  • SD Model Makers - Marine: If you can take a photo, you can have a model made of your boat - it's that simple! Their specialty is custom made ship Models. Let them create a replica model of YOUR Boat Today. They can build ship models to virtually ANY size or scale desired!
  • Seacraft Classics - Marine: Builds custom yacht, boat, and ship models.
  • Shapeways - 3D printing services. If you have a CAD file or need them them to custom print something, they can do it.
  • Small Art Works - Movie, TV, Props: Provides custom model making services, limited run kit mastering and fabrication, plus a reliable model finishing and prototyping service with accuracy, authenticity and attention to detail the primary goal. Whether the model is made from a kit, modified, kit bashed, or built completely from scratch, your custom made model will be a highly desirable piece that you will be proud to display prominently in your home or office.
  • Southern Models - Architectural, Topographical, Study Models, Golf Course , Engineering, Prototype, Legal, Movie Models: They are a full service scale model building company specializing in Architectural scale models. They also construct topographical, prototype, engineering, legal, golf course, and movie models. Our scale models are on display world wide.
  • Starburst Models - TV, MOVIE, Scifi, Figures, Miniatures - Professional model build up and custom design work. Starburst Models can also combine a built model with their exceptional artwork to give you a one-of-a-kind display beyond what any other company can provide.
  • Tom Spina Designs - Figures - Unique creations for marketing, trade shows, theme parks, film/video, collectors, museums… anyone!
  • Trenchworks - Resin Casting Services - Trenchworx produces prototypes and test samples using advanced 3D printers, resin casting techniques and traditional machining technologies. They have several different 3D printing technologies including DLP, FDM and Polyjet printing. With a 3D print, they can accurately resin cast multiples of your part.
  • Volpin Props - Movie, TV, Props, Cosplay - Mainly skew towards replicas from video games and sci-fi, because everyone loves a good fantasy rifle.
  • Wonderworks - Marine, Ships, Industrial, Aerospace, Aircraft, Full Production, Any Kind of Model: WonderWorks is a full service design and production company serving the film, theme park and museum industries whose client list includes NASA, Spielberg, Lucas, Disney, Universal, G.M., Ford, Chrysler, Rockwell, and the Smithsonian Museum. With a project list that spans the globe, WonderWorks provides its clients with an extensive history of knowledge, creativity, cutting-edge technology and a commitment to detail.
  • Zealot Miniatures - Miniatures, Castng, 3D Printing - We print in a range of materials, from off the shelf Envisiontec RC90 or heat resistant FusionGrey for vulcanised rubber moulds, even custom in-house blended resins. We will always recommend and print in the best material for your application.


Custom / Branded / Diecast Vehicles and Objects

These are companies that repaint diecast vehicles, such as cars, trucks, aircraft and such, with custom paint and company logos. It's often cheaper and easier than making something from scratch. The drawback is that you have to choose a vehicle they already make (no custom choices), but for speed and large quantities needed for a business or promotion, it's sometimes the way to go.

  • Awesome Diecast - offers design solutions to create exquisite quality custom imprinted and custom tooled die-cast and resin models.
  • Cory Don Customs - Corydon Customs specializes in providing a variety of vehicles of any shape and size to fit your company’s needs.
  • Crown Premiums - A beautifully crafted customer gift or product premium that’s precisely tailored to your audience’s preferences is a priceless marketing asset.
  • Custom Diecast Replicas - Custom Diecast Replicas is a full-time diecast customizing studio. CDR can create what you are looking for, provided someone make a starter car in 1/18 scale diecast.
  • Greenlight Collectibles - GreenLight Collectibles creates custom programs that can assist with marketing, promotions, and brand recognition objectives for any business. Our custom programs can help market your business with high quality die-cast replicas, superior graphics, packaging options and low minimum production runs. GreenLight Collectibles can assist in the conceptualization, development and manufacturing of a custom program to meet your individual marketing needs.
  • Knockout Customs - Knockout Promotions is the Custom & Premium division of Round 2, LLC. When you partner up with us, you are dealing directly with the manufacturer. Our sales team has over 75 years combined experience in the Custom & Premium business.
  • Liberty Promotions - Liberty Promotions will promote your business or organization via programs featuring custom die-cast cars & trucks.
  • Penjoy Company - is a collectible, promotional manufacturer that specializes in the manufacturing of custom-order, precision made 1:64 scale die-cast metal promotional and fleet replica trucks and a 1:50 scale die-cast metal Service/Delivery van.
  • Trick My Truck - For your custom imprint need, an extensive line of products is perfect for incentives, advertising premiums, fundraising, awards, employee or customer gifts, corporate promotions, commemorating special events, and for the excitement of collecting.


Of course, you can rebuild, repaint, and redo diecast cars on your own as well. As shown in this magazine issue -


scale model life magazine volume 11

Scale Model Life
Volume 11


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