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Now Tamiya, Revell, Italeri, Airfix (Humbrol), Vallejo, MIG Jimenez, and other model companies offer paints, though they can be somewhat limited to start with.

There's no way to get around the fact that paint can be expensive. But it's usually needed to cover a model. Better paints tend to cost more, especially when the colors choices and shades are wider and you have more selection.

After 40+ years modeleing, I've used many different kinds of paints. I've experimented with so many kinds and brands. But I can't choose one brand that will always be better than another in every case. They have different characteristics. Though I tend to use more acylics today than I did in the past.

Lately, for bottled paints, I use paints made by Vallejo, or a similar type squeeze eye dropper paint (MIG Jimenez, Warhammer paints, etc). I like these paints better for several reasons. You only have to use a few drops at a time, so a single bottle goes a long ways.

They are clean, no paint on the cap, dripping down the bottle, etc. The caps don't seize to the glass bottle (the bottles are plastic). And I've found it rare that they dry out, (so I'm saving money right there).

They cost a little more, and I like the combination sets, but they are very much worth it. They don't usually leave brush strokes, dry somewhat quickly, and for me, just seem to do a good job.

There are videos of modelers painting entire models with these types of paints, without any brushstrokes. They are amazing. (just to give you an idea, this 15 inch figure was painted with a brush as far as the skin - no brushstrokes).

Several companies make similar paints to Vallejo, such as PS3, or gaming paints.

I want to say that it's very important you use good paint brushes. No matter what paint you use out of a bottle, a bad (or warn out brush) is the worst, and will make your hard work look bad.


These paint sets make it economical to get several paints at one price. Combined paints make it easy to get what you need for your special model project.

They are available in a wide range of colors and tones.

Acrylic Paints wash up with water for easy cleanup. They also dry quicker. They tend to dry with a flat or matte finish. You only need water to thin them out.

Enamel Paints require paint thinner, or a stronger paint cleaner (such as mineral spirits or Testors Brush Cleaner) to clean the brushes. Enamels also take longer to dry and can be tacky till they cure.

