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Misc. Built Model Cars & Trucks - 4


These are pictures of older built up models I have done, going back to the 1980s. Cars and trucks I've assembled over the years, before I really took a lot of pictures like I do today.

Some of the images are less than perfect, some are even from Poloroids, so bare with me here.


amt chevy nova model

An AMT Chevy Nova. I built this to represent a daily driver that was all go and no show. She might not be pretty on the outside but her engine makes her one of the fastest cars around.

The body is painted a flat grey (or primer?), with one red fender (shot with red paint and then Dullcote). There's some rust damage and some duct tape covering some holes. This is a very good kit, which includes an engine stand and rear slapper bars.



polar lights model cars

A Zinger type model? I'm not sure who made it. Maybe Moebius. I just painted it Testors Red and slapped it together.


amt fairlane galaxie 500 model car

This is an AMT Ford Fairlane. I used Fred Cady decals to make a stock car out of it. I used Testors White and probably a Walmart Blue color for the rims and interior.


tamiya tyrell f1 race car model


A Tamiya Tyrrell F1 race car. As most all Tamiya kits are, it was easy to assemble and makes for a great model project. I thought the car was interesting because of the four front wheels. I think it's painted a Testors Blue, or maybe their French Blue.


monogram ford mustang model kits state trooper

A Monogram Ford Mustang. Long before Revell issued their coupe I made this one out of a convertible kit. The convertible top was sanded and massaged to make the roof. The back window was a cut down 82-92 Camaro windshield. Fred Cady decals turn the car into a Florida State Trooper vehicle.


tamiya toyota race car model

tamiya race car toyota kit imsa

A Tamiya Toyota race car kit. It assembled well. It's painted with Testors Red and White paint.


amt ford torino model kit

An AMT Ford Torino. Made into a Pace Car using Fred Cady decals. The paint is Testors White. Otherwise it's build straight out of the box.


amt sunbeam tigr model kit

This is an AMT Blueprinter Sunbeam Tiger kit. It's painted Testors Red. I swapped out the wheels, though I don't know where they came from. The rest is out of the box.



revell ford fairlane thunderbolt model

revell thunderbolt model car kits

The Revell Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt. I painted it a metallic purple color (maybe a Testors Boyds shade?). The wheels I think are aftermarket, maybe Fujimi or Aoshima. The flat hood and front bench seat are resin items from Modelhaus.


monogram 1939 chevy model

monogram revell 1939 model car kit

A Monogram kit, 1939 I think, I'm not sure. This build was inspired by a similar car I saw in Scale Auto. The rear side panels were opened up to be windows. The Moon Mist and Star Cab lettering are rub ons (train stuff). Other decals were added from the parts box. The taxi sign on top I made. I'm not sure where the wheels and tires came from. Painted with Testors Yellow and Red paint.


Monogram Ford Talladega car model

A Monogram Ford Talladega dressed up with Bill Elliot Coors racing decals. But I think it's stock from the box otherwise. Painted with Testors Red and White Paint, with an unknown gold color on the rims. (the decals might be from Fred Cady too).


smer talbot lago race car grand prix model

A SMER Talbot Lago race car. The hood opens, though the engine is very simplified, and the wheels and tires are plastic. This one was painted with Testors French Blue. It's still a fun and different kit to build if you can find one.


Revell superbird race car model

A Monogram-Revell Superbird. It's build stock out of the box, but I used some decals (probably Fred Cady) to dress it up some. The paint is probably a Walmart Blue shade.


amt chicken pit special model car

This is an AMT Ford Thunderbird. I used Fred Cady decals to make the Chicken Pit Special from a movie I saw. I'm sure the kit was just built stock out of the box. Testors Red with White on the rims.


monogram ford thunderbird mark martin nascar model kit

A Monogram Nascar Ford Thunderbird driven by Mark Martin. When the car debuted, they left off the last "S" to use bigger letters on the hood and sides. They only added the "S" (to make Strohs) at the end in later racers. This was painted a Testors Dark Blue color.


revell chevy pickup truck model

A Revell Chevy Pickup Truck. The gas pump is a resin item I assembled and painted to match the truck. The truck is painted an aqua green with a white roof (probably Testors colors). I'm not sure if the wheels and tires came with the kit. The Sinclair door decals are from the Lindberg 1934 pickup if I remember right.


monogram ford f350 truck model

A Monogram Ford F350 truck model. I modified the suspension to lift it, and added some knarly bush tires off a toy truck. The engine used was the Monogram Boss 429 V8. In this image it hasn't been painted, the kit was molded in red.


revell pro stock camaro state trooper car model

Revell Pro Stock Camaro. This kit originally was a Sheriff's car I think, but I used Fred Cady Florida State Trooper decals instead, and used their color scheme. This kit builds well, and was available over the years in different boxes / configurations.


amt popcorn wagon model kit

An AMT Popcorn Wagon. This was a really fun kit to build. The roof stripe decals are a little fussy. But the rest of the kit fits well and it has a lot of chrome. I especially like the wheels.


revell pie wagon model car kit

The Revell Pie Wagon. Painted with a Testors Metallic Red color. It's a straight forward build, but there is a seam that runs down the sides of the body all the way around, so you need to take extra care you line that up properly. It would be difficult to putty and sand before assembly as so many other parts attach directly to the lower body.


revell batmobile model car kit

The Revell Movie Batmobile. Built stock out of the box. I used transparent blue to highlight the chrome panels. It's painted with Testors Black.


munster koach amt model kit

An AMT Munsters Koach. A simple kit with metal axles, but not to hard to build. I like the wheels on this kit and the engine (small block Ford) as well. It's painted with Testors Black and Red.


italeri mb military jeep model


An MB military Jeep. I think this is the Italeri kit. Not a bad model to build, all the parts fit well. I painted it with a Testors military olive drab color, with some light weathering.


mpc mercury nascar model kit

I believe the Mercury body is from AMT or MPC. I was given the body from a friend, but everything underneath it is from other kits. I think maybe the AMT / MPC AMC Matador Nascar kit? . So it's sort of a restoration. The decals are probably Fred Cady. Testors Red and White clors were used.


monogram bill elliott melling ford thunderbird model

One of Bill Elliot's early race cars. The decals are Fred Cady. Testors Red and White paint were used. This was not an easy paint scheme for me to do at the time. But it turned out ok.


bill elliott mcdonalds ford thunderbird nascar model

When the new Bill Elliott McDonalds paint scheme came out at the time, I didn't wait for a kit to be made, I made one up myself. Otherwise it's probably straight out of the box. Testors Red, White and Yellow colors.


testors lamborghini diablo car model fujimi

Testors (Fujimi?) Lamborghini Diablo. A good kit to build, everything seemed to fit well. I think I added the racing decals are from my spares box. Testors Red paint. This version of the kit has an engine too.


monogram alan kuwicki ford thunderbird nascar model car

Alan Kuwicki Hooters "Underbird" Ford. I don't remember who made the decals. Except for the decals it was straight out of the box, andI think I added Kuwicki's "comb" box to the transmission hump.


monogram badman 55 chevy model kit


This is a Monogram Tom Daniel Badman '55 Chevy. I painted it a deep metallic red (probably Testors). This version of the kit had clear red windows. This is one of my all time favorite models - the Daniel's Badman kits.


resin amt lincoln continental model kit


resin lincoln continental model


This is a resin Lincoln Continental model kit. I forget who made it. I don't remember much about it but I am sure it used the AMT Lincoln kit as a donor.


airfix james bond db5



This was a 1/32 scale Aston Martin DB5. It was in an MPC box but was probably a reboxed Airfix kit, since I have compared them and they are the same. The MPC version had chrome parts, but the later Airfix version I bought did not have any parts that were chromed. I converted this kit into a James Bond version.


monogram models boothill express model


This is a Monogram Boothill Express show car kit. It was fun to do and I have done several since my youth.

















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