testors paint set

Basic Gloss Paint Set

testors military flat paint set

Military Flat Paint Set

testors car paint set

Car Paint Set

testors auto detailing car paint set

Auto Detail Paint Set

vallejo emergency paint set

Emergency Vehicle Paint Set

italeri truck paint set

Truck Paint Set

mig ammo metallic silver, brass, copper paint

Metallic, Silver, Brass, Copper

mig modern ammunition metallic silver, brass, copper paint

Metallic Ammunition Set

vallejo special effects paint

Special FX Paint Set

mig ammo mechs and robots paint

Bright Color Paint Set

mig ammo rust paint

Old Weathered Wood Set

zombiecide army paint set

Zombie Paint Set

vallejo metallic metal paint set

Non Metallic Metal Paint Set

vallejo skin face paint set

Face-Skin Paint Set

paint starter set

Starter Color Paint Set

vallejo ironfist dwark beserker paint set

Ironfist Dwarf Paint Set

vallejo wood and leather paint set

Wood and Leather Paint Set

vallejo high elves paint set

High Elves Paint Set

game color undead chaos paint set

Undead Chaos Paint Set

vallejo naval steam era paint set

Steam Era Paint Set

mig ammo star defenders paint

Star Defenders Spaceship Paint

mig ammo space fighters paint

Space Fighters Spaceship Paint

zombiecide toxic prison paint set

Toxic Prison Acrylic Paint Set

=ammo mig flesh tones paint

Flesh Tones Paint

tamiya panel line paint

Panel Line Accent Color Set

testors  paint

Aircraft Finishing Paint Set

vallejo navy aircraft paint

RAF Battle of Britain Colors

vallejo navy aircraft paint

US Navy & USMC Colors

vallejo us army corp paint

US Army Air Corp Mediterranean

vallejo us army corp paint

US Army Air Corp Europe

vallejo paint storage racks

Paint Storage Rack

paint storage racks

Paint Storage Rack

italeri wwii boat paint

M.T.B & Ships Colors

vallejo modern german nato  paint

Modern Military German Colors

italeri wwii british raf paint

British RAF Colors

italeri usaf vietnam paint

Vietnam USAF Colors

italeri nato vehicles trucks paint

Medieval Colors

italeri nato vehicles trucks paint

NATO Vehicles Colors

vallejo allied forces wwii colors paint

Allied WWII Forces Colors

life color army uniforms paint

US Army Uniform Colors

vallejo non chaos paint

Non Chaos Death Set

vallejo malefic flesh paint

Malefic Flesh Set

vallejo berserker dwarf paint

Ironfist Dwarf Set

vallejo raf desert paint

RAF Desert Set

vallejo fairy flesh paint

Fairy Flesh Set

vallejo german luftwaffe paint

German Luftwaffe Set

vallejo civil war paint

Civil War Colors Set

vallejo earthtones paint

Earthtone Colors Set

war games us infantry paint

US Infantry WWII Set

vallejo black and white paint

Black & White Set

vallejo orcs goblins paint

Orcs & Goblins Set

vallejo raf bombers paint

RAF Bomber Color Set

paint mixing balls stainless steel

Stainless Steel Paint Mixers

vallejo raf bombers paint

US Army Air Corps Color Set

mig ammo weapons set paint

Weapons Colors Set

mig ammo green mechs paint

Green Mechas Set

mig ammo tools colors paint

British Desert Colors

mig ammo tools colors paint

Tool Colors Set

mig futuristic warzone paints

Terrain Warzone Paint Set

mig space legoins paint sete

Space Legions Paint Set

soviet camouflage paint

Soviet Camouflage

russian green colors paint

Russian Green Set

olive drab paint

US Olive Drab Set

tank accessories paint

Tank Accessories Set

german camouflage paint

German Camoflage Set

middle east  paint

Middle East War Colors

modern french paint

Modern French Set

middle east  paint

Leather and Buckles

german war  paint

Modern French Set

flesh and skin paint

Flesh and Skin Colors

french tank  paint

French Tank Colors

ukraine tank colors paint

Ukraine Colors

us armor paint

US Armor Colors

modern rissian colors paint

Modern Russian Colors

panel line pens grey black

Panel Line Pens - Black & Grey

wwi german british paint

British and German Colors

debris and rubble paint

Desert War Colors

russian military paint

Modern Russian Colors

debris and rubble paint

Iraq & Afghanistan Colors

ammo mig german interior paint

German Interior Colors

german camo colors paint

German Camoflauge Colors

russian camouflage paint

Modern US Army Colors

russian military colors paint

Modern Russian 2 Colors

1945 german paint

German Late War Colors

wwi german british paint

D-Day Colors

hataka soviet air force paint

Soviet Air Force Paints

hataka luftwaffe paint

Modern German Luftwaffe Paints

hataka luftwaffe paint

German Luftwaffe Paints

hataka nato aircraft paint

NATO U.S. Aircraft Paint Set

wwi german british paint

D-Day Colors

hataka brick and ruins paint

Bricks and Ruins Paint Set

hataka nato aircraft paint

NATO U.S. Aircraft Paint Set

modular paint rack

Modular Paint Rack 35mm

modular paint rack

Modular Paint Rack 26mm

testors paint rack

Paint Rack Testors Square Bottles

testors model master paint rack

Paint Rack 32mm Model Master

paint rack

Paint Rack 26mm

vallejo paint stand

Corner Module Paint Stand

vallejo paint stand

Module Paint Stand

paint brush stand

Paint Brush Stand

scalemodel paints compare

Here I've lined up different brands and bottles to compare.



So, what's the big deal about eye-dropper paints?

The "eyedropper" paints tend to be acrylic. But one good thing about them is from what I've seen, you tend to use a lot less paint, and a bottle goes a long way.

You only have to squirt out a very small amount, depending on what detail you're painting. Often a drop will do. Then you put the cap back on and that's it.

For many years, decades even, I used enamel paints in a jar like almost every other older modeler. That's the way things were. You screw the top off, dip the brush in. The next thing is over time, you get paint on the edges of the jar, the lid bonds itself to the jar so it's nearly impossible to get open, or the paint dries out. Ruining an entire bottle of paint.

The eyedropper paints tend to stay clean and trouble free. Some of the companies use metal pellets inside to mix the paint when you shake it.

You can use a pallet of some kind, but I like to use cheap styrafoam picnic plates (paper plates will bleed with paint on them and can be messy). This way, once there's no more room on the plate, I simply throw it away. I don't have to clean anything. I also have a lot of space to mix colors on.

I have also found that it's easier to control the amount of paint on the end of the brush. If there's too much, I wipe the brush on the plate until I have the amount I want. That's more difficult to do wiping a brush on the side of a bottle. I can also see better what's going on with the paint and brush this way.

Now, I still use a few bottles of paint in a jar. Those will never go away. But a majority of paints I use now are from an eyedropper bottles.


eyedropper paints for models






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